Got dayum. I haven't heard a white man shriek like this since Barack Obama got voted into a 2nd term lol. I'm almost as mystified as I was after watching this gem.

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Ever wonder what the landscape of digital media looked like ~10 years ago? Spoiler: It was this clip and that hamburgeropotomus twirling around the room thinking he was a Jedi, that's it. Trust me I'm from the Internet.

Date: 12/28/15 | Views: 146654 | Category: Public

Actually I lied. She's neither hot, nor suffering from cognitive impairment. She's Bailey - BBC hunter and Crest White Strips enthusiast. The moral of today's story? Stereotypes exist for a mother fuckin reason.

Date: 12/27/15 | Views: 169539 | Category: Derp

This is xXxfuukaxXx, but I prefer the moniker teh Mahatma Gandhi of amateur porn. She's here to show you that real beauty is skin deep. Right underneath the two #7's at Del Taco and 38 ounces of smooth Dr. Pep.

Date: 12/26/15 | Views: 156614 | Category: Fatties

Prettier the girl, the nicer you have to act to get below the panty line. A pretty standard concept and it's now officially obsolete thanks to this Australian asshole. Guy makes Martin Shkreli look charitable, he's that dickish.

Date: 12/24/15 | Views: 106989 | Category: Assholes


Date: 12/23/15 | Views: 157056 | Category: Gallery

Whitney Wisconsin. She hit the net 6 months ago and spread faster than scabies at a Chinese whore house, and somehow outdoes herself every month. Not sold by this video? Here is her TOP 10 reasons to fuck Lassie.

Date: 12/22/15 | Views: 237755 | Category: Compilations

Today we follow a pre-menopausal momma in her quest to cross interracial waters. But if you expect to see wreckage, click elsewhere. When she finally meets her chocolate destiny things don't really measure up, haha.

Date: 12/21/15 | Views: 161192 | Category: MILF

I bet you $8 and the remainder of my orange julius that this shit is faker (dem pixels) than a YouTube social experiment. But here at Inhumanity we like to offer hope. And today, xmas comes early for this stallion.

Date: 12/19/15 | Views: 217298 | Category: GIF

Propaganda porn from yesteryear. 2007 to be exact. For some unexplained reason these 2 minutes caused a national shit storm, second only to Don Imus' attack on the hairlines of black women across the globe. reflect

Date: 12/18/15 | Views: 147175 | Category: Celebrities

Meet deum0s. She has a look that could score mucho dollerinos in the corporate side of Instagram but she passed on that to persue the better things in life... like getting fucked to the soundtrack of Saw II. NAWICE.

Date: 12/17/15 | Views: 292277 | Category: Teen

Clifford goes for the fish flap sneak attack after getting tired of his Bilbo Baggins sex doll. Naturally this alumni from the Keanu Reeves school of acting reacts, giving the performance of a lifetime. It's Oscar-worthy really.

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This is essentially a hybrid of a Got Milk? PSA & a GWAR concert. Or in more comprehensive terms: 1 part health conscious, 291 parts bat-shit fucking aspergers. Enjoy?

Date: 12/15/15 | Views: 206294 | Category: Freaks

Forgive my lack of female intuition, but I really wanna know - is weighing less than one of Dwayne Johnson's tits really THAT acceptable in most social circles? 7 seconds of watching The View has told me otherwise.

Date: 12/15/15 | Views: 196548 | Category: Gallery

Speculation time: Rent due? Lost a bet? We may never know how many trips to the ATM it took for this Crisco ambassador to game a solid 7, but one thing is certain: His constant apologizing isn't softening the blow LOL.

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Tactical banging in mom's basement and using dragon dick sex toys as fluffer. Not sure what else to say. It's just another one of those nerdy broads that's taken their fascination with Game of Thrones too fucking far.

Date: 12/13/15 | Views: 122513 | Category: Amateur

This chick's tolerance for rectal molestation is absolutely insane. Submissive, low-maintenance personality too. I want to hug her and eat Totino's pizza rolls out of her asshole. In that order. More HERE.

Date: 12/12/15 | Views: 245644 | Category: Anal

Girl turns to porn for assistance in the re-slutification of her parental unit, whom is addicted to gentleman relish, Martha Stewart's spring collection and men who list the playground as their favorite hangout spot on TINDER.

Date: 12/11/15 | Views: 156724 | Category: Parents

This girl is the Daenerys Targaryen of public indecency, and today her technique is viewable by anyone with a bus pass. Just practice some of her teachings and I promise ladies... your man will never cry divorce again.

Date: 12/10/15 | Views: 150361 | Category: Voyeur

Basically the most sexually perplexing thing I've seen since the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer, starring Casey Jones not sodomizing Megan Fox with a hockey stick. Which was about 7 whole minutes ago.

Date: 12/09/15 | Views: 151315 | Category: Webcams