She may not talk much, but those facial expressions certainly have a story to tell. Specifically "well this is new", "keep going" and the clear winner: "my brother's Playstation 4 controller on vibrate never felt like that!".

Date: 04/20/15 | Views: 179721 | Category: Teen

7 minutes of practicing selfies, 5 minutes of penetration and 2 regretful seconds of his hamdog getting folded like a beach towel. Yep, I think it's safe to say this is the greatest fuck flick scene k1ds have ever produced.

Date: 04/19/15 | Views: 114171 | Category: Ouch

Date: 04/18/15 | Views: 135622 | Category: Amateur

Never have I seen a man do something so disrespectful with such grace. Where there's limits, he knocks down walls. Where there's suffering, he brings comfort. And where there's romance, he provides 50 shades of r4p3.

Date: 04/17/15 | Views: 91229 | Category: Alphas

Becky shits herself upon realizing her next appearance on Instagram won't be pretty. I haven't seen such an intense look of confusion and despair since that time I got caught beta testing display toilets at Home Depot.

Date: 04/16/15 | Views: 239647 | Category: Busted!

This is guaranteed to euthanize any BBW fantasies you might've accidentally had after Hilary Duff discovered Krispy Kreme in 2012. Don't be fooled by this guy's stoic reaction. Your love of buttsex dies here and now.

Date: 04/15/15 | Views: 151753 | Category: Anal

Crafty cunt single-handedly destroys man's lifelong bill of heterosexuality, with a "prank" that steps so far over the line even Jake Gyllenhaal wouldn't fuck it. Air-drop this bitch into Detroit & let the people eat. Yea? Yea.

Date: 04/14/15 | Views: 179194 | Category: WTF

1 pulsation after another, Bumblebee's little bro fucks the chromosomes out of these two. Then 11:50 rolls around, and a virginal warcry is emitted that will stop your fap session quicker than Magic Johnson's son.

Date: 04/13/15 | Views: 157284 | Category: Devices

There's only 1 thing more counterproductive to inducing an erection than reruns of Life Goes On, and that's girls lacking self-awareness. Big tits can save anything tho. Even the body gyrations of Betty White on acid.

Date: 04/12/15 | Views: 213865 | Category: Webcams

Always the same shit with these guys: They target a soft 6, then try to time it just right to bust a nut while asking for directions to Wetzel Pretzel. Most victims run for it - but this girl? She LOLZ his ass back to square 1.

Date: 04/11/15 | Views: 122492 | Category: LMAO

☑ Cock big enough to need it's own VISA?
☑ Gonorrhea free?
☒ Better acting than Ben Affleck in Daredevil?
☑ Will I use as reference point on OKCupid?

Date: 04/10/15 | Views: 145176 | Category: Cringe

Carlos "pussy slayer" Garcia got himself one of those deluxe Nokia phones that shoots video and he's gonna show us just how cool life is... by turning the hose on a femi-beaner that downed about 9 too many Four Lokos.

Date: 04/09/15 | Views: 126634 | Category: Drunk

Realization starts @ 3:47. She gets black-lady-short-changed-at-McDonald's level angry, but it's her facial expressions that sell me. It's an exact replica of mine while squeezing out P.F. Chang's dynamite shrimp bowl.

Date: 04/08/15 | Views: 133212 | Category: Bitches

He's packing 5.7 inches worth of sexual assault but the target won't sit still long enough for him to deliver the payload. Bonus pts for her almost backing into it, but ultimately he goes home with a dick dryer than Egypt.

Date: 04/07/15 | Views: 114470 | Category: Assholes

Eight seconds of stroking and dude pops his cork faster than Kanye West looking at himself in a mirror. Skip on ahead to 0:51 seconds for British shaming at it's finest.

Date: 04/06/15 | Views: 140796 | Category: Premature

Legitimately impressing a camwhore and getting to see the best tit job you can buy from a Tijuana carpenter: These are the 2 greatest things man can achieve on the Internet. In this case, 2 birds are killed w/ 1 boner.

Date: 04/05/15 | Views: 121035 | Category: Webcams

Say Guten Tag to German pornstar elite Lucy Cat. I however, prefer the moniker PCW - short for Public Cum Waffle. srsly, this girl spends so much time gagging on city property you'd think her ass was running for mayor.

Date: 04/04/15 | Views: 129786 | Category: Public

Who the fuck does this attention whore think she is? The Ronda Rousey of tyrannical sex toys? Needless to say her struggle starts off promising but like people serving me at IHOP, this bitch doesn't even get the tip.

Date: 04/03/15 | Views: 156467 | Category: Ouch

The Denny's waitress during the day, stripper-at-night starter kit we can tolerate. Shit, we encourage it. But what's not supporting blood flow to my nether regions is a bite mark that may or may not smell like Fixodent.

Date: 04/02/15 | Views: 96499 | Category: Picture

Well that's a first. Not only did this jizz junky not cowl in fear of the man of many STDS, but she actually makes a request for penetration @ 5:24. I haven't been this mystified since realizing Mario Lopez doesn't age.

Date: 04/01/15 | Views: 211498 | Category: Porn