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  • There's No Coming Back After This

    The soundtrack was bangin. Wanna know what's not though? Whatever the fuck must have happened to this girl earlier in life to make her like this. Probably haven't seen that kind of wreckage since the great crave crate challenge of '97.

    Date: 04/23/24 Views: 164,941 Category: LMAO

  • Yes, Incest Is Bad

    scroll to the last clip...

    Date: 01/10/24 Views: 337,635 Category: LMAO

  • Surprising A Hooker

    That's odd. The day walker is one of the most elusive creatures on our planet, so you'd think their survival skills would be more honed than this. Clearly a skill issue.

    Date: 11/18/23 Views: 189,503 Category: LMAO

  • How To Silence A White Girl

    Becky Buttholowski has all her yappin instantly silenced when the official United States immigration policy shows up & has a word or 2 with her. No negotiations.

    Date: 11/11/23 Views: 183,780 Category: LMAO

  • Disaster Coming

    Day 1 D-sucker foolishly assumes her job is over and breathes a sigh of relief. Only to be shot in the mouth with another wad of Esposito's gold reserve. A choice is needed: gulp, or ruin Macy's finest Egyptian bed sheets. Her response is expected.

    Date: 09/07/23 Views: 206,089 Category: LMAO

  • Cute Face, Unfortunate Tits

    Those deflated pigskins look pretty rough for a 20-something year old and the rest of her collection screams Double Wide Pride. Free tip m'lady; Spend less money on the "I NEED CUM" rubber stamps, and more on a fucking vacuum.

    Date: 02/15/23 Views: 183,224 Category: LMAO

  • How to Get Banned from the Military

    Leaking classified information? Murder? Shit, even International Dick Cricket Infestation would be on my list sooner than one Tinder gremlin subjecting herself to 31 separate 8-man gangbangs in the fucking barracks. Yet... here we are.

    Date: 07/07/22 Views: 164,388 Category: LMAO


    Every so often you come across a video that's so revolutionary, so authentic, it makes u wonder what the purpose of life really is. This is not one of those videos.

    Date: 06/25/22 Views: 245,778 Category: LMAO

  • overLOADed

    Can't imagine how many Walmart bed sheets had to be scrapped during her rookie years training for this moment. Clearly dealing with a team player here.

    Date: 06/08/22 Views: 244,420 Category: LMAO


    Atthe 0:58 mark she says "i'm scared to suck it." We thank you for ur sacrifice.

    Date: 06/04/22 Views: 249,544 Category: LMAO

  • ole Bait and Switch

    Imagine putting trust in a man that has been through this disaster and lived to tell the tale. Time for Alyssa to pack up those meatballs and reassess the future.

    Date: 04/05/22 Views: 158,324 Category: LMAO

  • Worst. Orgy. EVER.

    Keep an eye on the turd parked in the corner on the right side of your screen. After being denied physical contact multiple times his only recourse is a pity self-jerk as reality slowly punches him the face: Beavis & Butthead had a third friend.

    Date: 03/09/22 Views: 159,558 Category: LMAO

  • Another Family Ruined

    28 semesters of Botswanian dance theory paid for, and this is how you return the favor, Becky? You are now a disgrace to the once great town of Ballbag, Arkansas.

    Date: 12/28/21 Views: 426,676 Category: LMAO

  • The Truth Hurts

    Reality hit her harder than 1996 did to Robert Downey Jr.

    Date: 09/10/21 Views: 185,894 Category: LMAO

  • Banned From Facebook Yet?


    Date: 08/12/21 Views: 159,129 Category: LMAO


    Normally I'd prefer my meat beat content to have as little to do with Al Bundy as possible. But Daddy Cockblock going for the jugular was just too good to pass up.

    Date: 07/08/21 Views: 173,730 Category: LMAO

  • Educating a Virgin

    18-years-old and barely know what a clitoris is. But in this world, all that matters is the size of your churro... and proportionately speaking, dude got a THICC one. Emphasis on proportions. Looks like a banana glued to a mother fuckin toothpick.

    Date: 05/09/21 Views: 256,209 Category: LMAO

  • The Truth Hurts


    Date: 12/30/20 Views: 247,841 Category: LMAO

  • Hell of a Way to Be Broken in

    Call him what you will: Pierre, The Machine, King Human Enema Conglomerate France Division - Just don't call him coherent. Seriously though - what the fuck language do I pick on Google to translate this assault of word diarrhea salad?

    Date: 11/07/20 Views: 242,948 Category: LMAO

  • REAL: Tricked into Sucking 20 Dicks

    This one is a classic but I'll leave you with the following: "She was allegedly told she would win a holiday for taking part in the sick game but the "prize" later turned out to be a $5 drink with the same name.". Read the full story HERE!

    Date: 07/02/20 Views: 236,278 Category: LMAO

  • Scamming a Teenage Hooker

    I dunno man... this seems pretty predictable outcome to me. Shes got the tolerance of tungsten steel and these prick jobs are more annoying than a checkmarked Twitter account. Low effort fraud should have been expected.

    Date: 06/23/20 Views: 276,627 Category: LMAO

  • Virginity ANNIHILATED

    What happens when you let a Call of Duty YouTuber run wild with Windows Movie Maker and semi-legal pharmaceuticals? Sometimes a digital masterpiece like this. Other times, a restraining order that would make Joe Biden blush.

    Date: 02/24/20 Views: 230,641 Category: LMAO

  • Worst Roommate Ever


    Date: 10/07/19 Views: 316,377 Category: LMAO



    Date: 08/23/19 Views: 245,092 Category: LMAO

  • Gangbang RAGE QUIT LOL

    Nothing quite spells C-O-L-L-E-G-E-L-I-F-E like a supposed Navy Seal turned male pornstar challenging 80+ CSUN students to a backyard beatdown whilst completely naked and armed with nothing but a slowly deflating boner. HAHA.

    Date: 05/10/19 Views: 353,788 Category: LMAO

  • I Think the Relationship is Over LOL

    Pretty sure this one is a complete setup, but she's definitely been down this road before. The "a guy tried to pay me for sex in Canadian pennies so I punched his cock" is a reaction that can only be experienced - not learned. Ask me how I know.

    Date: 04/26/19 Views: 208,821 Category: LMAO

  • World's Most Desperate 19-year-old

    Today we're going to learn 3 imporant things, so find your trapper keeper and listen closely: #1: Shamelessness is alive and well. #2: Usage of a pretty girl is negotiable. And #3: A guy shaped like GRU has seen more action than me today.

    Date: 02/01/19 Views: 371,087 Category: LMAO

  • "are you sure ur 18?"


    Date: 12/20/18 Views: 353,310 Category: LMAO

  • I Regret Everything

    Pretty slick combination of fuckery and remorse going on here. side note: This site makes this kind of compilation video for every update they post (among all their other efukt-inspired edits) and that's not just cool... it's COOL AS ICE

    Date: 10/03/18 Views: 309,682 Category: LMAO

  • Ruining an Escort's Day

    From the clearance section of BackPage.com comes an escort sporting bed bugs, a wonky titty, and a heart of gold. Her entire scene is just one cluster fuck of fail.

    Date: 09/29/18 Views: 255,765 Category: LMAO