Meet beryl18. Camwhore? Yes. Collector of anime? Probably. But make no mistake about it: I'd slurp the shrimp scampi out of her Oriental mud garden just to get a chance at upping the protein count in her diet.

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Take your average Dress Barn cashier and weaponize her with the greatest features of a girl from Detroit (6-layer deep ass and... yeah, small list) and this is the result. Apply all mayonnaise-based lubricants necessary

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Tupac loads up his Indominus Rex and lays waste to an orifice that's seen more wide load traffic than the GW Bridge. Better yet: Ever set off an M-80 in a zucchini? That's the kind of labia majora we're dealing with here.

Date: 05/02/15 | Views: 131347 | Category: Big Dicks

Those deflated pigskins look pretty bad for a 22 year old. :30 secs in she says her goal is to make it in the adult industry. Lady unless you're talking about fluffing, your journey ends here. Points for bringing Moesha tho.

Date: 05/01/15 | Views: 214325 | Category: LMAO

Glenn Beck Jr. gets knocked the fuck out after being caught abusing a (white) elderly truck driver over a minor fender bender by... wait for it... a black man in B-town. Gentleman: The race war is officially over.

Date: 04/30/15 | Views: 58549 | Category: Fights

Can't say this is the 1st video I've seen with a girl less excited about buttsex than the PGA tour, but it may be the driest. Friction like this comes in handy when you're starting a campfire. Climaxing the wife? Not so much.

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The girl serving drinks is always off-limits. READ: Not someone you solicit for oral sex. But when it's last call and she looks like Jessica Simpson before the autism, slurping 2 dongs isn't a burden. It's divine intervention.

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OK maybe just 1 way. Specifically #3 in this prehistoric gallery. While the others have come and gone, this little gem remains unexplained. Why is he erect? Why is she attacking? What episode of Charles in Charge is on TV?

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Cute girls + sexual acts in public. It's a combo second only to Chipotle and Charmin Ultra Soft. Add the rush of getting caught busting a nut next to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and you got wife material my friend.

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Ass like Nicki Minaj? Shameless, nude self-promotion on Twitter? The majority of you have already clicked by now, without catching a view of the churro de maricon dangling up front. If you must blame, blame yourself.

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Sorry hungry pedestrians living below the poverty line. Her sexual desires > your iced coolatta. Could someone please email me the news story when she gets caught pissing into the cappuccino machine? I'd appreciate it.

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Poor prosti. Freshly brainwashed by a 24 hour marathon of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, she thought gettin hollowed out by a gentleman named Omar could be fun.

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An evening of Malibu Bay Breezes, unadulterated back-alley blowjobs and dumbass hair colors comes to it's apex when brodude #2 shows up with high fives, harsh language and a camera from the Seinfeld era.

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Incestual behavior and trailer park tattoos aside, Niki's momma is one hot piece of ass. Too bad her tits have more fix-a-flat in them than a Pep Boys. This is what happens when the state stops charging her EBT card.

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She may not talk much, but those facial expressions certainly have a story to tell. Specifically "well this is new", "keep going" and the clear winner: "my brother's Playstation 4 controller on vibrate never felt like that!".

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7 minutes of practicing selfies, 5 minutes of penetration and 2 regretful seconds of his hamdog getting folded like a beach towel. Yep, I think it's safe to say this is the greatest fuck flick scene k1ds have ever produced.

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Date: 04/18/15 | Views: 132879 | Category: Amateur

Never have I seen a man do something so disrespectful with such grace. Where there's limits, he knocks down walls. Where there's suffering, he brings comfort. And where there's romance, he provides 50 shades of r4p3.

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Becky shits herself upon realizing her next appearance on Instagram won't be pretty. I haven't seen such an intense look of confusion and despair since that time I got caught beta testing display toilets at Home Depot.

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This is guaranteed to euthanize any BBW fantasies you might've accidentally had after Hilary Duff discovered Krispy Kreme in 2012. Don't be fooled by this guy's stoic reaction. Your love of buttsex dies here and now.

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