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  • "you can't break my ass"

    Date: 04/19/24 Views: 14,970 Category: Anal

  • Complete Total Destruction


    Date: 04/18/24 Views: 41,260 Category: LMAO

  • 18 Year Old Slaughter

    Date: 04/18/24 Views: 35,962 Category: Rekt

  • "we warned you"

    → we're srsly gonna fuck you up
    → i don't think that's possible
    gets choked unconscious
    → shockedpikachu.gif

    Date: 04/17/24 Views: 62,485 Category: WTF

  • "the night of my life"

    Looks like a one and done because I've never seen another video of her before. Which is a damn crying shame. The consequential leak of her getting samoan bulldozered inside a Del Taco handicap stall would have been worth the wait.

    Date: 04/16/24 Views: 94,075 Category: Hot

  • white girls lol

    The downside to being hung like the exhaust pipe off a Chevrolet El Dorado? Literally nothing. All you have to do is let the beast out of it's cage and the women will magnetize to it like a herpes outbreak at a Playboi Carti concert.

    Date: 04/15/24 Views: 93,631 Category: Big Dicks

  • The Friendship May be Over

    LIFE LESSON #193: When entering a partnership, make sure there are contractual agreements to both disbursement of payments and amount of work from both parties. Otherwise you'll be splitting rent money with Becky & her dry mud flaps.

    Date: 04/14/24 Views: 117,249 Category: Teen (18+)

  • Disrespect Is Real

    Date: 04/13/24 Views: 98,274 Category: Public

  • Legal In Tajikistan

    This is a fucking trainwreck from start to finish. Between the day 1 windows movie maker editing catastrophe and the unwashed cornhole shucking from a guy that def. lost his virginity to an Amiibo, idk if I should laugh... or start laughing harder.

    Date: 04/12/24 Views: 88,084 Category: Fail

  • A Legend Is Made

    Unless this is your first day on the Internet, you already know that's Gianna Michaels. What you may not know is her [affinity] [for] [fucking] [dudes] up.

    Date: 04/12/24 Views: 103,498 Category: Porn

  • Blowing Minds In Oklahoma

    The facial expressions of generic_white_girl_background_cast_member_#2 are pretty remarkable. Almost as if she can't believe a dick with more limp in it than the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise could still achieve orgasmic penetration.

    Date: 04/11/24 Views: 105,847 Category: Beefy

  • dude... that's your WIFE!

    I'm all for community building, but maybe this whole "bring your wife to work day" thing needs to be restructured. At least mandate a flea bath, cause... fuck.

    Date: 04/10/24 Views: 153,519 Category: Cuck

  • "oh no"

    Understandable reaction.

    Date: 04/10/24 Views: 117,262 Category: Teen (18+)

  • That's Not Your Girlfriend Anymore

    Time to meet your new idol. She's probably activated more STDs than a Sudanese prostitute, yet somehow still manages to be the most popular girl at the function.

    Date: 04/09/24 Views: 115,053 Category: Slutty

  • No Fucks Given: Just Keep Going?

    gIrL bOsSiNg hits a fever pitch when Debra-Jean gets caught gargling all 4 inches of a stranger's custard chucker. Her reaction? Literally nothing. She continues on her journey like there's a volcano waiting for someone to throw a ring inside of it.

    Date: 04/08/24 Views: 88,742 Category: WAT

  • Daughters of Amerika

    Desperate for attention and not afraid of having their pork chop piss flaps online forever. If these aren't the quintessential for the independent woman of 2024, I don't know what is. Now save up those OnlyFans subs and overnight the Valtrex.

    Date: 04/07/24 Views: 103,569 Category: Amateur

  • Sugar Daddy Hookup Regret

    She seems nice. The type that'd cook you artisanal beefaroni on your 1st date, or volunteer a BJ when ur TikTok gets 0 likes. I want that. I rly do. But... not like this.

    Date: 04/06/24 Views: 129,050 Category: Fail

  • How NOT Try Your First Anal

    Not the first time this hypebeast has staged an attack on Cornhusk Island... and clearly it won't be his last. Feel free to experiment next time man, Maybe deposit a Twinkie before going dark? It's called "The Moist Gremlin". Russia invented it.

    Date: 04/05/24 Views: 128,276 Category: Anal

  • She'll Never Do That Again

    Don't let the half-assed attempt at blurring out Jackin' Jerry's face fool you; This is real. Such as illustrated by our power couple having more will to finish the story than Cody Rhodes. note: English translation possibly completed by David Lynch.

    Date: 04/04/24 Views: 155,254 Category: WAT

  • Suicide Mission


    Date: 04/04/24 Views: 114,971 Category: Big Dicks

  • You're Still A Virgin

    Dryer than a Monty Python fan club forum, and less depth than Madame Web.

    Date: 04/03/24 Views: 111,517 Category: Anal

  • Couldn't Hold It Back

    Her [twitch]

    Date: 04/02/24 Views: 133,106 Category: Amateur

  • wtf? delete the entire onlyfanz

    Where do fetishes like this even fucking come from? It must be years of non FDA approved preworkout finally catching up to the masses. I would applaud the creativity, but that would take precious time away from my other experiments.

    Date: 04/01/24 Views: 138,994 Category: Bizarre

  • When Your Sister Is Shameless

    At this point, trailer park sex tapes really deserves their own sub-genre. Decades of inbreeding and limiting toothbrush ownership to 1 per household has carved itself into a niche that I can only describe as inflation-friendly Walmart porn.

    Date: 03/31/24 Views: 169,069 Category: Incest

  • dude... no!

    Cute face. Nice body. It's the Harry and the Henderson's pit job where u lose me and/or my boner. To each their own, but I personally prefer my sexual fantasies to have as little to do with Discovery Channel's: Man vs. Tribe as possible.

    Date: 03/30/24 Views: 137,854 Category: Teen (18+)

  • They just... watched?

    Group of Moscow misfits turn sodomy sorcery into a side hustle.

    Date: 03/29/24 Views: 157,174 Category: Anal

  • Amazon Workers Caught

    Primed delivery.

    Date: 03/28/24 Views: 131,961 Category: Public

  • Soccer Mom Caught, Doesn't Care

    ah, the old "nudist woman gives me her pussy on a public beach!" trick. A classic move, but one that needs more practice if it's going to give Limpin Larry enough motivation to erect the other half of his penis for her. #cialis bud. Look into it.

    Date: 03/27/24 Views: 161,671 Category: Busted

  • Absolutely VIOLATED

    1997 is still recovering from this.

    Date: 03/26/24 Views: 175,586 Category: Shocking

  • Your Sister? Your Problem

    Don't let the plot line fool you. This goofball's bloodline persona is about as real as KFC's employee hand-washing policy. Such as illustrated after her 'brothers' attempt at fucking the hippie out of her. Possibly produced by the Coen family.

    Date: 03/25/24 Views: 181,367 Category: WAT