Must feel great to get your dick sucked by Bernie Mac's twin brother. Eh. That was kinda mean. Bernie Mac isn't nearly as ugly as this bitch.

Date: 11/26/09 | Views: 110909 | Category: Hookers

Ah yes... Wrong Turn 3: The Collectors Edition. Seeing Quasimoto shoot that naked bitch in the titties was worth the $0.99 rental fee alone.

Date: 11/20/09 | Views: 127597 | Category: LMAO

I'm gonna go ahead and file this under 'incest'. Filming momma make a #2 is flat out fuckin wrong. Unless your mother happens to be that zesty little slut from Veronica Mars. By all means, record everything.

Date: 11/16/09 | Views: 116781 | Category: Incest

Similar blooper HERE.

Date: 11/12/09 | Views: 136325 | Category: Bloopers

and THAT my friends is the human body's natural defense against potential sexual predators. Who the fuck needs mace when you can just shit your pants.

Date: 11/09/09 | Views: 150499 | Category: Poo Poo

Oh hai guyz, pardon me while I defecate on your face. The womenz restroom was outta order. lolz.

Date: 11/07/09 | Views: 128166 | Category: Poo Poo

That dog is a faggot. lol.

Date: 11/02/09 | Views: 217778 | Category: Animals

Where I live, this is considered community service.

Date: 11/02/09 | Views: 184815 | Category: Public

The first 30 seconds are pretty hot. But then she stops resisting and thus my boner quickly deflated like Pam Anderson tits post Baywatch.

Date: 10/26/09 | Views: 142212 | Category: Amateur

She voluntarily renders herself unconscious with a $3.00 liter of Vodka. Thanks lady... you just saved us a whole packet of Rohypnol!

Date: 10/26/09 | Views: 148475 | Category: Drunk

I'm amazed by the lack of damage done to her hershey highway. Last time I took a shit that big my asshole looked like Amy Winehouse.

Date: 10/17/09 | Views: 109375 | Category: Objects

Hottest prom photo ever.

Date: 10/13/09 | Views: 181013 | Category: Picture

Dude behind the camera kinda sounded like Gerard Butler. I'll be forwarding this to the proper authorities. That's what you get for making a movie called P.S. I Love You.

Date: 10/08/09 | Views: 187111 | Category: Parents

Way to turn a horrible defect into a pleasurable sex toy. Now all you need is "The Fudge Packer" tattooed on your left ankle, or what's left of it. More amputee awesomeness HERE.

Date: 10/06/09 | Views: 123706 | Category: Gay

Imagine all the noses he could break with that thing. I'm jealous.

Date: 10/02/09 | Views: 179584 | Category: Picture

She declares that she's "technically" still a virgin. What does that even mean? Technically? The only way her hymen could be still intact at age 56 is if she's married to Herbert. Not quite big enough to pop the cherry.

Date: 10/01/09 | Views: 106453 | Category: Virgins

This is a companion piece to a similar video I posted on eFukt last week. Same girl, same feces, different position. I like the inclusion of Family Guy at the end... looks so strangely familiar....

Date: 09/23/09 | Views: 127137 | Category: Poo Poo

Fuck. That's enough man sauce to feed an entire Ethiopian village. Mufasa come quick! The Americans have brought us tapioca pudding!

Date: 09/13/09 | Views: 195810 | Category: Facials

Gnome Fucks Acne Boy: Volume 1. I'd netflix it.

Date: 09/02/09 | Views: 130209 | Category: Picture

His genitalia sure does fit perfectly into my stereotype of middle eastern men. Allah Akbar to you my friend.

Date: 09/02/09 | Views: 130617 | Category: Small Cocks