She literally can't go 7 consecutive seconds without having to stop and scrunch her face like Michael Cera being bent over by an NFL linebacker. It's a condition. Us folks in the pronographic community call it cuntitis.

Date: 11/05/15 | Views: 112129 | Category: Teen

Overly-confident BBC apprentice cooks up a nonstop onslaught of synthetic eroticism after realizing her well-endowed costar is half donkey, half Super Saiyan. 1:15 for quote o' the day 2:10 for Mr. Popo's final form.

Date: 11/04/15 | Views: 190933 | Category: LMAO

My gut instinct tells me the era of slasher movies is undoubtedly dead when the practical effects guys take jobs like this. Freddy vs. Jason was bad... but it wasn't turn my fucking torso into a 3' tall penis fly trap bad.

Date: 11/03/15 | Views: 88130 | Category: Bizarre

Mother-daughter duo? The bulk of you have already clicked at this point, but for the rest: I'm afraid I've got bad news. These are the i use the same brush for my crotch and teeth kind of hippies... not the cool ones.

Date: 11/02/15 | Views: 127026 | Category: Incest

Age of Ultron left us with 1 question: Where the fuck is Hulk? Well my almost-totally desensitized friends: We found him. Thus ending a year-long debate that he'll be in Infinity Wars. Another score for Wonder Woman fans.

Date: 11/01/15 | Views: 120251 | Category: LMAO

Guess he figured once the sound of MFC pocket change was heard, his cock would transform from Twizzler to the sword of Excalibur. TIP: It doesn't. And his hefty honey abandons ship faster than a gym elliptical lvl 1.

Date: 10/31/15 | Views: 126131 | Category: Webcams

Trashy brunette high off a feminist rally channels some standard white-female empowerment fantasy through the power of pussy. But the real trophy here isn't Cletus' snapshot, it's Hobo Jones in the background.

Date: 10/30/15 | Views: 102786 | Category: Voyeur

I've seen some pretty awful CGI in my day. Dwayne Johnson in The Scorpion King, that glacier scene in Die Another Day & the entire Stephen King library. But this? This has heart. And tits that moistened my pantaloons.

Date: 10/29/15 | Views: 129360 | Category: WTF

To call this girl a 'virgin' would be the understatement of the year. Guadalupe can't even get her clitoris within 10 centimeters of physical contact before spazzing out like Andy Samberg being denied access to a glory hole.

Date: 10/28/15 | Views: 173464 | Category: Virgins

Here's an ice-breaker I picked up while watching an infomercial for Vince Offer's Slapchop: "you're gonna love my nuts". Gentleman-like behavior is how people end up at Nickelback concerts, not Goldilocks' thighs.

Date: 10/27/15 | Views: 125950 | Category: Picture

I'm linking to just one of her epic nooners here. But if your primary interest is the various ways in which she exploits those calcium-loaded garbage bags, fret not amigos. Your F-cup'd unicorn awaits you on Tumblr.

Date: 10/26/15 | Views: 189510 | Category: MILF

Meet 19-year-old Crystal. She has a knack for turning Toys "R" Us into a sexual sweatshop. And thanks to this waifu trying to be for laifu, 2 new items just made the list: Jump ropes and Hello Kitty helmets. I smell autism.

Date: 10/25/15 | Views: 88952 | Category: Freaks

Get fucked Monsanto. PROOF HERE.

Date: 10/24/15 | Views: 115116 | Category: Public

If there's one thing that never fails to get a metric shit ton of views, it's hot-off-the-press cherry popping. So here's the latest clam jammin rookie. The exterior looks so good you'll add this one to life's greatest mysteries.

Date: 10/23/15 | Views: 180706 | Category: Porn

My African acquaintance in the entertainment industry has long told me porn & music simply don't go together. Upon the 11th time stroking my spring roll to this masterpiece, I'm beginning to think he's a fucking liar.

Date: 10/22/15 | Views: 130079 | Category: WTF

I <3 this girl. But to win her over I'd have to pull out all the stops: Netflix the Naruto filmography, brush up on Reddit lingo and comes to terms with being called silly shit like 'newbie', and 'stalker'. The things I do for love.

Date: 10/21/15 | Views: 115051 | Category: Derp

Sum bitch is hanging longer than Sarah Jessica Parker's face. He should spend less time being rimmed by Sailor Moon and more time inflicting blunt force trauma on the rectums of America's finest users. 4realz

Date: 10/20/15 | Views: 212241 | Category: Big Dicks


Date: 10/19/15 | Views: 101703 | Category: LMAO

Teanna Trump. 18, and still doing math homework. But don't let this mulatto's sass fool you, she's all-in porn. Even claims to have scored over 10 NFL stars. Giving her a better record than the Lions this year HAHAHA.

Date: 10/18/15 | Views: 154853 | Category: Porn

"But mistah eFukt, this looks like a normal college Friday - where's da fail?" Listen up my little neckbeard. I've been gifted the ability to tell a woman's weight from voice alone, and I'm hearing 200+ behind the camera.

Date: 10/17/15 | Views: 181358 | Category: Teen