I wish Mr. White Shirt was a returning character in all casual sex videos. He's about as good at flirting as I am at convincing fat girls on TINDER that my semen tastes like Ben & Jerry's cake batter. Simply put: phenomenal.

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So what do we have here, living the dream or creative suicide attempt? Dunno, but one thing's for sure: if all members of The Backstreet Boys took a communal shit in a trash can, this 'guy' is what would rise up out of it.

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Sorry ladies. His sworn duty to uphold the integrity of Scuttlebutt's Twat Tavern > your breadbox munchies. TBH it's refreshing to know that women too can be cockblocked. It's all about equality on Inhumanity.com

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Meet Tim Sharky. Ex-convict, ex-loan shark, current destroyer of all Pomeranian-sized women. Think Dan Bilzerian with more testosterone and lower standards.

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She's been gifted the oral capacity of a Meghan Trainor fan, yet keeps her chin count to a solid '1'. Perks: a.) balls-deep is standard b.) forgo any and all application approval for anything, ever c.) all the above. PROFILE.

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Trio of todger dodgers left dumbfounded after breaking their dingdong virginities. Actual Translation: Look at me I can step out my comfort zone of Greys Anatomy and non-gender-specific tube socks. Fuck off Adele Jr.

Date: 01/13/16 | Views: 128444 | Category: Lesbians

A League of Legends match resulting in something heterosexual? Why does she blow? Why doesn't he quit and return the favor? I haven't been this perplexed since making it to the end scene of Sleepaway Camp.

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The unwritten rules of the practicing polygamist: #1 Hygiene, #2 Laying off Sonic's hand-mixed milkshake menu prior to engagement (trust me) and #3 fucking hygiene. Looks like Oliver Twist back there is 1 for 3.

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It's too bad she didn't take this one step further and use the Mini Cooper in the adjacent lot as an industrial sized rectal thermometer. Then I could've actually beat off and had a productive morning. #missedopportunity

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No better way to celebrate commitment then engraving the lucky convict's name on your Death Star of an ass. Original idea was TROY'S BITCH, CALL 313-619-YOLO IF FOUND but she opted to keep it classy instead. Uh huh.

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The definitive collection (read: 20) of defective women that french fry'd when they should've pizza'd. Perhaps I'm the minority, but I'm seeing reasons to get caught robbing a 7-11 w/ my penis out across the board here.

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Enthusiasm: this codpiece has zero. But what she lacks in emotion, she makes up for in looking like a post-op Michael Cera. Safe to say you could have a better time coating your dick in Paxil and skull fucking this scholar.

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So, who's to blame here? The farm that booby-trapped their perimeter to keep him away from the livestock, or the girl that should've known her charitable act would turn out more miserable than a 2 Broke Girls marathon?

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Some professional law enforcement right here. Too bad the only thing officer Cock Knuckles and Dick Lock stopped was the finger bang free-for-all that was .8 seconds away from deployment. In other words this.

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Apparently standard D-to-A maneuvers got played out. Now when porn's finest want to patch the brown eye, they borrow from WWE's hall of fame. I know the moss covered, three handled family grudunzle when I see it.

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11 ladies that will never know the sweet kiss of a Carl's Jr. guacamole burger. If you're the type of guy that can enjoy a girl perusing her birth weight, this is the link for you. More of a protein connoisseur? I gotchu covered.

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Here it is. The Citizen Kane of why did I get stuck with Mr. Feeny and not 1 of these desperate sex offenders for algebra. Actually, I'm not sure The Feen taught math, but I trust the mental image is all the same.

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BroDuDe's sexual escapade cut short after breaking an unwritten rule against butthole infiltration. Yup, you can fuck her all you want in front of a friend with a camera, just don't slip into the sludge. Not cool brah.

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Instantly funny vid of a girl that picked the wrong right guy for b-hole cuckolding. She suffers more abuse than Jewish man's Dodge Caravan & all her S/O can say is its not fuckin unless you turn colors. New ringtone @ :30.

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