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  • Your Girlfriend is an ASSHOLE!

    Your Girlfriend is an ASSHOLE!

    watch until the end...

    Date: 01/28/20 Views: 20,373 Category: WTF

  • The Result of Fucking 10x a Day

    The Result of Fucking 10x a Day

    i think this is called desensitization

    Date: 01/27/20 Views: 40,110 Category: Webcams

  • "alpha males destroyed my girlfriend"

    "alpha males destroyed my girlfriend"

    My open letter to Lilly Ford: I will donate all of the $12.75 I made off the sale of my Topanga Lawrence inflatable doll to a local soup kitchen in exchange for one night of your time and the power tool of your choosing. Hit me on the pager.

    Date: 01/27/20 Views: 67,369 Category: Rekt

  • The Last Girl I'd Expect

    The Last Girl I'd Expect

    This ones starts off as a painal video. But much like me during a theatrical release that stars Nicholas Cage, that only lasts about 18 seconds. From there on it's all pleasure. And by pleasure I mean screaming for olive oil-based lubricants.

    Date: 01/26/20 Views: 65,381 Category: Anal

  • well DAMN

    well DAMN

    Snagging a girl off Tinder that can inhale an entire ballpark frank and doesn't look like she spent her last paycheck on a Costco-sized pack of them? that's #winning

    Date: 01/25/20 Views: 77,770 Category: Impressive

  • This Made Me Cum 14 Times

    This Made Me Cum 14 Times

    Girl in the thumbnail starts at 2:00 mark. More videos like this HERE

    Date: 01/24/20 Views: 114,507 Category: Public

  • Don't Ask, Don't Tell

    Don't Ask, Don't Tell

    After making a serious portfolio of ass-blaster sphincter punching videos with her boyfriend, this chick took her Pornhub channel down and vanished overnight. All the remains are boner confusing videos like this in the underbelly of adult sites.

    Date: 01/23/20 Views: 102,402 Category: Teen

  • Rookie of the Year [for reals]

    Rookie of the Year [for reals]

    What's that old saying again? You can lead a lesbian to the meat patch but you can't force her to fuck? That might be lost in translation. Maybe I should have paid more attention to Howard Stern during his 'exploit all the midgets' phase.

    Date: 01/22/20 Views: 96,067 Category: Fail

  • Hookers are People too

    Hookers are People too

    You don't have to be a Chad to experience double-fisted AIDS. But when I go STD Akimbo I seek out the discount bin for further savings. Ever get combo-blown by 2 girls with less teeth than a goldfish? Cause you can do it twice at these prices.

    Date: 01/21/20 Views: 125,190 Category: Voyeur



    I originally thought this kind of situation wouldn't be a possibility outside of the family in Resident Evil 7. And then I remembered West Virginia exists. #justfacts

    Date: 01/21/20 Views: 106,213 Category: MILF

  • A Virgin Without Standards

    A Virgin Without Standards

    Most people see this and automatically assume the worse: Perma-trauma. I don't know man... somehow losing your v-card to Home Depot seems like an upgrade compared to whatever goblin is using his disability money to "tour europe".

    Date: 01/20/20 Views: 86,422 Category: WAT

  • You Can Never Delete This

    You Can Never Delete This


    Date: 01/19/20 Views: 115,295 Category: Drunk

  • How to Destroy Teenagers

    How to Destroy Teenagers

    Imagine having a slab of meat so heavy u dedicate an entire Pornhub account to marketing it. Barnum & Bailey will be in touch. Right after the Discovery channel.

    Date: 01/18/20 Views: 123,716 Category: Big Dicks

  • Meanwhile, on Snapchat...

    Meanwhile, on Snapchat...

    13 straight minutes of girls that aren't allowed within 500 feet of a public library anymore. I'd suggest marathoning a jerk session but the amount of hype beast appearances might curb your erection until the Giants win another Superbowl.

    Date: 01/17/20 Views: 111,197 Category: Compilations

  • My 75lb Fuck Buddy

    My 75lb Fuck Buddy

    The best part of keeping a travel-sized Thai-hole on your payroll? Budget banging no matter how "eco-friendly" your $17/night hotel room is for starters. Also AIDS.

    Date: 01/16/20 Views: 112,249 Category: Amateur

  • HS Teacher Fucks Student 100 Times

    HS Teacher Fucks Student 100 Times

    Imagine that. A girl with 2 first names doing trailer park things and the footage coming back to bite her in the cornhole. Around these parts we refer to this phenomenon as "Monday Afternoon". But for Mary Beth "fornite dick" Haglin...

