No seriously. The thumbnail doesn't even come close to doing this epically breasted beaner justice. She has titties like Hulk Hogan has male pattern baldness. TBH I'd suck the Nacho Supreme out of her shithole.

Date: 09/14/12 | Views: 46766 | Category: Webcams

Sup bro. Next time you feel like picking up a new skirt at Urban Outfitters, be sure to check out their limited but ultra hip Home Decor section. They sell something you lack - curtains motherfucker.

Date: 09/13/12 | Views: 422842 | Category: Busted!

I like how he mock-caresses her ass, carefully so as to not actually touch her skin. Because touching her skin would be crossing the line, whereas ejaculating on her Victoria Secret beach towel is just plain awesome.

Date: 09/12/12 | Views: 245103 | Category: Public

Apparently this is Bailey Jay, the Vita Don Teese of chicks w/ dicks. I'm not so sure. Some will look at this and see a beautiful shemale, all I see is that goofy fuck from Saving Silverman.

Date: 08/30/12 | Views: 264503 | Category: Gallery

Pretty much the most repulsive thing I've seen since the trailer for This Must Be The Place, starring Sean Penn as Marilyn Manson x 150 years. Which was about 3 minutes ago.

Date: 08/30/12 | Views: 264272 | Category: Nasty

Punky Brewster goes to town on her clitoris, producing some of the hottest facial expressions I've seen since indian_girl_shits_her_pants_at_blink_182_concert.avi. Didn't see that one? You're missing out.

Date: 08/30/12 | Views: 245902 | Category: Amateur

and check them titties. Looks like 2 grapefruits topped with disproportionate amounts of Nickelodeon Gak. And to think... those funbags probably set her back 7k, or in whore economics - roughly 47 rimjobs. Jeepers.

Date: 08/30/12 | Views: 164760 | Category: Bizarre

She looks fine in the first pic, but if you keep scrolling down... it becomes pretty apparent who her parents are. Mother: Eva Mendez. Father: fucking Gonzo from Sesame Street. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

Date: 08/18/12 | Views: 248016 | Category: Gallery

There's two things I truly value in life: 1.) Arby's coupons and 2.) sexually inexperienced women, like this chick. Tack on the fact that she weighs 100 pounds and likes to snack on her own love juice = perfection.

Date: 08/17/12 | Views: 485690 | Category: Webcams

The ultimate collection (read: 4 images) of intoxicated women soiling the utter fuck out of their underpants. Perhaps I'm alone here but I'm seeing Taco Bell pintos & cheese across the board.

Date: 08/16/12 | Views: 297803 | Category: Gallery

Is this really Paris Hilton? No, what you really should be asking is: if Amy Winehouse was to spread open her pussy lips, would it be visually liken to pulling apart the bread of a grilled cheese sandwich?

Date: 08/16/12 | Views: 225506 | Category: Amateur

This is her 3rd anal tattoo. First 2 featured the names of her ex-lovers. Hey lady, men come and go. How about for this 3rd one you get something that won't be changing anytime soon - "stupid pug-faced whore".

Date: 08/16/12 | Views: 213008 | Category: Tattoos

Looks like something crawled out of Tim Burton's asshole and stole Anne Heche's haircut (circa I Know What You Did Last Summer). Thanks lady, you've reduced my erection to a Jolly Rancher.

Date: 08/16/12 | Views: 336708 | Category: Gallery

If only she put as much effort into her Economics class as she did into sucking Montayas's 14 inch hamburger-helper, maybe this bitch would've thought twice about spending her life savings on a stupid haircut.

Date: 07/30/12 | Views: 306367 | Category: Amateur

i like her flat stomach, i like her big ass funbags, and above all else... I really like the way she dots the 'i' when she spells "nigger". Wifey material, all the way.

Date: 07/30/12 | Views: 195183 | Category: Picture

Holy fuckin inverted shiitake mushroom. There's only 2 things capable of making a man's asshole look like that. One involves Wesley Snipes and a dimly lit room, the other is called Wienerschnitzel. May god have mercy.

Date: 07/29/12 | Views: 232154 | Category: Anal

Two trashy fucks get caught fooling around on camera by an inarguably even trashier fuck - who generously provides play-by-play narration and some heartfelt commentary like "give him some head bitch".

Date: 07/06/12 | Views: 179319 | Category: Drunk

At first I was like "damn, I wish that was my GF", but upon deeper contemplation I realized her talents would be completely wasted on my 5.4 inch penis. Cue 'Screaming Infidelities' by Dashboard Confessional.

Date: 07/05/12 | Views: 526184 | Category: Picture

I've been beating off to this same video for 3 weeks now. It's actually becoming a problem. I haven't felt this unproductive since the time I got fired from U-Haul and spent the remainder of my day watching Weekend At Bernies 1 & 2.

Date: 06/21/12 | Views: 367833 | Category: Amateur

I refuse to laugh at this. I have a soul, & while it very well may be more withered than Richard Gere's asshole after an overnight stay at Petco, it still has a voice, & today that voice says faptime in fucking canceled.

Date: 06/14/12 | Views: 384332 | Category: Stripped