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  • 10 Times? IN A ROW?!

    The [legend] lives on.

    Date: 05/03/24 Views: 162,962 Category: Slutty

  • That's Not Your Girlfriend Anymore

    Time to meet your new idol. She's probably activated more STDs than a Sudanese prostitute, yet somehow still manages to be the most popular girl at the function.

    Date: 04/09/24 Views: 145,634 Category: Slutty

  • Why Would You Film This? [FULL]

    4 guys that look like they spend the weekend trading anti-immigrant lesbian meatloaf recipes team up and create the Avenger's squad nobody asked for.

    Date: 03/21/24 Views: 173,814 Category: Slutty

  • Now She Needs A Doctor

    Short of being a petri dish for Moderna, idk what this behavior is good for. Never having the face-to-face embarrassment of power washing your partner? Caution to those considering signing up; Not all special teams plays are built the same.

    Date: 03/17/24 Views: 142,336 Category: Slutty

  • Hawaii Beach Double Team

    If her eyes rolled back any further we'd be spectating Marvel vs. Capcom.

    Date: 02/23/24 Views: 134,748 Category: Slutty

  • Giving Freebies To Strangers [wtf?]

    Still only the second strangest thing I've seen in a Del Taco parking lot after dark.

    Date: 01/31/24 Views: 161,924 Category: Slutty

  • 5 Guys, 1 OnlyFanz

    In what I assume is an attempt to squeeze another $5/month out of her monthly sub price, Tanya Luanne Britnnay-Lynn has effectively turned herself into a tool for community service. Now everyone get in their '93 Honda Accords & go home.

    Date: 01/01/24 Views: 190,644 Category: Slutty

  • This is Somebody's Daughter

    My credit score went down 300 pts after watching this.

    Date: 12/09/23 Views: 261,311 Category: Slutty

  • "I lost my girlfriend to a trap house"

    The (actual) original post was by a homie that claimed he was going to "try cuckolding" but things quickly turned into an all out free-for-all the moment her Lululemon's hit the floorboards. A moment of silence for Brad's ex-relationship.

    Date: 11/07/23 Views: 309,238 Category: Slutty

  • Teacher Actually Films Inside Classroom

    Actual teacher, or another deranged clout chaser trying to get "kAnTeNT" for their OnlyFans? It doesn't matter. What's more important is the janitor having to scrub last night's mayonnaise tadpoles out of the carpet. You fuckin monsters.

    Date: 11/01/23 Views: 196,719 Category: Slutty

  • No Shame, No Control

    If I remember correctly this girl was a 1 and done. Which is unfortunate, because she had the face/rectal tolerance of a star that could've lasted the entire 2.5 year lifespan the average girl in this scene pulls before spiraling into an eating disorder.

    Date: 09/20/23 Views: 183,692 Category: Slutty

  • Come Get Your Wife

    You would think one day in the future a video of your significant other being railroaded in the shallow end of a pool human sized petri dish would return to haunt you. And if u do, u'd be right. She'll never show her face in Walmart again.

    Date: 08/29/23 Views: 176,237 Category: Slutty

  • Once in A Lifetime? (maybe)

    One of those rare moments where I can overlook the Pepboys bolt-on milk sacs because the performance is legendary. More strawberryshan deprivation HERE

    Date: 07/24/23 Views: 294,657 Category: Slutty

  • Mom's Extraordinary Threesome

    Kinda wondering why this specimen chose not to continue her journey into the world of reckless colon cleanses. Those facial expressions at 5:35 are just iconic.

    Date: 07/17/23 Views: 225,222 Category: Slutty

  • I'm Never Using Tinder Again

    If "i need to find myself before settling down" was a person, this would be her.

    Date: 07/05/23 Views: 303,394 Category: Slutty

  • Take a Number

    First dude was def. trying to sneak one past the goalie. An apparent breaking point for a woman that considers spitroasting one of the 5 major food groups.

