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  • Teenage Psychopath

    Teenage Psychopath

    She seems like a sweet girl. The kind that would hold your crotch during an episode of Golden Girls, or swim in the hudson river without a hazmat suit on. Actually now that I think about it... this might be where the coronavirus started.

    Date: 01/29/20 Views: 172,443 Category: Amateur

  • My 75lb Fuck Buddy

    My 75lb Fuck Buddy

    The best part of keeping a travel-sized Thai-hole on your payroll? Budget banging no matter how "eco-friendly" your $17/night hotel room is for starters. Also AIDS.

    Date: 01/16/20 Views: 141,059 Category: Amateur

  • Unbelievable Combination

    Unbelievable Combination

    The face of a CNN journalist
    The body of an anime character
    Ask for consent before masturbating

    Date: 12/31/19 Views: 191,482 Category: Amateur



    Imagine being so desperate for 30 seconds of social media clout you focus more on the camera than you do on the bush whacking itself. #fuckingmillennialsbro

    Date: 12/02/19 Views: 208,028 Category: Amateur

  • Your Girlfriend is Our Toy

    Your Girlfriend is Our Toy

    It's all about cementing your position as the alpha male. Master that and nothing shall come between ur dipstick & a twat with more mileage than a '66 El Dorado.

    Date: 11/13/19 Views: 197,457 Category: Amateur

  • Friday Night FAIL

    Friday Night FAIL

    Nothing says "i should have swiped left" better than 3.7 inches of floppy spaghetti in ur hand no matter how many Game of Thrones episodes you binged on earlier.

    Date: 10/26/19 Views: 203,563 Category: Amateur

  • No Condoms, NO CARES

    No Condoms, NO CARES

    Easy on the eyes, but her attention whoring could put a checkmarked Twitter account to shame. 1 dick? Expected. 2? Maybe after a round of wine spritzers - but in front of 1,200 strangers? A new personal best for Karen "Becky" Karenstein.

    Date: 10/12/19 Views: 306,790 Category: Amateur

  • Completely Unacceptable

    Completely Unacceptable

    Date: 09/13/19 Views: 311,689 Category: Amateur

  • Your Roommates are ASSHOLES!

    Your Roommates are ASSHOLES!

    Date: 08/27/19 Views: 222,815 Category: Amateur

  • Good Girls are Hard to Find

    Good Girls are Hard to Find

    Nothing says "friend with benefits" like turning your ex-girlfriend's shiny walrus into a social media clout grab. Let's just say... there won't be a marriage proposal.

    Date: 08/26/19 Views: 214,425 Category: Amateur

  • Shiver Me TINDERS

    Shiver Me TINDERS

    Girls that only put out for basketball player height and Baywatch-era David Hasslehoff chest hair: They're about as exciting as a Bernie Sanders erotic fan-fiction. But when the catfishing actually pays off, things like this happen...

    Date: 08/19/19 Views: 221,207 Category: Amateur

  • uhh... dude, delete this

    uhh... dude, delete this

    Date: 08/09/19 Views: 321,205 Category: Amateur

  • Bad Timing is Bad

    Bad Timing is Bad

    Apparently semi-professional fornicators have acquired some sort of dignity? Back in my day that hotel room door would have been unlocked, opened and inviting all migrants to participate in the three-handled family grudunzle.

    Date: 07/31/19 Views: 228,659 Category: Amateur

  • Imagine the Possibilities

    Imagine the Possibilities

    A no-questions asked power punch to the cervix would put the kibosh on any sexual escapade outside of Filipino whore house, but not this chick. I imagine nothing short of a hot sauce enema would make her utter the words "i quit".

    Date: 07/25/19 Views: 188,440 Category: Amateur

  • PROOF: ANYthing is Possible

    PROOF: ANYthing is Possible

    Apparently in 2019 you can maintain the body type of a commercial meat freezer and still drown in A-tier hooch. Remember when women had standards? i memba

    Date: 07/11/19 Views: 230,889 Category: Amateur

  • You Fucked Up, BRO!

    You Fucked Up, BRO!

