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  • Daughters of America II

    Daughters of America II

    Desperate for attention and not afraid of having their pork chop piss flaps online forever.

    Date: 08/04/20 Views: 18,798 Category: Amateur




    Date: 08/03/20 Views: 38,903 Category: WTF

  • Good Girls Gone Bad

    Good Girls Gone Bad

    Downside of dating girls w/ sex drives of a Viagra-infused jackrabbit? Everything is a reason to get her uterus looking like it went seven rounds with mid-90's Tyson. That last girl might need to be stunned back to the mental hospital tho.

    Date: 08/02/20 Views: 49,192 Category: Public

  • Literally CAUGHT IN THE ACT

    Literally CAUGHT IN THE ACT

    Date: 08/01/20 Views: 90,285 Category: Busted

  • Beast Mode

    Beast Mode

    Imagine having the power of a tidal wave inside your nut sac.

    Date: 07/31/20 Views: 86,350 Category: Compilations

  • The $10,000 Hooker

    The $10,000 Hooker

    The pricetag was assumed here. And after you see Stewart's deflated bean bag getting more action than a football stadium during Covid, you'll agree that's a gross underestimation. I got 2 words lady: ONLYFANS. Less nightmares there.

    Date: 07/30/20 Views: 74,657 Category: WTF

  • Before and After

    Before and After

    Well DAMN, where the fuck has she been practicing that technique and is she still allowed within 100 yards of a petting zoo? These 2 things seem to be intertwined.

    Date: 07/29/20 Views: 125,765 Category: Impressive

  • Biggest Dick of Her Life

    Biggest Dick of Her Life

    Here's a 4-minute tutorial on how to secure your status as a real life blue Twitter checkmark. In other words: Pro afro dong, body-by hamburger helper and a level of complaining even Al Bundy himself would be jealous of. [original edit here]

    Date: 07/29/20 Views: 71,082 Category: Rekt

  • My Sister's Pussy

    My Sister's Pussy

    "very beautifult"

    Date: 07/28/20 Views: 96,572 Category: Public

  • The Cure

    The Cure

    crazyshit.com tackles a serious problem that has gone on for too damn long, in a masterful edit that will leave you questioning both the average tolerance of the female sphincter and who should have really been the final boss of DOOM 2016.

    Date: 07/27/20 Views: 98,566 Category: Anal

  • 80lb Girl Has a Deathwish

    80lb Girl Has a Deathwish

    Hannah Hays has an interesting combination. The top half screams "I still wear training bras and listen to Backstreet Boys on vinyl". And the bottom half just echos it because DAMN that pussy is fat enough to charge NYC parking rates.

    Date: 07/26/20 Views: 101,751 Category: Big Dicks

  • Twin Sisters Do the Unthinkable

    Twin Sisters Do the Unthinkable

    So... this is how far we've come eh? Swapping wiener with your own bloodline, while a waterfall of strangers cheer you on with pocket change. Well shit ladies, I got $5 and a slightly used zesty ranch sauce if you can take this to Wrestlemania.

    Date: 07/25/20 Views: 196,831 Category: WAT



    Non-lesbian Ellie from "The Last of Us" achieves the fabled braingasm in front of a live audience, essentially sending her convulsing into the fucking shadow realm.

    Date: 07/24/20 Views: 83,048 Category: Webcams

  • Meanwhile, in Florida...

    Meanwhile, in Florida...

    Acquiring poon in 2020 is straight-forward: Swipe right on Tinder a few times and let the self-loathing begin. Unless you're from the same state that pumps out these kinds of misfits. Then you have to be a raging sex offender get creative.

    Date: 07/23/20 Views: 125,220 Category: Freaks



    Rebecca's first time in Stinktown USA proves memorable. For the guy trying to double-dip, not her. Binging Dr. Phil episodes is going to erase this memory faster than me getting permabanned from Home Depot for stress testing toilet displays.

    Date: 07/22/20 Views: 102,993 Category: Anal

  • Bad Time to Interrupt?

    Bad Time to Interrupt?

    Two minutes into her choco taco, and some dipshit with a belly full of last nights burrito bowl comes a knockin. Never before have I seen this level of disrespect...

