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Double Your Dating by David DeAnglo. Buy a copy. Cause your current approach of stalking hot chicks in the forest and then spewing cum in front of em isnt really panning out.

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Damn, and I thought a Tara Reid had a fucked up pair. The English vocabulary lacks proper adjectives to describe these tits so I'll leave you with an anology: 20% Maggie Gyllenhaal, 80% dairy cow.

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Ejaculating into a Magnum XL condom and tossing it on the face of a patron at Subway. For some Americans, thats the closest to having a girlfriend they're ever gonna get.

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99.999% of World Of Warcraft players are pushing 300 pounds and smell like Cheez Whiz. Meet the sole exception. She's like Sarah Plain n Tall... except with double D cup titties. Fap.

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Cute blonde channels her inner Michael J. Fox after having the climax of a lifetime, complete with twitching limbs and a volcanic eruption of pussy juice that drenches the set.

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Skip to the 1.10 mark. Even when she's piss drunk, blondie still has her concerns about possible stank seeping out of Twat Town. Cant fault her for being a considerate lover. If half the women I've ate out cared this much about hygiene, I'd still have taste buds.

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Cute chick has second thoughts about butthole boogie right as her man's about to blow his load. After confirming that the seed will soon spill, she hops off his cock and makes a run for it. Heartless bitch.

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Hot bitch's 15 seconds of fame is obliterated after cool-guy rips her top right the fuck off. Dont feel too bad lady. Seeing as I just beat off to the 4 frames in which your breasts were exposed, youre technically still in the limelight.

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There's no coming back from something like this. Her twat will be forever agape. The chronic queefing has already set in. She's essentially a walking, talking whoopie cusion and yet she remains in good spirits. I like that in a whore.

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Computer genius yearning to fuck a sub-400 pound woman manages to bribe a Hooter's waitress into sleeping over. $2300 and 5 hits of crack nets him the best 30 seconds of his life.

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Congratulations dinky dick. You've mastered the art of defacing windows belonging to dental clinics. Now I want you to think long and hard about the migrant workers that get paid in Chalupas to clean that shit up. Cesar Chavez does not approve.

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Brazilian pornstar accepts defeat and subtly taps out after getting anally railed by a schnitzel thicker than a palm tree. Best of luck with your future Lupe. A sea of promising janitorial careers await you.

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Deepthroat gone awry, she upchucks all over floor.. soiling one, possibly even two motel 6 pillow sheets. The man responsible issues a few words of comfort - "you puking whore, you puked". True love.

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Melvin Smellvin puts his camcorder's 'ultra zoom' feature to work after spotting a bikini clad slutsky on the beach. He quickly discovers her cunt lips are exposed.. just flapping away in the midsummer breeze.

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Remember the woman that used myspace to track down her biological son and ultimately fucked him in some cheap motel? Well, she got 9 to 30 years in the slammer. Read HERE.

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In the 2 minutes you will spend watching this video you will see A.) The Soloist receive a rimjob B.) no less than 3 bystanders contracting HIV and C.) a Chinese neighbor working feverishly to ignore it all.

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Cute teen with gothic undertones and a mean set of dicksucking skills goes to town on her BF's 7 incher. Unfortunately her enthusiastic blowjob comes to a halt after a minor instance of projectile vomit. That'll do it!

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