Pair of goobers hit the streets to shoot their first porn. Everything's going swimmingly until they get confronted by the Chewbecca of female genitalia. I mean literally 1 utility belt away from guest starring in Episode VII.

Date: 11/26/14 | Views: 128597 | Category: LMAO

Her v-hole is capable of filling a solo cup quicker than a bar tap but when she goes maximum spread @ 9:27 it looks like the Predator on picture day. Do I fap or flee?

Date: 11/25/14 | Views: 131569 | Category: Squirting

A no-questions asked handjob in the loading area of Bed Bath and Beyond would put the smile on any man's face... but not Carlos. Who shit in his Baja Chalupa?

Date: 11/24/14 | Views: 132813 | Category: Small Cocks

1 hook after another, these girls go Manny Pacquiao on each others fallopian tubes. For what reason, we don't know. But I haven't been this intrigued while beating off since the final episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Date: 11/23/14 | Views: 128452 | Category: Teen

Contrary to his appearance, Jessie Pinkman is not the target for this shiny-headed senior. He's still plans on making a bust though: Only this time it's on the face of a girl that took a wrong turn at community college LOL.

Date: 11/22/14 | Views: 99234 | Category: Seniors

There's only one thing more frustrating than trying to bust a nut to reruns of The Golden Girls - and that's having Old Faithful as a vagina. Head gear is a must.

Date: 11/21/14 | Views: 91703 | Category: Squirting

I've never seen a video with Mia Malkova that made me question my erection, even when she's wearing her ass as a hat. But after edging myself through this scene...

Date: 11/18/14 | Views: 193551 | Category: Porn

Can't really blame her. Dude's bush looks like the top of Eddie Murphy's head circa de Beverly Hills Cop 1. If you had to go face-to-egg bag with a nut sac that requires a hairnet, you'd be squinting pretty fucking hard too.

Date: 11/17/14 | Views: 127642 | Category: Fail

Undoubtedly the most daring group of sex offenders this planet has ever seen. I must note though - nobody was hurt, fantasies were fulfilled and these girls got something to tweet about other than being fat. #WIN

Date: 11/16/14 | Views: 147391 | Category: Public

HIM: u ready 4 tha pain?
HER: que?

Date: 11/15/14 | Views: 346006 | Category: Anal

Autocunnilingus: It's not so much an art form as it's a way to develop scoliosis after puberty. Congratulations to the few that actually make contact with the tuna boat. To the rest: Pack it up, your bloodline ends here.

Date: 11/14/14 | Views: 156946 | Category: Flexible

A spirited twerking showdown reaches it's climax when Natasha realizes she needs to reevaluate her fiber intake. PRO TIP: Next time place a food strainer over the hole. It's called "The Cropduster". I invented it.

Date: 11/13/14 | Views: 91719 | Category: Poo Poo

The older the woman, the smarter decisions they make. A straight forward concept, now officially obsolete thx to this 40-something bag of tramp. I'll just let these timestamps do the explaining: 3:06, 3:18 and 5:31. YW.

Date: 11/11/14 | Views: 243074 | Category: MILF

2 of these clips are guaranteed to give your boner a boner. The other two however, need to brought into the woods and disemboweled with a wooden cooking spoon. Dispense all lavender-based lotions accordingly.

Date: 11/10/14 | Views: 112874 | Category: Pizza

Everybody is born with a gift. Clearly his is having the Optimus Prime of genitalia. Watch in utter amazement as nothing more than a single-handed choke hold transforms his Oscar Mayer into a portobello mushroom.

Date: 11/09/14 | Views: 170796 | Category: Bizarre

Elasticity left this orifice a long time ago and the end result is not very aesthetically pleasing. I'm talking the kind of depth-to-width ratio drug mules only dream of.

Date: 11/07/14 | Views: 119540 | Category: Anal

Additional chromosomes and fantastic genetics have combined forces for the greater good. How? Let's just put it this way: Boners will rise when you see her tits. Boners will (probably) deflate when you see this FACE.

Date: 11/07/14 | Views: 338832 | Category: Webcams

Forget that Michael J. Fox on the Scream Machine could produce more stable footage than this blowjob enthusiast. The real question is: Why does his shlog look like a half-eaten box of Neapolitan ice cream?

Date: 11/06/14 | Views: 129000 | Category: Big Dicks

Social misfit is making a name for herself. No longer in the drive-thru at Burger King, but in a dark corner of the net we call The Danger Zone. Current residents: People who listen to Steely Dan, Charlie Sheen and her.

Date: 11/05/14 | Views: 90897 | Category: WTF

Don't take that title too literally now: This chick's shit-spitter is small like Betty White is young. 24:20 is the magic moment here. I laughed, I cried, I made my own asshole a cup of herbal tea and told it I loved it.

Date: 11/04/14 | Views: 89247 | Category: Prolapse