Former kindergarten teacher bails on her career in order to chase the dream of being the next girl Wesley Snipes has sex with. Or twerking for money. Last I checked both those things end in the same tragic way.

Date: 10/30/14 | Views: 101917 | Category: Amateur

How/Why this female is stimulated enough to have an orgasm is beyond my knowledge. Her sexual partners include a ventriloquist dummy hung like Patrick Ewing and whatever 25,000 Dave n Buster coupons can buy.

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Here's a hotel review I'd like to see on TripAdvisor: Conveniently adjacent to highway 45, where all westbound traffic can get a clear view of your battle-fatigued piss cutter. Consider my reservation booked.

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Some "feels" I'm glad I will never experience in life: pap smears, digesting $20 worth of Del Taco and the Simon Cowell of deep throating porn demanding I GO DEEPER. There's just no coming back from something like this.

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3:00AM cuckolding session goes from good idea to I think I need a gynecologist as Darius Williams the 3rd repeatedly bulldozes Becky's reproductive system. Award-winning cries of fear @ 1:30, 7:16 and 16:55.

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Not-so-amateur girl experiences all but necrophilia in a sex tape that would raise the eyebrow of an Israeli commando. Pretty impressive stuff TBH, but still world's away from the damage THIS WIDOWMAKER CAN DO.

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I refuse to question 2 things: Paula Deen's ability to deepfry the asshole of every animal on Earth, and the tenacity of an Oriental female. This is scripted, but when you're hung like an elk the struggle is always real.

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Cam whore #281 has an unintentional FML moment after realizing her 9 inch friend has swam into deeper waters. Luckily she's prepared: Squat, push and cross your tits the burrito bowl doesn't come out with it.

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A heart warming video about what happens when porn stars surprise random porn watchers and tell them that they can touch them. This is pretty fucking lulz.

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I'll bet 30 Pesos & all 3 self-taped VHS copies of House Party 2 that she spent more time teaching her tits to twerk than studying for that GED. A moral decision that will most definitely pay off at the next ICP concert.

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When your homeless, addicted to meth and the only pussy you can get is also homeless and meth addicted, you don't really have any fucks left to give.

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Sticking your dick into crazy girls without any consequences is about as probable as an Ebola outbreak in Beverly Hills... but I do admire her bravery. What do you think? Hit it, or hit it with a golf club?

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Sexy slut is use to her genitals being pummeled but not her butt hole. Today she finds a new love and its not the guy she is banging.

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An eFukt classic circa de 2005. Same story: Upon discovery of Curious Carlos, this banshee emits a war cry that would make Conan the Barbarian shit himself 40 yards away. I'm still just as confused in 480p.

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No. No she did not. In fact she had to cut the scene short 'cause this french guy and some whore ripped her butthole. LOL, FAP FAP FAP!

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Veronika underestimated both her tolerance for Skinny Girl Margaritas, and vertical gravity. Marvel in her glorious attempt to make it into the toilet before her underpants. More regrettable drunk girl antics HERE.

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There's a very thin (blood)line between what's acceptable and what isn't in the world of amateur porn. Admittedly I still don't know exactly where that line is, but I do know Ned Flanders just fucking crossed it.

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Just kidding, they both love black dicks. A big black dick is like crack for these white girls, she's only shocked to see her friend take so many inches.

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Some beautiful and intense leg trembling orgasms that I enjoy almost as much as these girls do.

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Fisting Porn: The only fetish more painful than hearing Kanye West talk. But the 27:00 mark is where Rosa really ups the game. "I love it" - Lady if this is love, make sure I'm 10 states away from your next birthday.

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