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  • Butthole Brutality (what the fuck)

    Butthole Brutality (what the fuck)

    There's something captivating about a man that approaches cornholing the way a mechanic does a rusted lug nut. It just screams "i did hard time in San Quentin". Definitely a scumbag. Definitely worthy of his own category at ExpertVillage.

    Date: 02/08/20 Views: 139,622 Category: Anal

  • The Last Girl I'd Expect

    The Last Girl I'd Expect

    This ones starts off as a painal video. But much like me during a theatrical release that stars Nicholas Cage, that only lasts about 18 seconds. From there on it's all pleasure. And by pleasure I mean screaming for olive oil-based lubricants.

    Date: 01/25/20 Views: 148,625 Category: Anal

  • Cuckold's Wife WANTS OUT!

    Cuckold's Wife WANTS OUT!

    After bulldozing through Detroit's prosti population, our man broke unfamiliar ground: A woman in it for the BBC, not crackrock. And a sensitive one at that. That butthole took more abuse than a Volkswagen beetle during a soccer riot.

    Date: 12/27/19 Views: 225,275 Category: Anal

  • Holding Back Tears

    Holding Back Tears

    With a name like iBarbie you'd think she'd have more beta boyfriend. But as you can clearly see by her expressions from 1:31 - 6:30, her emotions are no more negotiable than the super size option at McDonald's. Same salt levels apply too.

    Date: 12/10/19 Views: 141,852 Category: Anal

  • She Lasted 67 Seconds

    She Lasted 67 Seconds

    Imagine putting a price on the elasticity of your butthole.
    Now imagine that price being less than a cup of Folger's Crystals.

    Date: 12/06/19 Views: 191,676 Category: Anal



    I've seen this configuration before: Attractive girl, Just turned 18, Swears her dirty trombone has only been played once. I'd look into filing a complaint with her local proctologist, but my tube sock is already in the hamper and it's time for a nap.

    Date: 11/27/19 Views: 183,725 Category: Anal

  • "i fuck immigrants in the ass"

    "i fuck immigrants in the ass"

    The opening narration is definitely bullshit trying to push a scam. The prequel to a Manchurian Gas Mask is real. You can go ahead and consider this a bipartisan fap.

    Date: 11/25/19 Views: 166,935 Category: Anal

  • Butt Fuck of the Month

    Butt Fuck of the Month

    FKA 'youngcouple'. But they recently changed their account name... TO THIS ?

    Date: 11/20/19 Views: 189,705 Category: Anal

  • "it will be quick"

    "it will be quick"

    For a moment there I was starting to lose faith in a white girl's uncontrollable gullibility. Then I was introduced to a butthole so trusting it almost makes me feel bad for the 9:39 running time. Emphasis on almost. Bigger emphasis on trusting.

    Date: 10/26/19 Views: 185,325 Category: Anal

  • Absolutely NOT Ready for Anal

    Absolutely NOT Ready for Anal

    This is called Taking a Turkish Bike Ride. It happens when those dudes with above-average girth fail lubrication preparation. So they pump harder... til a breaking point hits. Somewhere between the 3rd & 4th second degree burns.

    Date: 10/13/19 Views: 250,139 Category: Anal

  • "no that's too far"

    "no that's too far"

    Fucking a total stranger? Check
    Rawdogging her brownie bowl? Check
    Kissing the dipstick after a fluid check? NOPE

    Date: 10/08/19 Views: 230,076 Category: Anal

  • wrong hole... WRONG HOLE!!

    wrong hole... WRONG HOLE!!

    Brodude pays more attention to PajeetWarrior20x3 spamming his chatroom than he does to his girlfriend's orifices, resulting in a no-scope sneak attack of her crude oil tank. And judging by her response... there won't be a second mistake.

    Date: 09/24/19 Views: 185,832 Category: Anal

  • well, that escalated quickly...

    well, that escalated quickly...

    Simulated sexual assault of the rusty chimney from a believable actress? Kinda impressive TBH. Someones gotta tell Peter Dinklage to dust off that Emmy Award, we have a new winner for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama.

    Date: 09/20/19 Views: 216,095 Category: Anal

  • Saying Goodbye to a Legend

    Saying Goodbye to a Legend

    Shame she doesn't make raunchy butt ripper videos anymore. A damn crying shame. Never again will we see this level of excitement when it comes to colonizing the dark planet. EDIT: she's still alive/active. more [here] and [here]

    Date: 09/16/19 Views: 232,417 Category: Anal

  • Already Broken at 18-years-old

    Already Broken at 18-years-old

    Much like the Fast and Furious movie franchise, this went from mildly amusing to, "it's time to stop" pretty daggon quickly. The tipping point involves an ass-to-ass audible plan B teeth-biter after failing to fly his dick ship to the orbit of Heranus.

