Selena plops a double serving of guacamole right on the dance floor and straight up doesn't give a fuck. EDIT: Upon closer review it looks like she was trying to dunk into the garbage can, but missed a layup instead LOL

Date: 06/02/15 | Views: 141600 | Category: Poo Poo

A spirited twerking showdown reaches it's climax when Natasha realizes she needs to reevaluate her fiber intake. PRO TIP: Next time place a food strainer over the hole. It's called "The Cropduster". I invented it.

Date: 11/13/14 | Views: 118697 | Category: Poo Poo

Anyone know her name? or if she's ever done any other porn videos? preferably ones without an introverted cameraman whose idea of 'sexy talk' is whispering "can you stink up a bathroom?". EDIT: found one!

Date: 07/14/14 | Views: 332285 | Category: Poo Poo

Lupe tries to single-handedly start up her own "occupy" movement down in Tijuana... by shitting out a week's worth of chimichangas right on the floor and hurling at all of those that oppose her revolution. God bless.

Date: 12/11/11 | Views: 124966 | Category: Poo Poo

This will kill any cougar fantasies you might've once had. It'll also peak your curiosity as to how a woman could end up with shit stains at the top of her underwear.

Date: 09/15/11 | Views: 162402 | Category: Poo Poo

Hilarity strikes when a cute Russian with chronic IBS gets into an elevator and feels the sudden urge to drop a deuce. Fuck waiting 18 seconds to walk to the bathroom. This princess cuts a turd right where she stands and leaves it for the Mexicans.

Date: 02/18/11 | Views: 120725 | Category: Poo Poo

Talk about death from above. This soulless bitch unleashes the remnants of a 2 pound chili dog on a crowd of unsuspecting tourists. How's that for a fucking souvenir? LOL.

Date: 10/28/10 | Views: 118176 | Category: Poo Poo

He has really awesome friends.

Date: 02/01/10 | Views: 125177 | Category: Poo Poo

Pretty gross but you gotta admit... that Jap bitch makes for a mighty fine poo receptacle.

Date: 12/07/09 | Views: 165539 | Category: Poo Poo

and THAT my friends is the human body's natural defense against potential sexual predators. Who the fuck needs mace when you can just shit your pants.

Date: 11/09/09 | Views: 157991 | Category: Poo Poo

Oh hai guyz, pardon me while I defecate on your face. The womenz restroom was outta order. lolz.

Date: 11/07/09 | Views: 133129 | Category: Poo Poo

This is a companion piece to a similar video I posted on eFukt last week. Same girl, same feces, different position. I like the inclusion of Family Guy at the end... looks so strangely familiar....

Date: 09/23/09 | Views: 131902 | Category: Poo Poo