This is called "nerds gone haywire". It happens when girls with elf-shaped body pillows get pissy and need further stimulation. So they cosplay & eventually find themselves here: sucking Pyramid Head's dick. Hilarious.

Date: 06/10/15 | Views: 114304 | Category: Gamers

Girl does the unthinkable: offers up her noodle bowl on Craigslist to anyone with a pulse, free of charge. But instead of spacing out the local unemployed, she hits 1 after another w/o as much as a minge bath in between.

Date: 06/09/15 | Views: 153029 | Category: WTF

The eroticism of her Grade-A frog squatting, is instantly flatlined when K Quik decides now is the time to spit that fire. From there on out it's a flood of words and let me tell you... this mood breaker doesn't know many.

Date: 06/08/15 | Views: 84632 | Category: LMAO

Dude packing as much meat as a vegan dinner special, heads to the bar for a good time and finds out it's 2for1 night. $8 gets you Smirnoff and a Thai-grade BJ. Sadly, Stewart lacks the rigidness to enjoy the savings, HAHA.

Date: 06/07/15 | Views: 102755 | Category: Stripped

Going mach-17 on your clitoris in order to produce your first non-Harry Potter related climax? Cool. Seizing up like you got tazed in the asshole with a car battery? Not so cool. What in the fuck did I just ejaculate to?

Date: 06/06/15 | Views: 82921 | Category: Virgins

Lacy wants to spice up her P-hub page with a little public action. Problem is... Lacy ain't no basic bitch that flashes her gash at the DMV & calls it a day. What follows made me scratch both balls in bewilderment.

Date: 06/05/15 | Views: 117403 | Category: Freaks

Before today there were two things I was certain of. 1: Corey Feldman is the greatest entertainer of all time. And 2: We've seen the last of Chloes sexual endeavors. He proved me wrong once, but there will be no repeat.

Date: 06/04/15 | Views: 115204 | Category: Hot

Ever cram an entire box of freshly cooked macaroni & cheese into a sock, then stick your dick in it? Of course not, only an idiot would waste $0.99 of Kraft's finest. But that's the kind of audio we're missing out on here.

Date: 06/03/15 | Views: 100463 | Category: Fisting

Selena plops a double serving of guacamole right on the dance floor and straight up doesn't give a fuck. EDIT: Upon closer review it looks like she was trying to dunk into the garbage can, but missed a layup instead LOL

Date: 06/02/15 | Views: 116900 | Category: Poo Poo

Lezbo newb works feverishly to bring her BFF to climax, only to question/smell the sour cream that gets ejected out. Best of luck in the LGBT community gals. A sea of promising high school gym teacher careers awaits you.

Date: 06/01/15 | Views: 160761 | Category: Lesbians

Spunky Brewster taps into not-so repressed memories, creating worse mental imagery than I got upon hearing of a Courtney Stodden sex tape. And that's before she mentioned the $5 cream cheese special. You'll see...

Date: 05/30/15 | Views: 135989 | Category: Hookers

Dare to browse grandpa's pre-VHS war chest of adult videos and this is the gold you'll strike. An era of pr0n where incest was not only encouraged, but calling your daughter a twat was considered "foreplay". Hilarious.

Date: 05/29/15 | Views: 128708 | Category: LMAO

George Costanza?

Date: 05/28/15 | Views: 139174 | Category: Small Cocks

That's the same egotistical bitch who disrespected the legacy of Jumanji. You're probably already asking how do u top ambushing Mrs. Doubtfire's rectal cavity? Answer: You don't. But gnome sodomy is a close 2nd.

Date: 05/27/15 | Views: 144501 | Category: Midgets

Don't blame him. This 'once in a lifetime event' occurs more often than my toilet flushes after a McDonald's breakfast. Fuse that with her mouth breather-husband filming and your climax is officially fucking cancelled.

Date: 05/26/15 | Views: 149252 | Category: MILF

Attention whore diddles her clit in the fast lane, hoping to distract a man in charge of 40 tons of steel. Victory is semi-achieved halfway in, ending with no more than a thumbs up & Katy Perry high notes. Rules of the road.

Date: 05/25/15 | Views: 80661 | Category: Public

If you're the type of guy that gets enjoyment out of unsuspecting migrants being surprised by grade-A southern California tit jobs, Elay is the girl for you. Not your style? Feel free to take a gander at this instead.

Date: 05/24/15 | Views: 139351 | Category: Hot

12 minutes of confessions Dr. Phil wouldn't touch, 5 minutes of pipe laying and 1 solid reason to stay away from all injectable drugs. I think it's pretty safe to say this labels itself more as "EXHIBIT B" than a sex tape.

Date: 05/23/15 | Views: 118926 | Category: Incest

Broseph cut some corners whilst choosing his former sexual partners. Turns out the handicap stall at an ICP concert isn't the best place to find romance. Now he's gotta live the rest of his life w/ 7" of expired meat LOL.

Date: 05/22/15 | Views: 80092 | Category: WTF

Nothing spells A-L-P-H-A like a man refusing direction. TEH FACTS: He has not and will not take "no" for an answer, sympathy is prohibited and lube... well, that's as foreign to him as vagina in a Portuguese bathhouse.

Date: 05/21/15 | Views: 148230 | Category: Anal