If this isn't evidence of divine action, I don't know what it is. God took that dumb bitch straight out of the fuckin gene pool!

Date: 06/17/10 | Views: 84645 | Category: Ouch

like BP Oil failing trying to cap plume of oil, this guy tried to put a cork on his cock when an eruption came without warning. You sir have failed... don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. note: No stupid dolphin tattoos were harmed in the filming of this fail.

Date: 06/10/10 | Views: 244811 | Category: Premature

Bro opens a can of whoop-ass on his bikini clad wife in front of a bunch of fat fucks too lazy to do anything other than say "woah". Alabama's finest.

Date: 06/08/10 | Views: 132101 | Category: Fights

This chicks asshole is completely inside out like a hamburger patty and her lesbo partner just cant stop raving about it. Stupid bitch acts like she just won the lottery or some shit.

Date: 06/03/10 | Views: 140768 | Category: Prolapse

To compensate for her lack of dance skills (sorry, hopping around like a retard doesn't count), this little slut busts out her ass and titties. Hordes of douchebags quickly gather for the free show.

Date: 05/29/10 | Views: 144721 | Category: Drunk

He's got a fat gut, a huge Arnie tattoo and any time his wife chows down on too many Twinkys, he fucks her throat till she pukes em all up. This dude has class.

Date: 05/29/10 | Views: 94102 | Category: Tattoos

How someone could maintain an erection after their cock had been vomited on is beyond me. If that was me my cock would shrink even beyond its current tootsie roll status, become inverted and vow to never come outside again.

Date: 05/28/10 | Views: 190698 | Category: Bloopers

Dude lets a wet one slip just as he blows his load and then oddly declares "i fart and cum hahaz". Somebody's going far in life!

Date: 05/28/10 | Views: 106725 | Category: Bloopers

Nowadays it's all about the werewolf kids. They hang foxtails from their ass cracks and howl into the night like complete and utter faggots... all in the name of individual expression!

Date: 05/25/10 | Views: 103813 | Category: News


Date: 05/25/10 | Views: 259407 | Category: Celebrities

African American bull dykes. yet another big step backwards for the black race. haha.

Date: 05/25/10 | Views: 180702 | Category: Picture

Sex usually comes to an end after the guy blows his load, but not when you're dating this greedy cunt. This poor bastard is forced to finish her off orally, creampie still intact!

Date: 05/25/10 | Views: 174479 | Category: Amateur

This position only works if you have a big cock to serve as an anchor. I tried it last year on the night of my birthday and fractured my cock straight down the middle. A warning would've been cool.

Date: 05/19/10 | Views: 202724 | Category: Anal

Pay close attention and you'll notice that that's not jizz being unloaded on to her face. It's lotion. Some dumb fuck standing aside the cameraman is flinging it at her lol. Porno magic baby.

Date: 05/17/10 | Views: 114111 | Category: Bloopers

Son of a bitch has a bratwurst the size of my forearm. He should spend less time getting his dick sucked and more time inflicting blunt force trauma on his girlfriends rectum. Triple the entertainment value.

Date: 05/14/10 | Views: 211490 | Category: Big Dicks

Damn... her cunt looks just as busted as the o-ring on her asshole. This bitch is gonna need industrial strength stitches or she's gonna be walking around with 2 craters between her legs.

Date: 05/13/10 | Views: 122211 | Category: Prolapse

Beaner boy got himself one of them fancy digital camcorders and is out on a mission to show the world just how cool his life truly is... by filming his Friday night at Mickey D's and talking like a fuckin douchebag.

Date: 05/12/10 | Views: 238924 | Category: Drunk

Sorry bitch. That's exactly what you get for looking like Richard Simmons.

Date: 05/12/10 | Views: 88575 | Category: Facials

In between her jew nose and his tootsie roll of a cock... I gotta ask... how the fuck did they expect anyone to get off to this? It's like the Wicked Witch meets Mini Me.

Date: 05/05/10 | Views: 104878 | Category: Small Cocks

Can't say it's the first time I've seen a yellow Squash misued as a sexual aid but that's definitely one of the bigger ones. Perhaps she's prepping for a certain farm animal too?

Date: 05/03/10 | Views: 107526 | Category: Objects