• Who's Mom This Is?

    Today the [PTA] in PTA meeting stands for Possibly Transmitting AIDS.

    Date: 05/19/24 Views: 168,328 Category: WAT

  • No Fucks Given: Just Keep Going?

    gIrL bOsSiNg hits a fever pitch when Debra-Jean gets caught gargling all 4 inches of a stranger's custard chucker. Her reaction? Literally nothing. She continues on her journey like there's a volcano waiting for someone to throw a ring inside of it.

    Date: 04/08/24 Views: 164,592 Category: WAT

  • She'll Never Do That Again

    Don't let the half-assed attempt at blurring out Jackin' Jerry's face fool you; This is real. Such as illustrated by our power couple having more will to finish the story than Cody Rhodes. note: English translation possibly completed by David Lynch.

    Date: 04/04/24 Views: 217,014 Category: WAT

  • Your Sister? Your Problem

    Don't let the plot line fool you. This goofball's bloodline persona is about as real as KFC's employee hand-washing policy. Such as illustrated after her 'brothers' attempt at fucking the hippie out of her. Possibly produced by the Coen family.

    Date: 03/25/24 Views: 225,439 Category: WAT

  • TikTok Ruined Her

    [two years after]

    Date: 03/14/24 Views: 196,722 Category: WAT

  • Special Needs and STACKED

    Well... on closer examination it seems the tomfoolery of lighting was hiding that whiskey barrel of a stomach being used as a pushup bra. No more Internet today.

    Date: 03/02/24 Views: 315,568 Category: WAT

  • "are you part horse"

    It may not be written in the rule book, but there's only one translation for the body language on the girl going Milli Vanilli on herself. And it lives somewhere in between "i need to pay taxes" & "the cowboys choked". Three of life's guarantees.

    Date: 02/22/24 Views: 172,622 Category: WAT

  • Partially Disturbing

    Some people invest into their 401-K plans to insure a healthy retirement. Others, work until the grave. And then there's this marble garglin sonuvabitch who is going to burn every cent in the name of B tier semi-pornstar vaginal exploration.

    Date: 02/12/24 Views: 151,067 Category: WAT

  • Ruined On His 21st Birthday

    Ligma = Confirmed. [full version]

    Date: 12/11/23 Views: 231,419 Category: WAT

  • "are you autistic?"

    Perhaps this could introduce a new filter option on popular dating and/or thirst trap applications such as Tinder and OnlyChromies.com? My boys would thrive.

    Date: 12/04/23 Views: 178,421 Category: WAT

  • No Roolz

    Date: 10/29/23 Views: 177,022 Category: WAT

  • 18 Year Old Does the Unthinkable

    One of those moments I can overlook the obvious health code violations because the performance is legendary. Be sure to leave them a ★★★★★ Yelp review. Something along the lines of: "Service was fast. Getting pubic lice was faster.".

    Date: 08/08/23 Views: 164,051 Category: WAT

  • I think you broke her...

    What in the Tennessee whore house is going on here? Amphetamines? Autism? An unhealthy addiction to Abercrombie Labor Day sales? idk. but a sequel seems less likely than Lizzo being type casted outside of a Max Hardcore tribute movie.

    Date: 08/02/23 Views: 254,471 Category: WAT

  • No More Oral For You

    1:48 mark. Forbidden cotton candy?

    Date: 07/08/23 Views: 222,007 Category: WAT

  • Yes, Those Are Her Parents

    Expected a green screen. Instead, I was roundhoused by whatever serbian family fuck fantasy is growing on the poop web. Hey Slavica, when ur done waxing dads pljeskavica, try investing in a webcam from this century. The goons will love you.

    Date: 07/04/23 Views: 228,583 Category: WAT

  • Imagine Her Father Saw This

    Girl is Lena Nitro. Guy is never getting another polish job like this ever again. The universe requires balance & the cholesterol level on this walrus is gonna prove it.

    Date: 06/25/23 Views: 196,708 Category: WAT

  • First... or Last

    "Hungry Butt: When your rear end is starved of fresh air and eats your underwear and/or pants in an act of desperation. Also, when your ass is bigger than the pants surrounding it, therefore they stretch extra tightly into the pigeye area."

    Date: 06/06/23 Views: 182,549 Category: WAT

  • Only in 2023...

    ...would you see real prostitutes shooting OF content

    Date: 06/01/23 Views: 200,467 Category: WAT

  • You did WHAT with your Brother?!

    Step #1: Fire up the new OnlyFanz page
    Step #2: Wear Target's finest lingerie
    Step #3: Condom for tha realism
    Step #4: Unlimited profit

    Date: 05/16/23 Views: 208,546 Category: WAT

  • The Face of Desperation

    Literally the female version of 53:10 mark?

    Date: 05/01/23 Views: 215,559 Category: WAT

  • Tinder Date Says "NO CONDOMS"

    Dude's dick looks like an authentic Leberwurst recipe that got abandoned before the oven timer went off so one has to question the agenda here. More food tips.

    Date: 04/06/23 Views: 234,173 Category: WAT

  • Getting Over a Breakup

    Time heals all wounds. And probably Penicillin.

    Date: 01/08/23 Views: 250,572 Category: WAT

  • r u high?

    Jazmin Grey

    Date: 01/07/23 Views: 200,059 Category: WAT

  • "my boyfriend broke up with me over this"

    Not everyone has this affinity for high prioritizing siphoning the python over a meaningful long lasting relationship. That's cuz not everyone is Anna Chambers

    Date: 12/15/22 Views: 141,215 Category: WAT

  • We Call this "Collateral Damage"

    Somewhere out there is a Houstan Texans fan that thinks this is real.

    Date: 12/08/22 Views: 165,438 Category: WAT

  • First Time EVER Done on Video

    Scroll to 2:30 mark. No words

    Date: 11/14/22 Views: 195,741 Category: WAT

  • Not in America

    These full force fantasies videos are starting to get a little disturbing. And like one of the greatest voices of our generation once taught us: you never go full force.

    Date: 11/09/22 Views: 254,895 Category: WAT

  • 18-year-old Can't Stop Fucking Strangers

    uhh I'm no expert, but I think it might be time to pack it up and find a safer hobby. Like... collecting Pokemon cards, or maybe building hydrogen bombs for example.

    Date: 10/21/22 Views: 314,714 Category: WAT

  • Yes, This is Real

    Short of being an extra on Rocco's Retirement Village Tour (coming 2035) - I'm not sure how this talent comes in handy. Never knowing the feels of a consensual relationship maybe? An existence without having to shop for birthday gifts?

    Date: 10/09/22 Views: 269,253 Category: WAT

  • "did i go too far?"

    Date: 09/06/22 Views: 174,810 Category: WAT