30 seconds of clitoral stimulation and this housewife's twat turns into a fuckin trash compactor. I'm talking vadge contractions. Big ones. So big even her sphincter joins in on da squeeze.

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This chunker stirs up quite the fuss while taking it up the ass, at one point comparing anal copulation to childbirth. Meh. She gives her BF's cock too much credit. She likely shits bigger than that chode.

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This will kill any cougar fantasies you might've once had. It'll also peak your curiosity as to how a woman could end up with shit stains at the top of her underwear.

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Apparently the whole beheading thing got kinda played out. Now when the Taliban wants to put someone 6 feet under, they bust out anti-tank weaponry... turning their victims into human meatloaf.

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If proportions at all play a role in the size of a man's cock, I'd guesstimate this little honcho is packing something in between a Jolly Rancher and a dinner mint. And yet he still lays pipe like a stud. RESPECT.

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Nice ass. Nice tits. Face looks a little like the d-bag from AFI, but it aint nothing a 6 pack of Pabst couldnt fix. Now if only the same could be said for the chorizo dangling between her legs. Scroll down, you'll see.

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You ever wonder how the fuck some of these women take 14 inch cocks up their ass without even so much as wincing? Spoiler: they all pop pills, usually followed by alcohol. Oxycontin + MD 20/20 = this dumb bitch.

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Open letter to Shaq: I will donate the $16.50 I made off the sale of my Captain Planet inflatable doll to a charity of your choosing in exchange for a single image of her taking your elephant cock, anally.

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Singaporean girl somehow obliterates the arm of her less attractive opponent in an arm wrestling contest. You know what this means? Yet another husband will go to bed tonight, sexually unfulfilled. Shit aint right.

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A turd cutter with pussy lips. Carl Sagan called it metaphysically impossible. David Attenborough wrote it off as an urban legend. Well fags, today I stand before you with proof. The labia majora de poopchute is REAL.

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Dude's got some balls going to a nude beach with that tootsie roll cock. And speaking of balls... where the fuck is his nutsack? The only thing suggesting that he's even a man at this point is the homoerotic chest hair.

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If Hector had half a brain, he would've saved his breath and just thrown a bag of pork rinds into the middle of the street. Mexican Tactical Diversions 101. The only e-book ever worth reading.

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I like how the girl at the end does some fancy hand movements on his cock, keeping things professional and massage-like, rather than giving him a straight up handjob. In her mind, she's only 1/2 a whore. Cute.

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Alabama. Hot chicks there seem to be a rarity, and when these fat fucks stumble upon one they simply dont know what to do with themselves. Then kick in their instincts: leave the bitch in a sea of exhaust.

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What's to be said? She's a whore with ample time to kill and he... well he unclogs toilets for a living. How could this not end with someone getting their dick sucked?

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This chumpo prefers cleaning ladies, specifically the ones that have to mop up shit stains in the bathrooms at Walmart. He's pretty good at adding to that mess by jizzing all over the toilet seats. Classy.

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Ru Paul, a suicide bomber and a displaced ginger... all gawking at the perfect pair of titties their mothers never gave em. Bitch is hot.

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You ever see that movie 'In Too Deep' with Omar Epps? Me neither, but if they ever made a pornographic spinoff with a black guy hung like a Brontosaurus... it'd probably look something like this.

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Some women need dildos to get off. Others need fists. And then there's Shirley Stankpuss, who takes no less than a traffic cone to reach her O. That's a kidney buster for sure.

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She looks like Sasha Gray, only stacked and not painted up like a dumb whore. In other words - the perfect woman. The real question is she any good at cooking lasagna.

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