    Date: 05/20/23 Views: 213,585 Category: Slutty

  • Best Tinder Date Ever?

    Bareback swapping with the bros, and not a single incoherent "fr fr" or "no cap" mumbled out of her mouth during the entire vid. That's a win by 2023 standard.

    Date: 02/09/23 Views: 212,663 Category: Slutty

  • "i fuck my friend's dads"

    Desperate college girls and 40-year-olds with TikTok accounts; It's a combination second only to Diet Dr. Shasta and Trader Joe's patio chips. (trust me). In other words: It's a safe bet that everybody was harmed during the making of this video.

    Date: 01/06/23 Views: 176,421 Category: Slutty

  • This is Someones Daughter

    Props to the guy piping this one down. I haven't seen a 78lb girl this interesting since the time I was caught defecating in a Starbucks drive thru in protest to my blonde roast getting served hot. I specifically said ICED, Becky-lynn. More HERE.

    Date: 12/27/22 Views: 273,060 Category: Slutty

  • If this is fucking real... then WOW

    Normally this kind of attempt at public depravity would be immediately thrown into the compost pile for wasting our time. But I'm told this lunatic is legit, and has a history of freebasing randoms along her journey. Big rofl @ the 1:33 mark.

    Date: 12/13/22 Views: 188,376 Category: Slutty

  • "here's your tip"

    Protip for my ever-evolving female viewer base: If you ever find yourself in this situation, make sure you order the blooming onion first. Outback servers tend to frown upon this kind of behavior out of the gate. Don't ask me how I know.

    Date: 11/28/22 Views: 151,323 Category: Slutty

  • Pornstars vs. Strangers - REAL?

    Considering one the participants is none other than Riley "anything is a dildo if you try hard enough" Reid I can go either way on the authenticity of this. Mainly cuz it's not the worst way to get the gift of Herpes next to a bag of Hot Cheetos.

    Date: 11/23/22 Views: 194,790 Category: Slutty

  • Mission = Accomplished

    TikTok Porn: These zero effort chicks are about as exciting as an audio book of Alex Jones customizing a footlong at Subway. But throw in a few paywall'd parasocial relationships and suddenly they become a legends in the making.

    Date: 10/30/22 Views: 201,160 Category: Slutty

  • She Swears this 100% Real

    Unfortunately I can't confirm it's authenticity. But it wouldn't be the first time someone filmed their significant other giving the ole dunkachino to a minimum wage stranger, and if 2022 has taught me anything - it will not be the last.

    Date: 10/18/22 Views: 194,709 Category: Slutty


    Finally, a girl that understands the benefits of community service.

    Date: 10/14/22 Views: 220,781 Category: Slutty

  • Coworkers Run a Train, Leak Video

    Flattery was never my strong point... and it still isn't. Fuckin room looks like it smells worse than wet Newports, and she's chowing down like it's grandma's old fashion applesauce recipe. Your fellow Walmartians will be hearing about this.

    Date: 10/07/22 Views: 210,098 Category: Slutty

  • Literally Fucking Strangers

    Dakota James. This may or may not have been a real experience in New Jersey.

    Date: 09/20/22 Views: 256,270 Category: Slutty

  • You'll Never See anything Like this Again

    There's no shortage of people that consider teaching their penis the macarena a societal norm. Probably not for beginners. Chances are you'll misjudge one 360 no-scope & catch a local in the crossfire. Also known as "The Ben Roethlisberger"

    Date: 09/12/22 Views: 195,093 Category: Slutty

  • So Shameless, He Had to Film it

    I suspect White Claws and casual Friday were willing participants in this video.

    Date: 08/22/22 Views: 254,150 Category: Slutty

  • Well... now you're going to jail

    If that isn't the look of a girl that's admitted to losing her virginity to a mailbox, I don't know what is. Now get your ass back to changing room #3 and clean up. Not even China Buffet exposes their customers to substances this retched.

    Date: 08/07/22 Views: 203,210 Category: Slutty