    Date: 07/21/20 Views: 80,789 Category: LMAO

  • Real Mother, Real Daughter

    Real Mother, Real Daughter

    This increasingly disturbing camgirl behavior keeps picking up more steam, but this time the female is a total right-swipe. Just ignore mommas resemblance to Antonio Banderas in The Mask of Zorro, and it will be BUENOS FAPPERINOS.

    Date: 07/20/20 Views: 118,579 Category: WTF

  • Cheating Wife Gives no Fucks

    Cheating Wife Gives no Fucks

    Wouldn't rly be surprised if this was an actual adultery video. I've heard exposing yourself to raw poultry is actually considered a delicacy in this part of the world.

    Date: 07/19/20 Views: 168,560 Category: Busted

  • 20% Consensual

    20% Consensual

    This chumpo prefers his women to be on the defensive, specifically ones that have the best set of knockers I've seen on this side of Walmart's customer service line. I promise tho, its the single greatest ICP-fan sex tape you'll fap to today.

    Date: 07/18/20 Views: 204,086 Category: Teen

  • Tribute to a Legend

    Tribute to a Legend

    Back in the early days of Chaturbate there were ~7 girls actively streaming. 2 were a mother daughter combo with severe chromosome disabilities, a few normies and... this girl. Those super milkers literally paved the way to a media powerhouse.

    Date: 07/17/20 Views: 86,282 Category: Hot

  • "yo she twitchin"

    "yo she twitchin"

    Urkel single-handled sets up his Occupy Snowbunny movement in grade A trailer park tushy and she's spazzing out like an epileptic at a rave - How can things get better? They can't. But the vulcan cock grip she pulls off at 2:31 is a great start...

    Date: 07/16/20 Views: 114,494 Category: Anal

  • Pornstar Pushes Guy too Far

    Pornstar Pushes Guy too Far

    Farted on, finger raped, told he looks like fuckin Robin Williams - he endures pain you can't even imagine. Fortunately he's a Sum 41 mosh pit survivor and holds a blackbelt in making Terminator-esque sound effects whilst flailing his arms like...

    Date: 07/15/20 Views: 100,215 Category: Rekt

  • How the Fuck is this Possible?

    How the Fuck is this Possible?


    Date: 07/14/20 Views: 121,842 Category: Impressive

  • Meanwhile, at Walmart...

    Meanwhile, at Walmart...

    Looks like 10 more years of Corona is back on the menu boys

    Date: 07/13/20 Views: 187,265 Category: Public

  • No-Warning Creampie LOL

    No-Warning Creampie LOL

    There's no false advertising when it comes to Kenzie Reeves. If nature had a way of organically producing portable pocket pussies for the average man to carry around with in public, this 78lb spinner body would be the fucking blueprint for it.

    Date: 07/12/20 Views: 148,268 Category: WAT



    Only the Gen-1 Inhumanity fan will recognize this one. correction: the permanent scar tissue damage inside their beanbag will remember it. Take me back to 2007.

    Date: 07/11/20 Views: 170,606 Category: Anal

  • A Night She'll Never Forget

    A Night She'll Never Forget

    ok Becky. Time to hike up those work pants and fuck off. Nemo deserved better.

    Date: 07/10/20 Views: 165,986 Category: Drunk

  • Cucked by King Kong

    Cucked by King Kong

    Just what in the fuck is going on here? Sneaky camera angles? Or are we actually witnessed the mating ritual of a Tyrannosaurus Rex? I don't know man, but one thing is for sure: Straight White Cervix Lives most definitely do not matter today.

    Date: 07/09/20 Views: 140,463 Category: Cuck

  • He Actually Talked Her into it

    He Actually Talked Her into it

    You know the setup: It's 2 hours into a zombie crawl through GAPS manager discount section on eyepatches that were repackaged in a Hong Kong sweatshop and suddenly you find a stack of dimes in your Fruit of the Looms. #shesakeeper

    Date: 07/07/20 Views: 138,997 Category: Public

  • Typical TikTok THOT

    Typical TikTok THOT

    Anyone else have a theory that there's a factory churning out these girls by the hundreds on a conveyor belt in Edison New Jersey? They're all starting to bleed into the same hair/tan/sexually transmitted disease combo... and I don't like it.

    Date: 07/05/20 Views: 162,158 Category: Hot