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  • White Girl, Wrong Neighborhood

    Date: 12/09/22 Views: 25,594 Category: Slutty

  • We Call this "Collateral Damage"

    Somewhere out there is a Houstan Texans fan that thinks this is real.

    Date: 12/08/22 Views: 52,106 Category: WAT

  • Scandal? What SCANDAL?!

    I'd translate the comments below the video to understand wtf is going on, but the pepperoni Hot Pockets just reached 415 degrees and my night is booked up solid.

    Date: 12/07/22 Views: 70,106 Category: Derp

  • Married Woman vs. Psychopath

    What's his secret to success? It's simple really. Just inject 75 milligrams of Dbol directly into your scrotum every 3 days, and you too can gallivant around the neighborhood in seek of menopausal woman in dire need of a hospital visit.

    Date: 12/07/22 Views: 69,693 Category: MILF

  • All that Peer Pressure

    Nata Ocean for the uninformed. She's speaks Latvian, Russian and Hungarian. Not as impressive as my butthole graduating Rosetta Stone for Swahili after gunning through a NachosBellgrande combo. But still admirable nonetheless.

    Date: 12/06/22 Views: 82,055 Category: Teen (18+)



    Date: 12/05/22 Views: 119,456 Category: Derp

  • They're Real, and SPECTACULAR


    Date: 12/04/22 Views: 107,005 Category: Impressive

  • Caught in A Coworker

    First and last time I expect to see a guy in overalls scoring above his pay grade.

    Date: 12/03/22 Views: 104,224 Category: Busted

  • Almost Lost Control haha

    ☑ Balls deep connoisseur
    ☑ Doesn't know the words "i quit"
    ☑ Believes in naturally sourced protein
    ☑ Worth proposing to on the 3rd date at Wendy's

    Date: 12/02/22 Views: 116,204 Category: Impressive

  • Over the Edge

    Only the real ones will remember when this cockamanie goof getting sent to Fuck Town USA was pretty much the most watched porn video in the world. It didn't matter what site you dedicated your cum sock to, it was there. For eternity.

    Date: 12/02/22 Views: 96,798 Category: Vintage

  • The Life of a King

    Imagine documenting last nights Smirnoff-inspired gangbang and going viral in two completely different ways at the same time. #herpes #snapchat #effecient

    Date: 12/01/22 Views: 114,095 Category: Hot

  • Surviving a Titan

    Play this in the background and let the inspiration flow through you.

    Date: 11/30/22 Views: 108,825 Category: Beefy

  • The Aftermath

    mound /mound/ [ a rounded pile of dirt, sand, stones, or other material, or a raised area of earth: We're using that mound of sand to level the ground for our new pool. A mound is also a rounded mass of something: a mound of spaghetti. ]

    Date: 11/30/22 Views: 88,314 Category: Gallery

  • "here's your tip"

    Protip for my ever-evolving female viewer base: If you ever find yourself in this situation, make sure you order the blooming onion first. Outback servers tend to frown upon this kind of behavior out of the gate. Don't ask me how I know.

    Date: 11/29/22 Views: 104,395 Category: Slutty

  • A Real Student-Teacher Video? WTF?

    Just gonna go ahead and label this one authentic based on dude looking like he thrusts to the rhythm of the Pythagorean theorem. That isn't done by accident.

    Date: 11/28/22 Views: 196,150 Category: Teachers

  • this... shouldn't be a thing

    What the fuck am I choosing not to masturbate to here? Reboot this app.

    Date: 11/27/22 Views: 173,176 Category: Cringe

  • Wife of the Year?

    Barely 120lbs covered in chicken grease, has the anal cavity stronger than Cyber Truck glass and doesn't believe in safe words, all while being serenade by the smooth stylings of Rammstein. I can't... I can't imagine a more beautiful thing.

    Date: 11/26/22 Views: 175,442 Category: Anal

  • Dad's Gonna be Real Proud 2

    A followup to the kind of "hELp mE sTePbRO" videos that actually look believable is a rarity. Somebodies uncle father cousin has some splainin' to do. [PART ONE]

    Date: 11/25/22 Views: 133,251 Category: Incest

  • A Different Kind of Hug

    If you're into the kind of erotica that reminds you of the black market for hackey sacks and burned Blink 182 CD's, you should probably throw them a few bucks.

    Date: 11/25/22 Views: 124,702 Category: Hot

  • There's Simply No Excuse For This

    I'll admit that last clip might be enough to ruin your holiday feast later today. But it's Thanksgiving and you probably need something to talk to grandma about before the sweet potatoes hit the table. You should be thanking me, Mortimer.

    Date: 11/24/22 Views: 237,507 Category: WTF

  • Pornstars vs. Strangers - REAL?

    Considering one the participants is none other than Riley "anything is a dildo if you try hard enough" Reid I can go either way on the authenticity of this. Mainly cuz it's not the worst way to get the gift of Herpes next to a bag of Hot Cheetos.

    Date: 11/23/22 Views: 137,802 Category: Slutty

  • Somebody Come Get Their Daughter

    The swimsuit makes sense. You'll see.

    Date: 11/22/22 Views: 166,755 Category: Freaks

  • Punishing a Cheater

    Yeah okay buddy. This part time slam pig is about as much a cheater as I am an advocate for veganism. (hint: there's only 1 green in my house and it says Fruit of the Loom on it) Now call mom and let her know I finally recognized your work.

    Date: 11/22/22 Views: 112,462 Category: Anal

  • I said HARDER!

    Reason #28971 to never judge a book by it's cover. Unless it's whatever the fuck this is. Then feel free to Judge Judy until your foreskin grows back. I'm on drugs.

    Date: 11/21/22 Views: 153,954 Category: Alphas

  • "pls don't kill my wife"

    What the fuck is with this "i'm not stopping until medicare qualifies her for a wheelchair" approach to slamming married women? Call me old fashioned, but I preferred when it was more romantic and hidden in Dunkin Donut bathrooms.

    Date: 11/20/22 Views: 165,805 Category: Cuck

  • Coworker Collateral Damage

    hey sorry I cummed on you lol

    Date: 11/19/22 Views: 158,188 Category: Public

  • Almost Broken by BWC

    Probably has more history of torturing his partners with bodily fluids than a San Fran hostel. I'd find his work, but the DNA results keep coming back as elephant.

    Date: 11/18/22 Views: 132,743 Category: Big Dicks

  • Take a Number

    Just what in the fuck is actually going on here? Is she green screening her husband with 5 overlays to make it look like the local janitor union is lining up to get their own serving of anal crabs to go? We've reached the peak of technology.

    Date: 11/18/22 Views: 135,216 Category: MILF

  • When Autists Make a Sex Tape

    "the girl is a fucking lunatic but at least i know she wasn't acting"

    Date: 11/17/22 Views: 313,481 Category: Derp

  • "discipline me!"

    Nearly 20-years-old and still doesn't know how to speak coherently. But what she lacks in basic motor function, she makes up for in grade-A prime meats. i'm sold

    Date: 11/16/22 Views: 116,597 Category: Hot