    Nice face. Superb tits. But what really got me was the idea that this is somebodies ex-girlfriend right now. Imagine the current pill addiction. :100emoji: :roflemoji:

    Date: 06/17/19 Views: 317,799 Category: Amateur



    Trashy blonde high off a feminist vegan rally channels some standard white-female empowerment fantasy through the power of pussy. #imwithher #lbgt

    Date: 05/21/19 Views: 187,192 Category: Amateur



    Show me a woman that puts this much effort into her homemade skin flicks, and I'll show you the kind of divorced mother of 3 I want Dr. Phil to dedicate an entire episode to. cash me outside the 7-11 begging for beef jerkey, how bout dat?

    Date: 03/15/19 Views: 244,591 Category: Amateur

  • 2019's Most Ridiculous Sex Tape

    2019's Most Ridiculous Sex Tape

    Don't be misled by the Victoria's Secret attire and willingness to film. She may resemble that waitress at Denny's you wanted to fuck in dad's El Camino... but trust me - there isn't enough blackmarket dick pills to hammer through this one.

    Date: 02/18/19 Views: 230,979 Category: Amateur

  • Exposed at Barry University

    Exposed at Barry University

    ass ASS ass ASS ass ASS ass ASS ass ASS ass ASS ass ASS ass ASS ass ASS ass

    Date: 01/30/19 Views: 252,804 Category: Amateur

  • Tell Your Boyfriend I Said "sup"

    Tell Your Boyfriend I Said "sup"

    You just can't go back after this. She'll forever be known as the super THOT of Bumblefuck Alabama. She's essentially a walking, twitching Reddit activist for open sexuality... yet stays in good spirit knowing this vid is going straight to IG.

    Date: 12/23/18 Views: 326,656 Category: Amateur

  • The One that Got Away

    The One that Got Away

    Don't be fooled by the i collect discounted cheeses & argue with people on Reddit starter kit. That's fear in her eyes, but trust that this lady is no quitter.

    Date: 11/18/18 Views: 225,006 Category: Amateur

  • Fucking a Sociopath

    Fucking a Sociopath

    Bangin is bangin: I don't discriminate. But I bet you $3 buckaroonies and half of this Barbacoa Butt Burrito she had no idea any of this could be pleasurable. You can literally see her transform from :( to :| with every uppercut to the uterus.

    Date: 11/01/18 Views: 288,366 Category: Amateur

  • First Time and Last Time

    First Time and Last Time

    Flattery is not exactly my strong point, but I gotta say: chick is bangin' yo. I'd gladly chew Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Ninja Turtles Edition out of Usain Bolts post-200 meter relay asshole just for a chance to hold her hand at KFC.

    Date: 10/12/18 Views: 295,201 Category: Amateur



    Today we learn three crucial things, so grab your colored pencils and pay attention: #1: Voyeurism is alive and well #2: Sexual misconduct is always negotiable. And #3: Lifetime bans from Macy's aren't a big deal. Lets get it.

    Date: 08/13/18 Views: 212,159 Category: Amateur

  • Friends Sodomize Tinder Date

    Friends Sodomize Tinder Date

    Hey, no one said you had to like it Becky. Just sit back, keep a firm grip on those kneecaps and think about all the McChickens you'll be able to buy as soon as you're done. That's what gets me to the end of my weekdays.

    Date: 07/31/18 Views: 230,567 Category: Amateur

  • L E A K E D

    L E A K E D


    Date: 07/22/18 Views: 343,691 Category: Amateur

  • How to Seduce a Woman

    How to Seduce a Woman


    Date: 05/12/18 Views: 208,926 Category: Amateur

  • REAL: Guy Rents Out Girlfriend

    REAL: Guy Rents Out Girlfriend

    He watches commands his S/O to chew, lick and gobble her way to next month's utility bill payment. Good call on filming too. Maybe for your next exploit you can use said video to negotiate your way to a free super-size?

    Date: 01/21/18 Views: 256,457 Category: Amateur

  • Perfect 100

    Perfect 100

    To my ever growing .08% female viewership: put on your monocle and break out notepad.exe. This right here is what a REAL woman looks like. Ultra-stacked, sub-120 lbs and master of the lazy handy. #marrymetoday

    Date: 01/01/18 Views: 264,302 Category: Amateur