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  • "DON'T STICK IT IN MY ASS!" (guess where he sticks it)

    "DON'T STICK IT IN MY ASS!" (guess where he sticks it)

    From this camera angle it looks like our dude is having sex with an eggplant. But after hearing this chunker bitch up more of a storm than an African American lady getting short changed at Golden Corral, I have been convinced otherwise.

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  • "Is this your G-spot?"

    "Is this your G-spot?"

    Experimenting with new techniques is one thing. Having to stock up on Gold Bond Ultimate to cure 2nd degree thigh burn is another. #youredoingitwrong

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  • Dad Needs a New Hobby

    Dad Needs a New Hobby

    Could this be a genuine proposition? Maybe. But what you should really be asking is: If Amy Schumer was to crowbar open her whisker biscuit, would the walls be comparable to the consistency of pulling apart a peanut butter sandwich?

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  • Before she was Famous

    Before she was Famous

    Notiously known for general lewdness and defiling every piece of porcelain Wendy's makes available to the it's customers, #delightfulhug is a chameleon of many colors. But today's adventure reminds us when it was safe to flush in public.

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    no more clout drought

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  • They Actually Found Her

    They Actually Found Her

    Quite possibly the most reposted public nudity photo on the Internet finally has a source video. And yet, I'm still softer than ice cream on a Floridian summer day.

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  • Hello, Ladies

    Hello, Ladies

    Never before have I seen a man do something so disrespectful with such finesse. Where there's shame, he shows confidence. Where there's shock, he brings warmth. And where there's romance, well... he really doesn't give a flying fuck.

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  • Your Dick isn't Big Enough lol

    Your Dick isn't Big Enough lol

    If only he put in as much effort into technique, as he does masking his insecurity with low-testosterone rage, we might have a video worth filling a tube sock with.

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  • When Cheating Goes Wrong

    When Cheating Goes Wrong

    fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

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  • There's No Coming Back from This

    There's No Coming Back from This

    Symptom #293 you need to end the all-turnip and MDMA diet: You develop the sex drive of a cinder block followed by a speech impediment that could end a marriage in Alabama. But rather than seek Dr. Phil's help, you do this instead.

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  • Las Vegas Escort Instant Regret

    Las Vegas Escort Instant Regret

    Have you ever seen a professional cocksmith go from smiling to disgusted this quickly before? She's pretty good at hiding it but lemme tell you... it's all fun and games until you're face-to-gut with a man that has the endurance of a sloth.

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  • "I Paid $3,000 to Fuck a Pornstar"

    "I Paid $3,000 to Fuck a Pornstar"

    "She used to advertise her services as "An Experience with Dani Daniels". After you made a deposit of $500 she would deem whether or not you are worth a "date" with her. If she liked you -- you were then required to pay a further $2000"

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  • PROOF: ANYthing is Possible

    PROOF: ANYthing is Possible

    Apparently in 2019 you can maintain the body type of a commercial meat freezer and still drown in A-tier hooch. Remember when women had standards? i memba

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  • Things Got a Little too Real

    Things Got a Little too Real

    and by "real" I mean the kind of on-demand tears that could snag an Emmy nomination right next to Captain Marvel. Or equally as interesting: "What I Flushed Down My Toilet Last Night" (that one was an independent documentary)

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  • "I'm 18, I SWEAR!"

    "I'm 18, I SWEAR!"

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  • Worst One-Night-Stand Ever

    Worst One-Night-Stand Ever

    or best? I guess that really depends on which part of Wisconsin you're from.

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  • She's Done this Before

    She's Done this Before

    ✔ you smart
    ✔ you loyal
    ✔ you gonna get a mouthful of Becky's ass after she sees the replay

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  • Real Sisters, Real Unsettling

    Real Sisters, Real Unsettling

    Another one of those videos where erections are left with more questions than answers. Why would they do this? How could they do this? And how many times has this public service been traded for pinto beans? I need closure mother fucker.

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  • Don't Do this to Drunk Girls

    Don't Do this to Drunk Girls

    A night of Malibu Rum and bands that consider wind chimes an instrument can only end 1 of 2 ways. And while tits hanging off your family tree seems like a clear winner, I implore you to consider going Randy Savage on a bitch as an alternative.

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  • Way Too Extreme for Snapchat

    Way Too Extreme for Snapchat

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  • Multitalented


    There's something captivating about a woman that approaches seduction the same way Brock Lesnar intimates his wife before F5'ing her cornholio. It screams "i cum battery acid if you sledgehammer my clitoris just right". *wedding bells*

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  • Rich Girls Make Big Mistake

    Rich Girls Make Big Mistake

    big warning: not even dragging your penis through an orgy of churro-flavored hispanic hoochie will make the mental images you're about to endure go away.

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  • Hey, we can see your sister's pussy

    Hey, we can see your sister's pussy

    "very beautifult"

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    Is it real? Is it staged? Nobody ever really knows in the land of modern social media. Not only that, but you can expect your curiosity of who the fuck is cheating on who to peak before the video is over. Today is a learning day.

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  • She was banned from Chaturbate for this

    She was banned from Chaturbate for this

    solid proof HERE edit: Seems it was temporary. But how this girl remains sexually aroused is beyond me. Multiple 8 hour days of being molested by a Menudo cover band seems like it would dry out the sandbox pretty fucking quick, ya feel me?

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  • Mistakes Were Made

    Mistakes Were Made

    Women nowadays are scared to coast through a Dunkin Donuts drivethru without glazing their faces in 20 minute Youtube makeup tutorials. And then there's these girls... who run out of fucks to give after three Shirley Temples.

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  • Cock-Blocked by MOM

    Cock-Blocked by MOM


    Date: 06/29/19 Views: 136,478 Category: Busted

  • The Art of Not Giving a Fuck

    The Art of Not Giving a Fuck

    Coors Light connoisseur zones out her surroundings just long enough to focus on better things. I.E. getting a faceful of Kentucky's finest directly into her minge. I'm waiting for the sequel. The one where Lester makes a b-line for that b-whole.

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  • Hookup of the YEAR 2019

    Hookup of the YEAR 2019

    Meet your new unreachable standard. Probably seen more transferable disease than a California protest crowd, yet she's still able to erect a nation of erections without trying. Don't be fooled by his lack of intensity - this is A+ tier flib flab.

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