The balloon knot nestled atop her stump of a leg I understand, but what happened to the other one? Looks like twist doughnut, minus the glaze.

Date: 12/01/10 | Views: 155854 | Category: Picture

Cute girl gets progressively annoyed after her douchebag boyfriend keeps trying to fuck her face. She actually gets bitchy at the end and pulls the plug on his Facial Abuse fantasy. Dominance fail on his part.

Date: 11/26/10 | Views: 197301 | Category: Amateur

I guess one of the perks of having a 2 inch penis is that you dont even have to take off your pants to beat off. This guy knows whats up.

Date: 11/26/10 | Views: 129134 | Category: Public

This is a brief scene where the fake smile fades and some genuine concern is voiced. Doesnt make much difference though. When you take a 14.5 cock up the ass, you're essentially buying yourself a 1 way ticket to prolapse city no matter how you go about it.

Date: 11/22/10 | Views: 229424 | Category: Big Dicks

Talking into gaping assholes, hearing your echo... sure looks like fun but I'm betting the smile fades once catch a whiff of the cheese enchilada and frijoless that's on it's way out. Know what I mean dawg?

Date: 11/14/10 | Views: 88631 | Category: Anal

Their bad-boy charm just wasn't enough to persuade either chick into showing some nip. That's okay. From the ashes of their failure rises a new opportunity for greatness. I wont spoil it.

Date: 11/14/10 | Views: 155344 | Category: Fail

I've seen some pretty random shit in my time as a connoisseur of pornography. I'll be damned if footage of a skinny blonde being forced to lick the cornhole of a stuffed animal doesnt rank near the top.

Date: 11/12/10 | Views: 67526 | Category: LMAO

Dirty bitch with a bangin body slips her hand down the back of her pants to relieve an itchy browneye. Okay mission accomplished. But then what does she do? Smells her fucking fingers. Wifey material for sure.

Date: 11/07/10 | Views: 127809 | Category: LMAO

Topless hooker gets pissed after some broke ass coonaroonie keeps bugging her for a freebie. After slapping him around a bit, she goes on some tirade about how she wouldn't even let him have a whiff. At some point he probably shouldve said thank you.

Date: 11/07/10 | Views: 58636 | Category: Hookers

One touch to the vagina and this bitch flops around like ritalin-deprived retard. Give her fellatio and she'll make sounds only heard in Jumanji. Perform anal and... well, that's when people start to die.

Date: 10/28/10 | Views: 227624 | Category: Asians

Talk about death from above. This soulless bitch unleashes the remnants of a 2 pound chili dog on a crowd of unsuspecting tourists. How's that for a fucking souvenir? LOL.

Date: 10/28/10 | Views: 113944 | Category: Poo Poo

Gilligan gets smacked around like a little bitch after making an all too common mistake: trying to reason with a black person. Sorry bud, it never fuckin works.

Date: 10/25/10 | Views: 84543 | Category: Fights

Recently divorced milf feels like doing something wild. How about showing off your withered twat to a crowd full of horny old men? Yeah, that always works. Just be sure to get permission from Officer Jackoff first. haha.

Date: 10/21/10 | Views: 78613 | Category: Public

Supposedly this cow lost much of it's face after a run-in with a train. Personally, I think this is the result of a botched plan involving Richard Gere and forced beastiality. That sick fuck.

Date: 10/21/10 | Views: 96746 | Category: Animals

Holy stump of a penis. Someone go overboard with the peanut butter or what?

Date: 10/18/10 | Views: 175781 | Category: Picture

Damn. A whole bottle of Boone's Farm is crammed up her twat and she's practically yawning. I think she was Nadya Suleman in a former life.

Date: 10/18/10 | Views: 103681 | Category: Objects

White chick hocks a loogie to lube up a cock but misses her target, nails her negroid lady friend in the face instead. Accident? or gods will?

Date: 10/12/10 | Views: 98369 | Category: Bloopers

So that $50 special for double D's was too good to be true after all? Hmmm. Perhaps next time you feel like blowing your entire life savings.. maybe spend it more wisely? like how about some new sticks for your wall?

Date: 10/12/10 | Views: 101360 | Category: Picture

I know, it's been a whole millenium since the last you got laid but try to take it easy bro. All that rambunctious behavior might trigger a heart attack. Hmmm. On second tough... please continue.

Date: 10/10/10 | Views: 135216 | Category: LMAO

Japanese bitch with some big ol' knockers. Nobody knows it but she's an actress and these Jackie Chan motherfuckers with wandering eyes are on a gameshow. Priceless reactions.

Date: 10/08/10 | Views: 68327 | Category: Asians