Self-entitled college mid-carder finds her braless flapjacks on a website and has a shitfit. By the 2nd threat of litigation I had already forgotten what flavor of IHOP syrup I'd cover those punching bags with.

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When you weigh as much as the penis you're being penetrated by, having sex is essentially assisted suicide. regret4life. Not even Carl Sagan's Voyage into the Cosmos can explain how this mismatch is possible.

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FACT: The preferred rectal depth is 6 inches
FACT: redliight17 don't give a fuck about science
FACT: She'll be in diapers before 30
FACT: We'll feature that video too

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It's Cinco de Slut all up in this dorm room and all Matt Damon Lite can do is beat off? On behalf of the male gender I profoundly apologize. Cue nowyouraman.mp3.

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Los Hermanos de Butt Sex have been assigned a mission: Leave no hole unfilled. Any first-year college girl can pull off a DP, but it takes a special kind of slut McNugget to endure this assault & live nightmare-free.

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He's got a 7.5 inch ham slammer and she dances like Jennifer Lopez after an afternoon at the gynecologist. Some people out there might say this cut off before the best part. I say mom did them a fucking favor.

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Think YOUR Saturday nights are fun? Time to reevaluate Blanco Nino. This chick is into things that create sub-genres in the world of fetish porn. And let me tell you my friends, that ain't easy. Part 2 here.

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For a minute there I was starting to lose faith in white female's ability to keep me entertained. Then I was introduced to a vagina with more bounce in it than Spalding has ever produced in 50 years. #WIN

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Creative masturbation is a welcomed treat here on Inhumanity, but this video isn't about the method. It's about the build up, and evolution of tha guRl GaM3R.

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It's all fun and games until you've had sexual intercourse with a pirate. Shit gets real when Captain Barbossa snaps off his prosthesis and makes a b-line for her v-hole... but there's no backing down here.

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The downside of being 24 and still living at home? Besides the 7:00AM line for toaster strudel, every time you're about to evacuate some homemade alfredo sauce onto your GF's back, momma comes a' knockin.

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Congratulations! You just disobeyed 50 generations of strict sexual guidelines to give southern white males their biggest erections since the Michael Brown verdict.

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Registering my genitals as a lethal weapon is a privilege I'll never know. Must be hunky-dory dory to be this guy tho. The GF doesn't complain, he's hung like Peter Dinklage's forearm and BK doesn't need him back till 3.

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Meet FarangDingDong. 4 secs on her website tells me her chest is faker than my Tinder profile, but congrats are still in order. When The Avengers become a reality she'll be the only one capable of tit fucking The Hulk.

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This ginger is a complete tramp, but her talents don't stop at they physical. No sir. Collide with her cervix at just the right angle and you'll be treated to noises once believed to only exist in the Amazonian rain forests.

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Butt munching is pretty straight forward. Just spread the cheeks and let er rip. Unless of course Metamucil is a staple in your recipient's diet. A bold choice, but this lady is filling in more bucketlists than bungee jumping.

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This is what happens when you allow females to go unsupervised for more than 3.5 minutes. They think this is funny. Sparky on the other hand, is sick of their shit.

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Billie likes to have sex with cakes. You already knew that. What you don't know is when not performing as the Gordon Ramsay of food pr0n, he's further enforcing my stance on late-term abortion. 35-40-years-old late.

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Best she sticks to stuff she's good at, like shopping at Hollister and picketing KFC with her vegan maxi pads. Pre-marital butt sex just doesn't seem to be her thing.

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Crash course on how to turn your turd cutter into a perma-gaped coal mine. No CGI: Just a girl from Idaho that converted her fart pipe into a Dyson DC50. It's literally one Rosetta Stone away from communicating.

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