I wont even attempt to describe this. It's as baffling as Macaulay Culkin's decision to pass on a sequel to The Pagemaster. Actually no, that's an entirely different realm of bafflement, but you get the idea.

Date: 01/02/12 | Views: 235310 | Category: lulz

Dumb bitch must've thought she was auditioning for Fast & Furious 12. It's pretty much the only way you'd ever get a reasonably attractive female in the front seat of a car as homo-looking as a Toyota Supra.

Date: 11/03/11 | Views: 114858 | Category: lulz

Who the fuck shit in her cereal? I HATE monotonic whores. I'd coat my dick in Paxil and fuck her up the cornholio till she smiled like Matt Damon on the cover of Good Will Hunting. Google it.

Date: 10/19/11 | Views: 79114 | Category: lulz

Apologies in advance for the misleading thumbnail. I trust all will be forgiven once you see this bitch literally gag on another mans cock while on the phone with her oblivious husband. It's quite audacious.

Date: 05/03/11 | Views: 184660 | Category: lulz

Nothing says 'good morning' like 10 fluid ounces of post-asparagus urinal bliss, straight to the dome. She's less than appreciative but thats okay. Blondes look hotter when they're angry.

Date: 03/23/11 | Views: 147097 | Category: lulz

King of Douche badgers his girlfriend into blowing him as he cruises down the highway in his mom's Chevy Celebrity, babbling out all kinds of stupid shit along the way. She aint having it.

Date: 12/19/10 | Views: 94509 | Category: lulz

My 5 years of porno wisdom tell me this video is probablly fake, just like that popular porn blooper of the cameraman getting accidentally splooged on. Pretty solid acting on Steve Urkel's part though.

Date: 12/16/10 | Views: 91363 | Category: lulz

I've seen some pretty random shit in my time as a connoisseur of pornography. I'll be damned if footage of a skinny blonde being forced to lick the cornhole of a stuffed animal doesnt rank near the top.

Date: 11/12/10 | Views: 59972 | Category: lulz

Dirty bitch with a bangin body slips her hand down the back of her pants to relieve an itchy browneye. Okay mission accomplished. But then what does she do? Smells her fucking fingers. Wifey material for sure.

Date: 11/07/10 | Views: 112884 | Category: lulz

I know, it's been a whole millenium since the last you got laid but try to take it easy bro. All that rambunctious behavior might trigger a heart attack. Hmmm. On second tough... please continue.

Date: 10/10/10 | Views: 116307 | Category: lulz

Big booty bitch spreads her sweet cheeks and takes a nice seat on her best friends face. Pretty sure she blew some ass while she was at it, judging by the look of repulsion on her friends face. LOL.

Date: 09/20/10 | Views: 138967 | Category: lulz

Listen up at the 21 second and 34 second mark. Dumb bitch gets grossed out by the toxins emitted from her own gash. I hear Costco has good deals on Vagisil if you buy in bulk. Get to it.

Date: 08/23/10 | Views: 112828 | Category: lulz

Pay close attention to the hippo in pink standing in the stairwell with her son. Kid goes completely apeshit once he lays eyes on a pair of white titties. haha.

Date: 08/09/10 | Views: 105106 | Category: lulz

This is what your girlfriend really does every Friday night when she disappears to supposedly get her nails done at the mall. Dirty sluts.

Date: 08/07/10 | Views: 170639 | Category: lulz

GUY: LMAO, I blasted you!
GIRL: It smells so bad, how can this be happening?
GUY Two words. Taco Bell.
GIRL: [excessive crying]

Date: 07/14/10 | Views: 79138 | Category: lulz

Bro sticks his cock where it aint wanted and gets a serious tug job. If that doesn't result in half an inch of penile growth, I don't know what will.

Date: 06/21/10 | Views: 206251 | Category: lulz

This zany little slut doesn't want any man sauce to get on her mom's Egyptian cotton sheets. HAHA. Too fucking bad.

Date: 04/08/10 | Views: 136704 | Category: lulz

This is fucking great. The dude has tourette syndrome and has a result the love of his life routinely gets socked in the face. BAM! OH FUCK! SORRY BABY! I LOVE YOU! BAM AGAIN!

Date: 03/26/10 | Views: 137538 | Category: lulz

It seems this cougar has forgotten how to suck a dick. No worries though. Her friend is more than happy to refresh her memory :P

Date: 03/08/10 | Views: 196971 | Category: lulz

She can blow bubbles with her twat. Yep. Just another one of the many perks of having been slam-fucked by 1500 different men.

Date: 12/25/09 | Views: 99503 | Category: lulz