• Damaged Goods

    Damaged Goods

    something, something Brazil

    Date: 02/11/20 Views: 121,358 Category: WAT

  • My Sister's Room at 2:00AM

    My Sister's Room at 2:00AM

    Turns out 67,000 incestual storyline porn videos lied to us after-all. Dare to make contact with your bloodline after the sun goes down in rural Alabama, and this just might be the Tales From the Crypt Halloween Special you walk in on. wut?

    Date: 11/24/19 Views: 209,204 Category: WAT

  • nice roommate lol

    nice roommate lol

    Imagine that. Someone had a camera rolling the one time a Craigslist rental ad including the words only women may apply that doesn't end in with an unwanted cornholing by heavy machinery. Around our parts we call this video "a unicorn".

    Date: 11/08/19 Views: 176,721 Category: WAT

  • One-Night-Stand Surprise

    One-Night-Stand Surprise

    Turns out using your velvet buzzsaw as a communal carpet cleaner isn't offensive to everybody. Let this be definitive proof that testosterone still exists in the world.

    Date: 09/12/19 Views: 203,648 Category: WAT

  • The more you watch, The worse it gets

    The more you watch, The worse it gets

    Middle-age hit her like a sack of 80's exercise videos, and she needs cash. Bad. How can life get worse? Well, if you guessed being told to suck dick by the Dane Cook of porn directors, you just won my limited edition Power Ranger sex doll.

    Date: 07/22/19 Views: 201,901 Category: WAT

  • Dad Needs a New Hobby

    Dad Needs a New Hobby

    Could this be a genuine proposition? Maybe. But what you should really be asking is: If Amy Schumer was to crowbar open her whisker biscuit, would the walls be comparable to the consistency of pulling apart a peanut butter sandwich?

    Date: 07/20/19 Views: 177,695 Category: WAT

  • "I Paid $3,000 to Fuck a Pornstar"

    "I Paid $3,000 to Fuck a Pornstar"

    "She used to advertise her services as "An Experience with Dani Daniels". After you made a deposit of $500 she would deem whether or not you are worth a "date" with her. If she liked you -- you were then required to pay a further $2000"

    Date: 07/12/19 Views: 189,705 Category: WAT



    It's one thing to play the left-handed banjo for your girlfriend's bestest friend. It's another to have said girlfriend keep that best friend hydrated mid-vertical jump. Where's the fuckin donate button? It's time to Bitcoin this legend into retirement.

    Date: 04/25/19 Views: 235,631 Category: WAT

  • Just Scroll to 7:16

    Just Scroll to 7:16


    Date: 12/03/18 Views: 314,454 Category: WAT



    No Nut November has been cancelled. You bitch.

    Date: 11/02/18 Views: 242,922 Category: WAT

  • Yup, That's a First

    Yup, That's a First

    son of a... thats the furriest cornhole I've seen outside of a petting zoo. Time to start shaving with a flame thrower you fuckin butt-tarantula lookin bitch.

    Date: 08/09/18 Views: 192,806 Category: WAT

  • Overwhelming a White Girl

    Overwhelming a White Girl

    When all your knowledge of sexual intercourse comes from Shake Weight infomercials, this is the result. Also: We may have just uncovered a skill so damn useless, even California colleges won't offer a degree for it.

    Date: 06/24/18 Views: 285,214 Category: WAT

  • Anal is NOT an Option

    Anal is NOT an Option

    A hygiene level commonly found in an Arby's handicap toilet has applied itself to this girl's rectal passage. Not shocking... but Clorox may have found it's new spokeswoman. Another desperate cry for anal bleaching HERE

    Date: 01/12/18 Views: 253,477 Category: WAT

  • Dreams DO Come True

    Dreams DO Come True

    Want indisputable proof that Americans are all about philanthropy? Look no further my skeptical friends. Our boy wheels gets the handout of a lifetime, effectively erecting all jealous boners in a quarter mile radius.

    Date: 11/17/17 Views: 183,360 Category: WAT

  • LOL: Fan Tries to Finger Girl at Convention

    LOL: Fan Tries to Finger Girl at Convention

    A true alpha, or shameless advertising via exhibitionism? You be the judge.

    Date: 10/22/17 Views: 248,139 Category: WAT

  • Never trust $10 hookers. NEVER.

    Never trust $10 hookers. NEVER.

    She may not talk much, but that body language certainly has a story to tell. Specifically "take a chance", "no protection required" and the clear winner: "look at me. i'm the captain now, mother fucker". YOU IN 12 SECONDS

    Date: 10/01/17 Views: 194,410 Category: WAT