Billie likes to have sex with cakes. You already knew that. What you don't know is when not performing as the Gordon Ramsay of food pr0n, he's further enforcing my stance on late-term abortion. 35-40-years-old late.

Date: 12/15/14 | Views: 48697 | Category: WTF

Best she sticks to stuff she's good at, like shopping at Hollister and picketing KFC with her vegan maxi pads. Pre-marital butt sex just doesn't seem to be her thing.

Date: 12/14/14 | Views: 209646 | Category: Anal

Crash course on how to turn your turd cutter into a perma-gaped coal mine. No CGI: Just a girl from Idaho that converted her fart pipe into a Dyson DC50. It's literally one Rosetta Stone away from communicating.

Date: 12/13/14 | Views: 137148 | Category: Fisting

When all your knowledge of cinematography comes from Keanu Reeves, this is the result. I may have inadvertently just uncovered a new action genre even Jason Statham would be embarrassed to participate in.

Date: 12/11/14 | Views: 109907 | Category: Porn

Only 3 minutes into this clam bake and her "DTF-BFF" is retreating to Facebook. Undoubtedly to post a status update about STD testing and where to get one done.

Date: 12/10/14 | Views: 174287 | Category: Amateur

Her ability to keep objects inside is on par with my ability to not masturbate during the end credits of a Nicholas Cage movie. (See: None) NASA studied gravitational pull for decades & never got these results.

Date: 12/09/14 | Views: 91404 | Category: Objects

This def. isn't Oksana's first rodeo. No sir, this bitch is single-handedly running the Make-a-Wish foundation for delivery men across the third world. Awww yisss.

Date: 12/08/14 | Views: 137739 | Category: Pizza

Spend $47 at Victoria's Secret and suddenly you're the Internet's newest 40+ cum rag. Would I date them? No. Would I fill up on asparagus & nut on their menopausal faces between PTA meetings? It's a definite maybe.

Date: 12/07/14 | Views: 150295 | Category: MILF

Say hello to your new obsession. Not only does she incorporate all parts of the male genitalia into her blowjobs, "not-scared-of-sudden-seminal-gagging" is on her resume too. How could I NOT link to this video?

Date: 12/06/14 | Views: 233470 | Category: Amateur

Raquel Balboa turns this guy's egg sac into her own personal speed bag. I mean straight up going Mr. Miyagi on his hangers without breaking a sweat. A video hasn't made me clench so tightly since this classic.

Date: 12/05/14 | Views: 117560 | Category: Ouch

Becky and the blind Guatemalan she hired to ink her orangutang booty have some explaining to do. I think it's best you find the nearest wood chipper and lower those cheeks into it. Even FEMA can't help you now.

Date: 12/04/14 | Views: 200296 | Category: WTF

Consider this disrespectful shit the Dennis Rodman of public fornication. He plays the outside, looks dumb as hell and is just hoping to get his hands on the rebound.

Date: 12/03/14 | Views: 138646 | Category: Voyeur

A movie most commonly linked to happy meals and Saturdays with Gramma just got an extreme makeover. The YouTube prank-level acting and vaginal-brusing is top shelf, but I don't think we're getting that sequel.

Date: 12/02/14 | Views: 124283 | Category: Cosplay

Daria Morgendorffer's kicking up her OKCupid profile a notch. And trust me, the fedora tipping gets real when this m'lady strays away from r/gaming for the first time and goes Obi-Wan Kenobi on her Alabama hot pocket.

Date: 12/01/14 | Views: 319521 | Category: Virgins

20 years worth of pixelated genitalia has left Aiko at a loss when she stumbles across a pre-cooked ball park frank in real life. I got two words for you: Wife Material.

Date: 11/29/14 | Views: 164032 | Category: Public

Wang and Co. have one task: Lick the correct anus or face the consequences ala a trap made by Jigsaw himself. If these aren't the quintessential for truly entertaining game shows, I don't want to know what is.

Date: 11/28/14 | Views: 119352 | Category: Asians

Pair of goobers hit the streets to shoot their first porn. Everything's going swimmingly until they get confronted by the Chewbecca of female genitalia. I mean literally 1 utility belt away from guest starring in Episode VII.

Date: 11/26/14 | Views: 141987 | Category: LMAO

Her v-hole is capable of filling a solo cup quicker than a bar tap but when she goes maximum spread @ 9:27 it looks like the Predator on picture day. Do I fap or flee?

Date: 11/25/14 | Views: 150240 | Category: Squirting

A no-questions asked handjob in the loading area of Bed Bath and Beyond would put the smile on any man's face... but not Carlos. Who shit in his Baja Chalupa?

Date: 11/24/14 | Views: 150472 | Category: Small Cocks

Contrary to his appearance, Jessie Pinkman is not the target for this shiny-headed senior. He's still plans on making a bust though: Only this time it's on the face of a girl that took a wrong turn at community college LOL.

Date: 11/22/14 | Views: 108071 | Category: Seniors