Officer Urkel gives a street hooker a pass in exchange for a whiff of her festering stank hole. So close you can almost smell the AIDS.

Date: 04/16/10 | Views: 195619 | Category: Cops

Glass tables really aren't the best venue for drunken shenanigans. This was clearly illustrated in my previous post "Gravity Vs. Drunk Fat Bitch".

Date: 04/15/10 | Views: 138057 | Category: Ouch

That's some pretty dull sex for an Asian couple. Where the fuck are the eels and high powered vibrators of death? Sell outs.

Date: 04/13/10 | Views: 193984 | Category: Busted!

Those titties are almost nice enough to redeem her busted face. Almost.

Date: 04/12/10 | Views: 143302 | Category: Busted!

Hitler gets his fuck on with a Czechoslovakian whore. The soundtrack kinda kills it but you get the idea. Fucking epic comb over.

Date: 04/08/10 | Views: 140818 | Category: Freaks

They want you to believe that she can ejaculate like a garden hose without even touching herself. But really... that's just piss. And now her bathroom is gonna smell like a porta potty in skid row. You lose.

Date: 04/07/10 | Views: 163361 | Category: Squirting

A housefly erroneously travels into the gaping ass cave of a 2 bit whore. I've actually seen this happen on more than one occasion. The novelty never fades.

Date: 04/05/10 | Views: 125737 | Category: Bloopers

You know that gesture where you flick your tongue out at a chick and simulate cunnilingus? That happens to this girl, who responds with a middle finger. BIG FUCKING MISTAKE.

Date: 04/02/10 | Views: 174273 | Category: Fights

That's what you get for being a bird that cant fly. Faggot!

Date: 03/31/10 | Views: 123411 | Category: Animals

This is fucking great. The dude has tourette syndrome and has a result the love of his life routinely gets socked in the face. BAM! OH FUCK! SORRY BABY! I LOVE YOU! BAM AGAIN!

Date: 03/26/10 | Views: 152449 | Category: LMAO

This bitch gags as if she just downed a bottle of cyanide. If that's not incentive to include asparagus in your diet, I don't know what is.

Date: 03/24/10 | Views: 129823 | Category: Asians

I wonder if she's as good at giving handjobs as she is at throwing rocks and splitting open people's heads. It's a definite maybe.

Date: 03/16/10 | Views: 146350 | Category: Ouch

Check the 2.13 mark. Mom interrupts her sons homemade porno shoot just to to deliver a pack of smokes. Fuckin model citizen.

Date: 03/10/10 | Views: 246164 | Category: Busted!

He struts the streets with his cock out and purposely tries to collide with any females passing by. My hero.

Date: 03/09/10 | Views: 152407 | Category: GIF

So did that parrot from Kellog's Froot Loops take shit in her shampoo or what? The bitch looks like a Puerto Rican tranny on national Gay Day.

Date: 03/08/10 | Views: 130454 | Category: Bloopers

Bitch took one too many oxycotton pills and decided to live out a scene from her favorite motion picture - Babe: Pig in the City.

Date: 03/08/10 | Views: 106764 | Category: Fatties

It seems this cougar has forgotten how to suck a dick. No worries though. Her friend is more than happy to refresh her memory :P

Date: 03/08/10 | Views: 234984 | Category: LMAO

Sarah Connor reminds two skanks that black nail polish and vinyl trench coats are no longer fashionable in almighty Russia. EPIC DEFEAT.

Date: 03/08/10 | Views: 124737 | Category: Fights

HAHA fucking pwned. I love how she gets all camera shy after realizing that she's just ingested her own turd residue. Yep, your life is over bitch. Crumble in shame.

Date: 02/27/10 | Views: 151588 | Category: Bloopers

I wouldn't let that shit slide. Next thing you know she'll be blowing ass as you try to rim her. Not kewl bro.

Date: 02/25/10 | Views: 121215 | Category: Bloopers