She's trying to get off with one of those rubber cocks that have suction cups at the base. They're supposed to be good for hands-free fun but this broad's clam is so tight that the dildo wont stay put. Kinda hot.

Date: 07/30/11 | Views: 130945 | Category: Fail

Remember THIS GUY? He's back for round dos. Not sure why he longs for the approval of random black chicks. His cock is a caterpillar compared to the dongs these bitches are accustomed to. Give it Uncle Fester.

Date: 07/27/11 | Views: 312409 | Category: Public

Skip to the end. He came. They're done fucking. Shows over. OR IS IT? This is one of those girls that cums big but barely makes a peep. The only real indication is her post-sex Michael J Fox spasms, and plenty there are.

Date: 07/26/11 | Views: 193363 | Category: Amateur

A pleasant reminder that in Mother Russia, if a woman opens her mouth to do anything other than suck dick or eat Shashlyk, consequences will be had. We stand to learn much from these beautiful people.

Date: 07/21/11 | Views: 167913 | Category: Fights

This is quite possibly the most half assed attempt at eroticism to ever grace my computer monitor. Mind you this is coming from a guy that's sat through all 18 volumes of College Scat Girls. My voice matters.

Date: 07/16/11 | Views: 117759 | Category: Fail

HOLLY HANNA puts her stink box on the line with her state of the art fuck machine. It certainly brings in the tips but I worry for the well being of her shit hole. She's on a fast track to a life of Depends.

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See that ripped-as-fuck bromaster over there? All those roids shrunk his testicles into pistachio nuts... so he's not exactly fit for a Peter North-esque facial. Time for Plan B - Jergens. Lots and lots of Jergens.

Date: 07/14/11 | Views: 98554 | Category: Bloopers

MEN: put on your Ushanka + premium denim, hop on the nearest train, subtly unzip your pants and bust out the war horse. WOMEN: see something you like? tap twice on his cock and prepare to exchange digits.

Date: 07/13/11 | Views: 269848 | Category: Public

If all members of 'N Sync took a collective shit in a bucket.. this man-child is what would rise up out of it. The real tragedy is that his sexual performance is just as bad as his haircut. May god have mercy.

Date: 07/10/11 | Views: 150568 | Category: Bloopers

Another Youtube douche trying to make a name for himself. For every person with a penis that crossed paths with this prick, shame on you for not connecting your fist to his face.

Date: 07/07/11 | Views: 101492 | Category: Assholes

It's all about the element of surprise. Conquer that and nothing shall come between your cock and stinkhole glory, save for a few possible Hershey nuggets.

Date: 07/06/11 | Views: 241889 | Category: Bloopers

Jenna Haze has trouble accepting the fact that she's not the best piece of pussy this random stuntcock has ever had. Lady, I'm afraid your twat has more mileage on it than a 63' Buick Riviera. I think it's time to move on.

Date: 07/05/11 | Views: 190213 | Category: Bloopers

No follies in this one. Just a hot milf doing a fine job of riding the cock - in a frog squat position for maximum penetration. Most girls complain of knee pain, this whore has no such qualms.

Date: 07/04/11 | Views: 219553 | Category: Amateur

This d-bag is about as much of a punk rocker as my cock is herpes-free. But when it comes to sexually harassing women on live TV, the guy's a fucking pro.

Date: 07/03/11 | Views: 146514 | Category: Stripped

Sloppy pervert pays the price for using bulky, outdated equipment. His victim quickly takes notice and stomps everything to shit. That's what you get for shopping @ Radioshack in the 21st century, you dumb fuck.

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My cock would probably invert itself and commit ritual suicide if this she-beast ever tried to suckle on it. How she managed to actually make a dude premature ejaculate is beyond me.

Date: 06/30/11 | Views: 155740 | Category: Premature

Hefty Hank gets caught fappin to animal porn by his wife's new BFF. Always a gentleman, Hank is quick to excuse his behavior & greet the young lady - by shaking her hand with the same hand he just jizzed in.

Date: 06/25/11 | Views: 180518 | Category: Busted!

Esperanza all but shits her pants after stumbling upon a gringo pleasuring himself. Chill out Esperanza. It's not like he had an Immigration & Customs badge pinned above his left nipple. This whitey cums in peace.

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Symptom #76 that you're a full fledged slut: you spot a creepy naked man hanging out on the sidewalk with a rock hard boner and rather than calling 911, you grope his genitlia and take photos for Facebook.

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Her cornhole is the size of that Guatemalan sinkhole and she just scarfed down a #5 at Taco Bell. You know that ride "Free Fall" at Magic Mountain? Lets just say it bares a few striking similarities to this chick's colon.

Date: 06/20/11 | Views: 170599 | Category: Bloopers