A classic, buried in the eFukt archives sees the light of day once again. Not for teh lulz, but to make sure we all remember that by always turning to the left, this was the closest any black man ever got to NASCAR.

Date: 01/22/15 | Views: 77256 | Category: Freaks

She looks like something out of Stephen King's Creepshow. He has the gut of a polar bear in it's third trimester. It was never meant to be... but somewhere between New Jersey & Bangkok, they found true love.

Date: 01/21/15 | Views: 126137 | Category: Seniors

You know you're in the golden age of porn when someone hires Tom Savini for a scene. Too bad the novelty of a 3rd hole wears off pretty quick when it's got the height-to-width ratio of a paper shredder.

Date: 01/20/15 | Views: 173416 | Category: Bizarre

Don't be tricked by the "I only drink $10 cups of coffee and fuck black guys" starter kit. There may be fear in her eyes, but trust me when I say this girl is no quitter.

Date: 01/19/15 | Views: 263203 | Category: Anal

She's got the dick suckin experience of a 40-year-old virgin and a complete lack of tolerance to boot. But when you've only got $13 and the glory hole is closed for repairs, performance isn't exactly a deal breaker.

Date: 01/18/15 | Views: 164191 | Category: LMAO

For those that don't speak nachos grande, here's the scoop: The evolutionary cul-de-sac you're looking at is Beshine. At 20 lbs a piece, she holds the record for biggest mistakes on Earth, Jupiter and Deep Space 9.

Date: 01/16/15 | Views: 64430 | Category: Freaks

Not since the 2013 release of Farrah Abraham's sex tape have I seen such misuse of the human vagina. The niche for fermented twats is a limited one, but you better believe this former A/V club president found it.

Date: 01/14/15 | Views: 107650 | Category: WTF

Rule #1 of cam-whoring in the library: Always check your six. Fail to obey that and bad times lie ahead. Now have yourself a hearty EL OH EL when this girl's dreams of public bean flicking go straight down the shitter.

Date: 01/13/15 | Views: 127862 | Category: Busted!

7 kilograms worth of authentic negro boner would be a spine buster for most females. But not only is this challenge accepted, it's also catapulted my hispanic-vaginas-are-deeper-than-sinkholes theory into phase 2.

Date: 01/12/15 | Views: 193801 | Category: Big Dicks

Inebriated cougar gives an unwanted gash flash on the 2:00 AM metro line. And like me during a Michael Bay movie, this guy bails out about an hour before it's over.

Date: 01/11/15 | Views: 175659 | Category: Public

In 2 minutes flat this self-entitled shit stain goes from having fun to newest member of the talk shit - get hit club. Some people may call this domestic assault. But teh bro throwing right crosses calls it equal opportunity.

Date: 01/10/15 | Views: 186084 | Category: Drunk

I've only got two rules when it comes to watching porn flicks: 1) All females must look as little like Jay Leno as possible and 2) STAYING THE FUCK AWAKE. Esmeralda "nyquil" Gonzales is in serious violation of numero dos.

Date: 01/09/15 | Views: 111407 | Category: Amateur

Perhaps my logic is flawed, but you'd think a girl with a b-hole no bigger than a marble would be against back door admittance. But as you can see she's either a witch, or her rectal cavity is in fact David Copperfield.

Date: 01/08/15 | Views: 154170 | Category: Anal

Pair of dudes go in for the oral but end up in a sword fight instead. Accidental collisions I understand. The homosexual equivalent of a bro fist @ 15:46 I do not.

Date: 01/07/15 | Views: 104481 | Category: Porn

Twerking: Mastered by black girls, pure nightmare fuel when Sally gets down. But am I the only one who sees the danger here? 1 wrong move & her skeletal structure will have more breaks than a Mexican landscaper.

Date: 01/06/15 | Views: 208392 | Category: Cringe

Self-entitled college mid-carder finds her braless flapjacks on a website and has a shitfit. By the 2nd threat of litigation I had already forgotten what flavor of IHOP syrup I'd cover those punching bags with.

Date: 01/05/15 | Views: 215260 | Category: LMAO

When you weigh as much as the penis you're being penetrated by, having sex is essentially assisted suicide. regret4life. Not even Carl Sagan's Voyage into the Cosmos can explain how this mismatch is possible.

Date: 01/04/15 | Views: 191663 | Category: Midgets

FACT: The preferred rectal depth is 6 inches
FACT: redliight17 don't give a fuck about science
FACT: She'll be in diapers before 30
FACT: We'll feature that video too

Date: 01/03/15 | Views: 217561 | Category: Anal

It's Cinco de Slut all up in this dorm room and all Matt Damon Lite can do is beat off? On behalf of the male gender I profoundly apologize. Cue nowyouraman.mp3.

Date: 01/02/15 | Views: 166354 | Category: LMAO

Los Hermanos de Butt Sex have been assigned a mission: Leave no hole unfilled. Any first-year college girl can pull off a DP, but it takes a special kind of slut McNugget to endure this assault & live nightmare-free.

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