She can pull off the 180 degree turn fairly well. No trouble there. The problem is what lies before you once the bitch has completed her about-face.

Date: 03/23/11 | Views: 131863 | Category: Bloopers

Five bucks says she took that photo directly to the police. Either that or she went home and rubbed one out.. but I rather not put too much thought into that. Imagining sexual scenarios involving fat people is counterproductive.

Date: 03/19/11 | Views: 129333 | Category: Public

Malaysian hooker foolishly assumes her objective is complete and exerts a sigh of relief... only to be shot point blank with yet another wad of Joseppi's finest. The element of surprise has never been more erotic.

Date: 03/18/11 | Views: 2301884 | Category: GIF

Her twat is blood red and more shriveled than the cock of an Eskimo. For god sakes, what member of the animal kingdom did you fuck? And more importantly, how big was it's penis?

Date: 03/14/11 | Views: 134932 | Category: Freaks

Lupe gets a Corona bottle to the dome after the BF catches her shaking her corn-fed culo with some fatty on the beach. This is actually a favorable outcome for a girl that dates members of MS13. GL w/ the dentures.

Date: 03/14/11 | Views: 108186 | Category: Fights

I think this is that bullshit MTV show where they pay a bunch of homeless-looking dykes to dress up as convicts and scare the fuck out of spoiled white girls, right? I should know, I used to beat off to it tri-daily.

Date: 03/11/11 | Views: 137278 | Category: TV

BBC camerawoman with big natties gets groped by a band of primates that live off monkey cock and coconut juice. Fuckin darkies... always having their way with the white womenz.

Date: 03/07/11 | Views: 315778 | Category: Stripped

Smelling this bitch's sweaty asshole after a 5 mile jog actually came close to being a task on Fear Factor once.. but the clement producers ultimately went with 'eating bull testicles' as a sensible alternative.

Date: 03/06/11 | Views: 110238 | Category: Freaks

Well shit. I got some Fruit of the Loom briefs left over from last years Hanukkah. I'd Fedex that shit but im not too sure how you'd feel about the designer skidmarks.

Date: 03/06/11 | Views: 123261 | Category: Asians

Holocaust survivor takes a stroll down the beach in painfully revealing bikini, attracting the attention of every euro fag within a 2 mile radius. Why she limping? I havent seen someone walk like that since post-shower scene in American History X.

Date: 02/23/11 | Views: 106297 | Category: Freaks

Two contenders for Quote of the Year and they both derive from the same shitty ass youtube video. 1.) in response to guy-on-girl abuse - "dats wild homo dawg" and 2.) "you forgot your faggot gear". Watch and you'll understand.

Date: 02/21/11 | Views: 120313 | Category: Fights

Take a petite white bitch and equip her with the best features of a black woman (huge ass and uhhh... yeah, kinda short list) and this is what you get. Fuckin fap.

Date: 02/18/11 | Views: 158576 | Category: Picture

Hilarity strikes when a cute Russian with chronic IBS gets into an elevator and feels the sudden urge to drop a deuce. Fuck waiting 18 seconds to walk to the bathroom. This princess cuts a turd right where she stands and leaves it for the Mexicans.

Date: 02/18/11 | Views: 117239 | Category: Poo Poo

Would someone kindly GIF that first 5 seconds and loop it? Her facial expression during the initial penetration is enough to fuel my beat-off sessions all through Winter. PROTIP: scroll down to see the video.

Date: 02/18/11 | Views: 305327 | Category: Anal

Grabbing on titties like a boss. Probably ate her cheeseburger too. Real men take what they want. Asking permissions is for pussies.

Date: 02/16/11 | Views: 159877 | Category: Picture

Peeping Thomas invades another mans stall in hopes of seeing some defecation. Instead he discovers a goober + bar slut having a romantic moment on a the shit stained toilet seat. Happy Valentines Day.

Date: 02/14/11 | Views: 159689 | Category: Busted!

Have you ever seen a naked blonde go from smiling to crying in 2 seconds flat? Lemme tell ya.. it's all fun and games till you get hit in the face with used douche water.

Date: 02/13/11 | Views: 137283 | Category: Bloopers

She can down a cock thicker than a 7 layer burrito without even breaking a sweat. What's up with Hispanic girls and their singular talents.

Date: 02/09/11 | Views: 235410 | Category: Amateur

Blondie has an emo moment after a brief round of blunt force trauma to the anal sphincter. The director kindly grants clemency and the scene then advances to the money shot.. which she also fucks up. Time to go back to Ihop lady. It's more your speed.

Date: 02/06/11 | Views: 133963 | Category: Quitters

This bitch has more orifices than you could throw a stick at. Imagine the possibilities. Ass to mouth to vagina to vagina to ass and back to mouth again. Where does she live? I'm ready to propose.

Date: 02/06/11 | Views: 188256 | Category: Freaks