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  • More Than She Asked For

    Not a whole lot of backstory when the original uploader runs with "two bitch" as the video title, so we'll have to improvise: Audrey was concerned about post-wipe skidmark aromas, so her friend took it upon herself to give the full inspection.

    Date: 02/16/24 Views: 159,844 Category: Amateur

  • Zuckerberg's College Years?

    The meats have officially been smoked.

    Date: 01/02/24 Views: 188,164 Category: Amateur

  • Bro Just Delete This

    Comments under this fucking disaster of a sex tape are worth a couple moments of your time imo. Here's a tiny sneak preview: "sometimes I end up finding a video like this and laugh until my boner has dissolved and just end up going to bed".

    Date: 12/26/23 Views: 344,410 Category: Amateur

  • "it was an accident"

    Date: 12/16/23 Views: 183,167 Category: Amateur

  • What Condom?

    The downside of dating girls w/ the libido of adderall addicted mongooses? She makes the rules. Both in sex & the all-asparagus diet you now have to abandon.

    Date: 12/07/23 Views: 137,836 Category: Amateur

  • #NGMI

    Can't really give you the exact time these videos were filmed, but the aroma of Blockbuster microwaveable popcorn butter should be a good indicator. #vintage

    Date: 11/06/23 Views: 163,562 Category: Amateur

  • No Warning Needed

    More neestetika2 videos [-HERE-]

    Date: 10/07/23 Views: 313,176 Category: Amateur

  • Yeah, Keep This One

    Could be [-Riley Star-] Could be the girl that short changed ur tator tots outside a dragstrip in the summer of '89. Annnd fuck you too Bobby-Lynn Danny Joe Frank.

    Date: 09/22/23 Views: 174,271 Category: Amateur

  • Must Be His First Escort lol

    Lackluster, but you can't say Jimbo isn't getting his money's worth. That sixty five second performance is second only to Debbie Smith's Jump Rebound Aerobics.

    Date: 08/16/23 Views: 199,405 Category: Amateur

  • Deleted in 3... 2...

    Date: 07/26/23 Views: 194,760 Category: Amateur

  • Fatherless Oklahoma Activities

    ☑ They literally look closely related
    ☑ Both wearing visible glucose monitors
    ☑ Room appears to have aroma of blue cheese
    ☑ John Wick 4 just lost it's chance at movie of the year

    Date: 07/12/23 Views: 215,461 Category: Amateur

  • The Bravest Man in New Jersey

    Date: 04/23/23 Views: 200,785 Category: Amateur

  • She Seems Fun

    Apparently this is habitual behavior for Artemis Carmona.

    Date: 04/12/23 Views: 171,500 Category: Amateur

  • "our first hooker"

    Always the same shit with these frat bros: Target a soft 6, then try to time it just right to bust a nut while asking for directions to Wetzel Pretzel. Most victims want anonymity, but not this time. That's pre-porn Stella Cox & all I'm askin is: how tf?

    Date: 04/09/23 Views: 168,093 Category: Amateur

  • Daughters of America III

    This is why u always round up your CVS bill to the next dollar. In the words of the world's greatest philosopher: “Whatever it takes to save the earth, 'cause granola girls, gets 'em all moist. Homeless girls too. They'll do anything for shelter." - CB

    Date: 03/30/23 Views: 199,943 Category: Amateur

  • The One and DONE


    Date: 03/01/23 Views: 266,649 Category: Amateur

  • First Timers?

    The left side of the thumbnail may be something you never experience for the rest of you life. The right side can't be avoided if you've ever taken a $20.00 bill to Shake Shack. This is a masterful piece of art I like to call: The Duality of Man.

    Date: 02/24/23 Views: 185,654 Category: Amateur

  • The Sleepover Video

    Seems pretty predictable to me. One has the hairstyle of a GTA prostitue, and the other is living her monthly YOLO moment. Anxiety (and chlamydia) should be expected after the cinnamon twist fuck chicken brothers finish bustin their nuts.

    Date: 01/13/23 Views: 350,440 Category: Amateur

  • Unexplainable Moment

    And by "unexplainable" I mean still getting nonsense words like stepsister in our carrot smack catalogue. It's almost 2023, we need a more interesting dynamic. May I suggest United States postman, or the mop bucket at the 7-11 for example.

    Date: 12/23/22 Views: 178,786 Category: Amateur

  • A Night to Remember

    If any of you ever want to launch one of those "Top 10 Ways to Spend $47 Dollars in South America" kind of blogs, make sure this hooker is on the list. Somewhere in between soccer themed flip flops, and a ceramic bust of Gloria Estefan's anus.

    Date: 12/14/22 Views: 210,600 Category: Amateur

  • "lol did u cum?"

    So, what are we witnessing here? Her first attempt at delivering a beat down in meat town? Nervousness? I don't know, but think of all the value meals this skill could unlock if practiced enough. That's what Cobra Kai ultimately taught me.

    Date: 10/15/22 Views: 278,182 Category: Amateur

  • Neighbor's Wife DGAF

    Looks like a repeat offender.

    Date: 10/06/22 Views: 246,010 Category: Amateur

  • Wrecking White Girls

    That Becky-lynn Dakota Monroe in the first video sure has an interesting way of servicing her community. While everyone reserves their public reamings for the Best Buy customer service line; she decided to start her charity work at home.

    Date: 09/09/22 Views: 238,290 Category: Amateur

  • Today is a Good Day

    bussin bussin bussin bussin bussin bussin bussin bussin bussin bussin
    bussin bussin bussin bussin bussin bussin bussin bussin bussin bussin
    bussin bussin bussin bussin bussin bussin bussin bussin bussin bussin

    Date: 09/05/22 Views: 240,120 Category: Amateur

  • Your Sister is SHAMELESS!

    At this point, trailer park sex tapes really deserves their own sub-genre. Decades of inbreeding and limiting toothbrush ownership to 1 per household has carved itself into a niche that I can only describe as inflation-friendly Walmart porn.

    Date: 06/18/22 Views: 317,695 Category: Amateur

  • Hidden Air BNB Cam Films Something Amazing

    Almost feels like the b-roll footage out of a semi modern day slasher flick. He's gonna feel about as awkward as the brown dude every time Captain Planet came on screen begging for help once he realizes his cock is all over 3% of the Internet.

    Date: 05/04/22 Views: 285,685 Category: Amateur

  • Too Tight. YOU'LL NEVER FIT!

    If this is peak of modern day problem solving, I'm just a tad bit worried about the future. As well as the egregious depreciation of dollar menu value. #uvotedforthis

    Date: 05/02/22 Views: 337,793 Category: Amateur

  • Proof She's Cheating on You

    Just when you think it's safe to love again. edit: That isn't the fucking video I originally linked to. Listen champs, I don't need your help to be made a fool of. My lifetime ban from every Denny's handicap stall in the country does that for me.

    Date: 04/25/22 Views: 212,260 Category: Amateur

  • The Pain Means it's Working

    One sudden move makes those lips swing around like a Basset Hound's ears during a tropical storm, and you want us to believe David's mini Twinkie is a threat to you? Keep the bullshit on TikTok, Becky - we're not buying it today.

    Date: 01/09/22 Views: 172,311 Category: Amateur

  • The Crowd Pleaser

    Camgirl Porn: Sometimes these chicks are as exciting as an audio book of Newt Gingrich customizing a bowl at Chipotle. But throw in a pair of glasses and a girl that pays the vagisil bill with e-tokens, and it becomes a legend in the making.

    Date: 12/23/21 Views: 214,119 Category: Amateur