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  • "it's too tight"

    Date: 05/17/24 Views: 20,522 Category: Anal

  • Has To Be Her First Time


    Date: 05/16/24 Views: 58,008 Category: Teen (18+)

  • This Won't Last 24 Hours

    There's only one reason people storyboard, shoot, edit and upload this kind of shit to the Internet. And it lives somewhere in between "I need to pay my taxes" and "$1 dollar pizza slices make me shit blood". Just three of life's little guarantees.

    Date: 05/16/24 Views: 50,431 Category: WTF

  • 1 Night In Kansas City

    Date: 05/15/24 Views: 59,176 Category: Public


    Unannounced genital bleeding from a Thailand hooker on Margin Mondays... and what we just witnessed this girl do in public. Only 1 of these things is forgivable.

    Date: 05/14/24 Views: 67,507 Category: Assholes

  • Dad Is A Savage

    I ended up scrolling through this deviant's profile and things just kept getting worse as I witnessed his semi-android collection get railed more times than Tony Hawk's skateboard. Obviously it's my fault for having Internet at this point.

    Date: 05/13/24 Views: 70,637 Category: Cringe

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    Yet another societal derelict proving anything and everything you come across on social media is about as real as Tyson vs. Paul. Moment of silence for the tier-3's.

    Date: 05/13/24 Views: 64,801 Category: Busted


    Upon closer inspection; my advice would be to stop worrying about further damage to your internals, and start wondering why the lips of your blown out o-ring seem to be growing some sort of subdermal chewing device. #drphil

    Date: 05/12/24 Views: 87,971 Category: Anal


    Date: 05/11/24 Views: 164,380 Category: Gallery

  • White Girl, Wrong Neighborhood

    Not the caliber of female I expect to see getting spitroasted in dimly lit 140p. Still, I got $7.00 that says she uses dipshit phrases like "fr" and "no cap" and "i'll kill you if I find you hiding in the backseat of my Toyota Prius again, mother fucker"

    Date: 05/10/24 Views: 119,399 Category: Busted

  • Soccer Mom Overload

    Female looks like [imchloe3]
    Dude looks like he's part equine
    And that's how I met your mother

    Date: 05/09/24 Views: 100,423 Category: Beefy

  • Tighter Than Tight

    You know that thing grips harder than Gollum at Mount Doom.

    Date: 05/09/24 Views: 108,284 Category: Amateur

  • From Hero to Zero

    This girl was ahead of her time. Before monetized amateur content, Kick.com and OnlyFans: there was Rainey James. She took risks didn't give a fuck. Too bad she got punched in the face with the Kardashian right hook makeover for 2024 tho.

    Date: 05/08/24 Views: 90,180 Category: Hot


    The most confusing thing about this is them leaving up the older videos of him going kamikaze mode with his under-average sized shrimp roll... then coming out of left field with this Amazon.com special on King Kong dong prosthetic. Weak.

    Date: 05/07/24 Views: 129,904 Category: Big Dicks

  • 10 Times? IN A ROW?!

    The [legend] lives on.

    Date: 05/06/24 Views: 144,833 Category: Slutty

  • Incest = Wincest?

    Sorry Chuds, but I'll pass. I prefer my pseudo-sister slampig content to be as believable as possible. That means more screeching about who ate the last Pop-Tart & less TikTok-level acting that makes my crotch itch just being a spectator.

    Date: 05/05/24 Views: 108,309 Category: Incest

  • This Shouldn't Exist

    4 minutes of the 2nd most apprehensive sound that can escape the female body during a spirited rnd of Billy Blanks Tae Bo 3 Pack DVD on sale now at Amazon.

    Date: 05/04/24 Views: 116,523 Category: Cringe


    So, what did we end up learning today?

    Date: 05/03/24 Views: 104,449 Category: Anal

  • The Price Was Right?

    It's pretty impressive when a girl finds a way to monetize being bent over by Skeletor. But the $19 donated by i_lost_my_virginity_to_an_applebees_menu could probably have gone to a better cause. Dave Ramsey will hear about this.

    Date: 05/02/24 Views: 150,516 Category: Teen (18+)

  • It's Official: She HATES IT

    No reasons given, just a friend with benedicts that seems to enjoy the apathy for slurping turtle so much she insists on it being documented and put online? Weird.

    Date: 05/01/24 Views: 105,691 Category: Assholes

  • THAT Binghamtom University Leak

    Looks like S-tier sorority gooch from this angle. Dude should consider himself lucky. Both for getting to immortalize this moment on video, and for reaching a top speed of 1.4 mph when others would have blown the tires off the rental.

    Date: 04/30/24 Views: 113,607 Category: Hot

  • A Little TOO Real

    Interesting approach. It's not every day you see more than 37 combined seconds of storyboarding and editing for girl #27283's OF content so these spectacles tend to stand out. Particularly this dialogue: "i have to pee, there's a lot of beer in me".

    Date: 04/29/24 Views: 190,767 Category: Amateur

  • What Did She Expect?

    8 more seconds and we would've had to contact air traffic control.

    Date: 04/28/24 Views: 139,659 Category: Public

  • The Rebound II

    I can't prove it, but girl in white definitely lost her virginity to an Elden Ring action figure, and the other might doing this to feed her family. Either way » no refunds

    Date: 04/27/24 Views: 144,780 Category: Derp

  • "this is how she pays the rent"

    Faster than Door Dash. Safer than UBER. Cleaner than Instacart. #based

    Date: 04/26/24 Views: 136,504 Category: Teen (18+)

  • The Bloodline Is Over

    No context, no explanation. Just a couple siblings that like to beat the living corn bread out of her tonsils, while recording on the finest 240p camera Gameboy has to offer. I've never seen such disrespect for polyester fashion trends in all my life.

    Date: 04/25/24 Views: 137,557 Category: Incest

  • Getting Over Breakups

    Time heals all wounds. And probably Penicillin.

    Date: 04/24/24 Views: 186,232 Category: WTF

  • There's No Coming Back After This

    The soundtrack was bangin. Wanna know what's not though? Whatever the fuck must have happened to this girl earlier in life to make her like this. Probably haven't seen that kind of wreckage since the great crave crate challenge of '97.

    Date: 04/23/24 Views: 154,066 Category: LMAO

  • Ya'll Pushed Her Too Far

    Date: 04/23/24 Views: 192,560 Category: Contractions

  • Unexpectedly Caught

    mir·ror [noun]
    1. a reflective surface, now typically of glass coated with a metal amalgam, that reflects a clear image. 2. correspond or be similar to (another thing). 3. nice ass

    Date: 04/22/24 Views: 159,500 Category: Busted