They call her Cytherea. I prefer the moniker 1 Trick Pony. Her only claim to fame is her ability to urinate while impersonating Michael J. Fox, aka a 'squirting orgasm'. Shit's faker than Carlos Mencia's green card.

Date: 01/08/12 | Views: 156878 | Category: Squirting

My Hispanic acquaintance at Baja Fresh has long told me blacks and Latinos simply dont get along. Upon my 16th time stroking my egg roll to this video, I finally began to understand why.

Date: 01/08/12 | Views: 392784 | Category: Anal

I wont even attempt to describe this. It's as baffling as Macaulay Culkin's decision to pass on a sequel to The Pagemaster. Actually no, that's an entirely different realm of bafflement, but you get the idea.

Date: 01/02/12 | Views: 305607 | Category: LMAO

Preston Parker from Bangbros gets a little careless with his meat wand and lets out a stray cumshot, accidentally drenching both the cameraman and his video equipment in a typhoon of man-goo.

Date: 12/19/11 | Views: 263608 | Category: Bloopers

How to make your silly art shit 100x better: do headshots on the left and close-ups of the asshole on the right. That's what people really want. To match a face to a turd cutter. Not American Apparel ads.

Date: 12/15/11 | Views: 284096 | Category: Picture

2 appletinis turn this skag into the Free Willy of all whores. 1st she hops in the SUV of a total stranger, then she accosts a man for declining her wonderpuss. I think Vagisil just found itself a new spokesmodel.

Date: 12/15/11 | Views: 203229 | Category: Drunk

Miguel gets a little too caught up in the moment and tries to go triple platinum with a swift ATM maneuver. The surprise poo poo a la carte is not much appreciated by his cute lady friend. Mission success.

Date: 12/11/11 | Views: 278757 | Category: Bloopers

Lupe tries to single-handedly start up her own "occupy" movement down in Tijuana... by shitting out a week's worth of chimichangas right on the floor and hurling at all of those that oppose her revolution. God bless.

Date: 12/11/11 | Views: 124108 | Category: Poo Poo

Fuck whatever guy said morning exercise is for fags. This dude's 10am bike ride just netted him enough tier 1 mental imagery to fuel his fap all through Hanukkah. Way to score dad!

Date: 12/08/11 | Views: 216452 | Category: Busted!

Check out the snapper on this one! I'll probably end up having a wet dream or 5 about eating her out. Emphasis on eating. She's got enough McRib down there to feed Kevin Smith.

Date: 12/03/11 | Views: 230544 | Category: Picture

Holy fuckin Yogi Bear, this lady is a god damned perma-gaper. In the medical world, this is actually known on the books as 'i-let-a-black-man-fuck-my-asshole'. Good luck curing that shit.

Date: 11/30/11 | Views: 322545 | Category: Picture

This dude is the Gandalf of making women cum and today his knowledge is all open source. Just practice some of his teachings and I promise... your 'girlfriend' will never scream rape again.

Date: 11/30/11 | Views: 277186 | Category: Squirting

LOL @ him attempting to lift her up and fuck while standing. Nice try rambo! Skip straight to the end for the first ever 'male tapout'. His final words: "my legs give out". What a turd!

Date: 11/29/11 | Views: 235402 | Category: Premature

This is what happens when you permit women to shop at 3:30 in the morning. Tits are slapped, asses exposed - all because 2 bitches couldn't find peace amongst the 75%-off Lego Harry Potter bin.

Date: 11/29/11 | Views: 278262 | Category: Fights

I could've titled this '18 Year Old Anorexic Mormon Discovers Her Clitoris For 1st Time!!11" and you wouldn't have suspected shit. That's how stunner this transgendered tart is.

Date: 11/26/11 | Views: 203657 | Category: Amateur

The snail trail fermenting in your cotton underwears I can tolerate. Shit, some folks might even find that erotic. But what's not erotic is the menstrual stains encrusted into your... well, you'll see.

Date: 11/25/11 | Views: 164474 | Category: Picture

This is Hot Kinky Jo once more. It's not exactly groundbreaking for the girl that's had pretty much everything up her ass save for a school bus, but the hole-to-hole acrobatics is worth a watch.

Date: 11/23/11 | Views: 191031 | Category: Objects

Horse cock? Anal penetration? The majority of you will have already clicked at this point, without even bothering to notice the ballsack dangling between the recipients thighs. You only have yourself to blame.

Date: 11/22/11 | Views: 309924 | Category: Anal

Deira Hanzawa - 20 y/o, resident of Hawaii, big on white cock, bigger on Arizona Iced Tea. That's 2 years worth of investigative journalism right there. If you know something I dont, hit me up.

Date: 11/20/11 | Views: 218592 | Category: Asians

Actually I lied. She's neither hot nor attempting to improve hygiene. She's Esmeralda, stealer of the Toshiba flatscreen and witchcraft aficionado. Moral of the story: never fuck with a Mexican's Telemundo.

Date: 11/14/11 | Views: 277758 | Category: Gallery