    Date: 09/14/19 Views: 206,893 Category: Anal

  • Wrong Girl, Wrong Hole

    Wrong Girl, Wrong Hole

    This is what happens when pressure to get attention social media goes too far. Friendships are exiled, Starfishes are puckered - all because some jackoff had to keep his hands busy between double fisting Natty Ice during a UFC payperview.

    Date: 08/18/19 Views: 299,882 Category: Anal

  • That didn't hide her identity...

    That didn't hide her identity...

    Symptom #39 that you've graduated from tastless MILF meat, to fully fledged bum ranger: You find yourself with 15 minutes between PTA meetings, and instead of preparing for it, you roll the dice and smash sum butt hash instead.

    Date: 06/16/19 Views: 231,621 Category: Anal

  • The "WRONG HOLE" Compilation

    The "WRONG HOLE" Compilation

    Some of these clips are pretty old. Others aren't. But all are certain to increase blood pressure to your bearded war hammer in a timely fashion. I guarantee it.

    Date: 06/01/19 Views: 259,770 Category: Anal

  • I Ejaculated 13 Times

    I Ejaculated 13 Times

    Full Name: Gabbie Carter
    Current Age: 18-years-old
    Restraining Orders Filed:

    Date: 05/06/19 Views: 320,122 Category: Anal

  • Best. Buttsex. Ever.

    Best. Buttsex. Ever.

    HIM: ready 4 tha pain?
    HER: que?

    Date: 03/18/19 Views: 248,668 Category: Anal

  • She Lasted 7 Seconds

    She Lasted 7 Seconds

    Not exactly building an impressive resume when 2 1/2 inches of Alabama's finest sends you running for the Neosporin. This might interfere with her 5-year plan.

    Date: 12/06/18 Views: 275,454 Category: Anal

  • Hooker INSTANTLY Regrets Anal

    Hooker INSTANTLY Regrets Anal

    aye, I'm thinking it might be best if you restrict all incoming traffic to the front of your body. Either that, or stop shopping for clientele at zoo entrances. Another few years of this and even a Jewish butcher won't be discounting that meat pile.

    Date: 11/29/18 Views: 258,526 Category: Anal

  • Rents Overdue

    Rents Overdue

    Turns out those 'female respondents only 'ads on Craigslist yield interesting results. Specifically in the "bobbing for Alabama crab apples" department.

    Date: 09/25/18 Views: 249,112 Category: Anal

  • Literally WIFE MATERIAL

    Literally WIFE MATERIAL

    Revenge of the Brown Sith

    Date: 09/05/18 Views: 262,708 Category: Anal

  • "I'm ready for ana...oh FUCKKKK!"

    "I'm ready for ana...oh FUCKKKK!"

    How to make ur $50 porn vid 100x better? Do a shot of her crinkled starfish before and after sinking the dirty submarine. That's what people really want to see. A sliding scale of damage that FEMA might have to be called in for.

    Date: 09/02/18 Views: 300,748 Category: Anal

  • Breaking Buttholes

    Breaking Buttholes

    Her 'i have a level 73 warlock in Everquest, and use an N64 rumble pack to masturbate with' look is on point. She's also in desperate need of a partner that knows how to dance the butthole boogaloo. Let's see how it goes...

    Date: 08/04/18 Views: 263,790 Category: Anal

  • How NOT to get your GF into Anal

    How NOT to get your GF into Anal

    Certainly not the first time this hypebeast has staged an attack on Anal Island, and clearly not the last. Feel free to experiment next time - maybe deposit a Twinkie beforehand? It's called The Moist Gremlin. I invented it.

    Date: 07/11/18 Views: 266,639 Category: Anal

  • Totally Worth $20 Dollars

    Totally Worth $20 Dollars

    They titled this as "friends", but I know affordable prostitution when I see it. Especially the taste like eggrolls & knows the diameter of their asshole type.

    Date: 06/05/18 Views: 333,152 Category: Anal

  • BF won't take "no" for an Answer

    BF won't take "no" for an Answer

    How do you say "Harvey Weinstein" in Russian?

    Date: 05/24/18 Views: 243,288 Category: Anal

  • CRIPPLED by Buttsex

    CRIPPLED by Buttsex

    Schizoid games a soft-6 with an afternoon of bumper cars and Red Lobster... only to slip a couple of Oxycontin in her Admiral's Feast. The end result? 100% unadulterated, unfiltered autism around the 9:30 mark.

    Date: 05/16/18 Views: 306,539 Category: Anal