Her stage 5 geyser is ready to erupt and not 1 fuck is given. She rubs, she tugs, she sands off the top layer of clit skin. It's going real good... until she brings the camshow to an abrupt halt by... well... you'll see LOL

Date: 07/11/15 | Views: 140986 | Category: Webcams

1st time D-sucker foolishly assumes her job is over and breathes a sigh of relief... only to be shot in the mouth with another wad of Esposito's gold reserve. A choice is needed: gulp or ruin Macy's finest Egyptian bed sheets.

Date: 07/10/15 | Views: 156904 | Category: Fail

Size Queens: A niche of women generally reserved for guys with words like young and flocka on their birth certificates. Most wouldn't dare drop an n-bomb while filled to the brim with negro boner. Meet the exception.

Date: 07/09/15 | Views: 118823 | Category: Racism

Nearly suffocated, hung by her hair and what may be the reintroduction of the shocker. Killer stuff, but the 1:00 mark is where she shines. Not since Wrestlemania 26 have I seen such an impressive tombstone piledriver.

Date: 07/08/15 | Views: 146391 | Category: Impressive

Face of Mrs. Butterworth's, proportions of an eggplant and a labia minora only a blind man from Oakland could love. Maybe that was harsh... but I do look forward to seeing u in the XXX remake of Leprechaun in the Hood.

Date: 07/07/15 | Views: 64304 | Category: Midgets

Who the fuck does these pretentious shit stains think they are? The Inigo Montoya of sex offenders? This is why I encourage all my lady friends under 250 lbs (small list) to carry a tazer graded for cattle and Jared Leto.

Date: 07/06/15 | Views: 115266 | Category: Voyeur

S'n some D only has a few rules: Minimal teeth usage and keep the c-rings away from all other jewelry. Not a hard list but this backpage.com alumni decides to test fate anyway, resulting in an epic rage quit. GG NO RE

Date: 07/05/15 | Views: 98046 | Category: Fail

This is perverse. More perverse than the time I decided to take advantage of free chimichanga day at the local taco hut before a colonoscopy. Actually no, that was hilarious. In other words: "i made it rain". More HERE.

Date: 07/04/15 | Views: 199797 | Category: Incest

Fake? Overacted? Unfortunate time to develop tourette syndrome? I don't even care. Just imagine her doing the M.J.F shuffle seen @ 3:42 on your codpiece. You'd ejaculate so hard your bedroom would get a sun roof.

Date: 07/03/15 | Views: 131894 | Category: Derp

Everybody is born with a gift. Unfortunately theirs is about as useful as Bruce Jenner's vagina. Sure, they can trace the history of the gluteus maximus via one touch, but will that really help greet us at Walmart?

Date: 07/02/15 | Views: 110337 | Category: LMAO

Not since the time I used Canadian nickles on a stripper named Twin Peaks have I seen such disrespect for fat tits. But unlike my ban from The Bush Co. - these BBW whisperers have zero intent of letting this poor soul go.

Date: 07/01/15 | Views: 135227 | Category: Fights

Being held hostage by a post-op a-hole? Sounds like his birthday came early. That is, until he realizes this culo hits like Mike Tyson on payday. The aroma of quepapas may fade, but the complimentary rhinoplasty is forever.

Date: 06/30/15 | Views: 98387 | Category: Surprise

Nothing gets clicks quite like scenes of unsuspected sauce tossing. So here's 45 minutes of them. You read that right: FORTY FIVE - as in the number of erections I get during one episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Date: 06/29/15 | Views: 146520 | Category: Fappers

He's got a thing for hookers. But why repeatedly plop down $6.00 & a can of Mr. Pibb on the only one in town that looks/sounds/smells like Yoda? I'll tell you why Blanco Nino. Tolerance. And the 1:00 mark proves it.

Date: 06/28/15 | Views: 97101 | Category: Hookers

I like how he keeps his hands above her waist, so as to not make contact with her genitals. Cuz a fingerbang would be over the line, whereas gagging on last week's dodger dog in front of 78 people is just a-oh-fucking-k.

Date: 06/27/15 | Views: 114512 | Category: Voyeur

Dude's got the acting ability of a Salvadorian gardener. Know what that means? He's the LeVar Burton of gonzo porn. And what better way to assert your supremacy than to skull fuck a female cosplaying as a 105 lb turd?

Date: 06/26/15 | Views: 170252 | Category: Porn

Stripping: aka the quintessential stepping stone to full blown porno. Most trailer park residents cross over ASAP - but chances are they weren't gifted the Carrot Top prop-bag of genitalia. This ones gonna be just fine.

Date: 06/25/15 | Views: 111408 | Category: Asians

Sexual sideshow derailed when a stripper makes an unexpected visit to La'Vons dirt dungeon. Life Lesson #293: When someone writes hoop dreams on their BlackPeopleMeet profile, it's not always about basktball.

Date: 06/24/15 | Views: 152107 | Category: Surprise

Ladies: Break out the Spider-Man Trapper Keeper and a pen cuz it's note-taking time. Men: Make room in the bookmarks for a chick that uses all orifices like a foot locker between flights from Costa Rica to the US and A.

Date: 06/23/15 | Views: 131430 | Category: Webcams

I like how porn has evolved from sex, into a demanding business of who's more willing to use their vagina as a garbage can. Dare penetrate this one's genitalia and you'll be balls deep in sexual fossils of yesteryear. 10/10

Date: 06/22/15 | Views: 143282 | Category: Teen