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  • First Time?

    Date: 05/19/22 Views: 15,077 Category: Groups

  • 18-year-olds Before OnlyFans

    Date: 05/18/22 Views: 42,822 Category: Teen (18+)

  • The "SURPRISE!" Compilation

    I can forgive the potato-grade video quality. I understand the lack of names to prevent Instagram stalking. But cutting off the girls @3:39 before they ran to use honey dijon as lubricant? ZERO/5 stars you simple-minded, incredulous fuck bag.

    Date: 05/17/22 Views: 79,085 Category: Busted

  • The Worst Video I've Seen in 2022

    Date: 05/17/22 Views: 60,172 Category: Assholes

  • The Most Shameful Daughter in Oklahoma

    "ex fiancé sucking cock on the phone with mom" - Title alone leaves us with more questions than it does answers. Why would such an outgoing girl become an ex? How big are mom's tits? And most importantly; Are toothbrushes that expensive?

    Date: 05/16/22 Views: 83,543 Category: Assholes

  • Wrecking a White Supremacist

    Not exactly the bedroom decor you'd expect...

    Date: 05/15/22 Views: 107,508 Category: Beefy

  • Won't Fit, WON'T QUIT

    Only time I've seen self-harming determination this strong was in the /terraluna subreddit. And much like her ability to hold in a solid shit, I think it's time to pack it up and admit defeat boys. disclaimer: This is not financial advice [you retard].

    Date: 05/15/22 Views: 83,851 Category: Anal

  • sure you want this online?

    Inflation near 9% and you're burning through c-notes so you can Rube Goldberg machine your way into the Guinness Book of Degenerate Orgasms? Someone send this to Dave Ramsey, I want to see him shit his economically priced pants.

    Date: 05/14/22 Views: 75,624 Category: WTF

  • Legal in New Jersey [probably]

    Spend more than 18 consecutive seconds on one of their lawless highways, and you'll know what I mean. The tits being attached to a female might throw you off.

    Date: 05/14/22 Views: 81,505 Category: Teen (18+)

  • She... actually fell for it

    If you're able to crank one out after hearing this guy struggle his way through the Tommy Wiseau School of Acting, then more power to you. 2 sentences into this cringe fest and I had to fire up a pot of chamomile tea as an apology to my penis.

    Date: 05/13/22 Views: 101,221 Category: Public

  • Cuckold Goes too Far, Identity Hidden

    warning: the i'm close enough to smell the chic-fil-a polynesian sauce position is not approved for women over 35 or those with pre-existing vertebrae conditions.

    Date: 05/12/22 Views: 97,830 Category: Cuck

  • Did You Practice on a Horse?

    #1: what's her @?
    #2: what's her @?
    #3: what's her @?

    Date: 05/11/22 Views: 116,518 Category: Webcams

  • TikTok Girl's Instant Regret


    Date: 05/10/22 Views: 219,117 Category: Teen (18+)

  • Mom Comes Home Early LOL

    Oh... it's this degenerate again. It's been over 8 years of this gimmick and I'm still questioning the driving force here. Can all 3 people that actually get off on semi-retired geriatrics doused in Mop & Glow contact me with explanations? preciate it.

    Date: 05/09/22 Views: 69,500 Category: Webcams

  • Well... that friendship is over

    Dave Portnoy & girls plowing things down their throats. Name a more iconic duo.

    Date: 05/08/22 Views: 113,445 Category: Fail

  • uhh... MOM?!

    Probably spends more time configuring Starbucks drinks than guarding her icloud account. But I gotta say; nice tits. I haven't seen a pair that symmetrical since the time I got caught w/ a VHS rip of Fast Times at Ridgemont High & mom's last jar of Smuckers Sweet Orange Marmalade. Thanksgiving hasn't been the same since.

    Date: 05/07/22 Views: 161,744 Category: MILF

  • "i paid $2,000 to fuck a pornstar"

    tbh Emily Willis is worth at least $2001. Deal of the century.

    Date: 05/06/22 Views: 132,792 Category: Impressive

  • "i sold my girlfriend to a stranger"

    Dude looks like he got kicked out of a Fortnite clan for chewing too many hot dogs on voice chat, and she was out of his league about 10 Xanex's ago. This conclusion was going to happen no matter how hard FarTGuy72 tried to stop it.

    Date: 05/05/22 Views: 100,372 Category: Rekt

  • Hidden Air BNB Cam Films Something Amazing

    Almost feels like the b-roll footage out of a semi modern day slasher flick. Dude's gonna feel about as awkward as the brown dude every time Captain Planet came on screen begging for help once he realizes his cock is all over 3% of the Internet.

    Date: 05/04/22 Views: 167,493 Category: Amateur

  • OOPS! Wife Walks in on Cheater

    Too bad this had worse actors than every episode of "2 Broke Girls" combined. Otherwise I might have been able to ejaculate to something other than the back of my Cap'n Crunch Oops All Berries box today. The world is full of selfish people.

    Date: 05/04/22 Views: 82,696 Category: Busted

  • Your Brother is a Fuckin Sociopath

    dont be real
    dont be real
    dont be real

    Date: 05/03/22 Views: 163,135 Category: Assholes

  • Too Tight. YOU'LL NEVER FIT!

    If this is peak of modern day problem solving, I'm just a tad bit worried about the future. As well as the egregious depreciation of dollar menu value. #uvotedforthis

    Date: 05/02/22 Views: 192,201 Category: Amateur

  • They Really are Brother and Sister?

    I don't know what fucking science experiment we're witnessing here, but every time this specimen makes contact with her uterus his face morphs into Elon Musk's hairline in 1998: Disturbing, and unsalvageable w/o cosmic intervention.

    Date: 05/01/22 Views: 124,215 Category: WTF

  • "THAT" Bachelor Party Video

    1 part hypebeast, 14 parts herpes simplex two. Surely my user base doesn't need a PSA on the reasons not to raw dog a girl that considers Fruit Stripe gum a luxury item. But just in case I've given too much faith, do not try this one at home.

    Date: 04/30/22 Views: 227,258 Category: Drugs

  • This is How Bad Stories Start

    Looks like this episode was shot somewhere between 2006 and 2011. A time when surprising unwilling minimum wage workers with your unwashed taint was considered ground breaking entertainment. Now we call it twitch.tv. #evolution

    Date: 04/29/22 Views: 88,840 Category: Objects

  • Yes, this is Real

    Congratulations Romania, you out-cucked China with this one. [their cb account]

    Date: 04/29/22 Views: 117,752 Category: Busted


    If anything at all you need to click this for the masterpiece around the 2:00 mark. Akuma's pressure game looks unstoppable in Street Fighter VI. #pickatoptier

    Date: 04/28/22 Views: 120,378 Category: Rekt

  • deep...deeper... DEEPEST!

    Awesome tits. Outgoing personality. Decent depth perception. 9/10, would subject my sacred Taylor Swift edition cumsock to all 6 seconds of this again.

    Date: 04/27/22 Views: 185,723 Category: Contractions

  • "it worked"

    Training your girlfriend to spray the walls like like you just taught her Hydro Pump is a very crucial skill. Almost as important as not looking like your entire diet consists of the Paramore discography and kale burgers. Eat a carb. Be a man.

    Date: 04/26/22 Views: 168,592 Category: Anal

  • Proof She's Cheating on You

    Just when you think it's safe to love again. edit: That isn't the fucking video I originally linked to. Listen champs, I don't need your help to be made a fool of. My lifetime ban from every Denny's handicap stall in the country does that for me.

    Date: 04/25/22 Views: 143,037 Category: Amateur