    Date: 01/14/20 Views: 82,982 Category: Teachers

  • Don't do this to a Pornstar

    Don't do this to a Pornstar

    More of this fucking degenerate [HERE] and [HERE]

    Date: 01/13/20 Views: 118,972 Category: WTF

  • That Girl from Argentina

    That Girl from Argentina

    Arguable the hottest thing to crawl out of South America since Sofia Vergara's asshole on Cinco de Mayo. May your liquid artillery be plentiful and never-ending.

    Date: 01/13/20 Views: 166,030 Category: Hot

  • Popular "TikTok" Girl Exposed

    Popular "TikTok" Girl Exposed

    Good ole TikTok. It's like VINE, but more nudity and less dipshits that consider Call of Duty a rights of passage. Also it has Bree Louise's bare ass tit/vajee combo.

    Date: 01/12/20 Views: 168,441 Category: Busted

  • How to Get Fired from Your Job

    How to Get Fired from Your Job

    Next time that craving for a meat lovers thin crust hits you at 1:00AM, just think: This Becky could have been wrists-deep in your pepperoni. And then you wake up and have to wash the taste of Bangladesh out ur mouth. #sometimesitbelikethat

    Date: 01/11/20 Views: 115,179 Category: Picture

  • Is that a Wedding Ring?

    Is that a Wedding Ring?

    Probably just reached drinking age and is already setting the bar too high for the other Insta-THOTS to jump over. I don't know if I should be disgusted, or slide in those DM's and ask for group discounts. According to this footage, they do exist.

    Date: 01/09/20 Views: 149,920 Category: Slutty

  • You Sick Sonuva Bitch

    You Sick Sonuva Bitch

    5+ minutes of implied family porn even Dr. Phil wouldn't touch. I think it's pretty safe to say 2020 has officially jumped the shark when it comes to sister swagging.

    Date: 01/07/20 Views: 151,874 Category: Incest

  • I'm Disgusted, Yet Amazed

    I'm Disgusted, Yet Amazed

    Blatant use of vaginas, Public shaming, High definition cameras -- this video is more well-rounded than the Grand Slam breakfast bill I ran out on this morning. The kicker is in the last video clip. Really brings me back to the glory (hole) days.

    Date: 01/06/20 Views: 169,124 Category: Compilations

  • The Truth about Massage Parlors

    The Truth about Massage Parlors

    Think it's all freshman-year waistlines and Google Translating the cost of a Filipino corncobbing? Think again my stereotyped friend. Your sheckles would be better spent on your sister's braces. At least then you'd cum in under 24 hrs.

    Date: 01/05/20 Views: 177,298 Category: Busted

  • Too Tight, NOT RIGHT

    Too Tight, NOT RIGHT

    Book a 3-day trip to Thailand during any given season, and you're sure to end up face-to-clam with the kind of squash box a vending machine coin slot would be deathly jealous of. And this lady of the evening is no exception, except for...

    Date: 01/04/20 Views: 130,883 Category: Freaks

  • Past Came Back to Haunt Her

    Past Came Back to Haunt Her


    Date: 01/03/20 Views: 125,787 Category: Porn

  • New Year, New Sex Offender

    New Year, New Sex Offender

    Dare to browse the depths of publicly uploaded porn sites and this is the cesspool of shit you'll come across. The kind of footage that is not only questionable, but encouraged by the most degenerate hotdog connoisseur inside the Internet.

    Date: 01/02/20 Views: 233,608 Category: Drunk

  • Cheating Wife FORCED to Keep Going

    Cheating Wife FORCED to Keep Going

    What's that old saying again? Once you go black you almost lose your uterus in a domestic street fight, get ejected from your tiki hut, and see the business end of a Ginsu knife? Because... that's exactly what happened here. Shit's fucked up yo.

    Date: 01/01/20 Views: 207,633 Category: Busted

  • Unbelievable Combination

    Unbelievable Combination

    The face of a CNN journalist
    The body of an anime character
    Ask for consent before masturbating

    Date: 12/31/19 Views: 175,542 Category: Amateur

  • Incest is BAD

    Incest is BAD

    uhh, scroll to the last clip...

    Date: 12/30/19 Views: 184,853 Category: Public