Story/Hilarious drug excuse HERE
Full semi-HD version of video HERE
Real result of 'airborne cocaine' HERE

Date: 09/19/15 | Views: 175776 | Category: MILF

If I may be so bold, I'll speak for everyone here: I can forgive the low-grade cellphone quality. I can look past Ned Flander's head blocking half the shot. But giving us .GIF over .MP4? 0/10 you ungenerous, greedy shitbag.

Date: 09/18/15 | Views: 123899 | Category: Celebrities

Everything looks great at first... real great. But 3.9 minutes in, it becomes pretty apparent why most of this video is filmed from the neck downward. Tits by Brazzers, haircut by the three fucking stooges LOL

Date: 09/17/15 | Views: 95410 | Category: Surprise

Funny how the loser of this fight is upset about the opponent 'wearing her shit'. I'd be more concerned that the commando MMA match I just had dirtied the cooch worse than a 2-night stay in a Bangladeshi bathhouse.

Date: 09/16/15 | Views: 125789 | Category: Fights

2 trashy fucks get caught slammin ham by unarguably even trashier locals, who fire off a couple selfies before brodude finishes seeding the field and dudette takes an epic walk of shame. There: I just increased tourism 9%.

Date: 09/15/15 | Views: 111575 | Category: Voyeur

There's a thin line between acceptable Facebook profile photos and wrist-deep rectal slaughter. Where that line exists, I don't know... but judging by the decorative wall piece behind them I can guarantee girlie #1 does.

Date: 09/14/15 | Views: 147387 | Category: Picture

I like her D-sized gobstoppers. I like her all-in BJ skillz and above all I like her devotion to commitment. His no-think cake bowl lick @ 6:50 however, just reinforced my stance on late-term abortion. Like, 35 years late.

Date: 09/13/15 | Views: 151323 | Category: Freaks

Nice taste in women victims. Terrible pickup strategy though. Two words: Adoption Agency. Join the rest of the evolved population and use a dog to break the ice next time, you repulsive inbred piece of antisocial shit.

Date: 09/12/15 | Views: 130750 | Category: Assholes

He looks like the kinda guy that sells propane and propane accessories when not preoccupied with WWE pay-per-views, but I shouldn't hate. He fucks women. I'm still stuck in the tube sock/cream cheese matrix.

Date: 09/11/15 | Views: 164859 | Category: Asians

Base infiltrated @ 5:45.

Date: 09/10/15 | Views: 133234 | Category: Webcams

She sucks, he shoots, she gags. As a result I'm not really sure who's to blame here: Her nitwitted ass for thinking she could be a p-star and not get put in front of a seminal firing squad, or Bruno's all-asparagus diet.

Date: 09/09/15 | Views: 142222 | Category: Fail

Don't be hoodwinked by the "I drive a Ford Festiva and collect irregular Oreo cookies" appearance: This DTF GF may have the interior design of a blind New Jersey resident, but she is no sex noob. Let the sodomy begin.

Date: 09/08/15 | Views: 158657 | Category: WTF

He's having good luck of the blowjob variety, and it's all caught on webcam. Her reason? Token flow is low and she has to get an edge on all the other pizza sluts. Uh huh. I see her future now... and its wearing Depends.

Date: 09/07/15 | Views: 110581 | Category: Pizza

Meet Summer. Seen porn more than once? Then you already know her. This is the Betamax of big cock vids. What you don't know is the man behind it. John D aka guy who dethroned Tony Little on my list of heroes. RIP.

Date: 09/06/15 | Views: 149404 | Category: Big Dicks

It's always been an unwritten rule and this twat waffle just pulverized it. By the way: nice tattoos, but how about something that actually describes your body for the next one? "eggplant casserole" oughta do it. Yep.

Date: 09/05/15 | Views: 159322 | Category: Amateur

Porn? or ode to a serial killing? One never knows when it comes to Russia, but this is about facial expressions. Especially ones telling a story. Specifically her "u fuck like dead bear" and his "best 27 rubles i ever made".

Date: 09/04/15 | Views: 110810 | Category: Russia

Pretty sure I just stumbled upon a new language here. I shall dub thee 'autismian'. Much like dolphin sonar it can not be taught - only simulated. Non-lubed blow to the rectal cavity and lack of safe words are required.

Date: 09/03/15 | Views: 180445 | Category: Anal

Another one of those videos where brain cells are left short-circuited after being presented an elementary grade math question. All sorts of lolz, but still a long way to go before catching up to Beavis & Butthead.

Date: 09/02/15 | Views: 117189 | Category: Derp

These guys have the ingenuity of an engineer, and in the world of JIHAD, boring shit like 'beheadings' aren't an option. More innovative executions here and here.

Date: 09/01/15 | Views: 76892 | Category: Terrorism

Symptom #23 that you live in a trailer park: you're face-to-head with 9 1/2 inches of Nigeria's finest and rather than redirecting said erection to a more suitable orifice, you eat that shit up like a 2 for 1 RC Cola sale.

Date: 08/31/15 | Views: 141849 | Category: Big Dicks