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  • This is How Girls Get Killed

    Not even afraid of having her pork chop crotch box online forever. If this isn't the standard for 2023's independent woman, I don't wanna know what is. Now make sure to save that OF cash. The Valtrex boxes aren't gonna overnight themselves.

    Date: 09/13/23 Views: 209,854 Category: Public

  • Perfect Timing? (Wait for it...)

    I'm positive this is the same woman that keeps invading my Instagram feed with videos about having squirrels up her ass, or publicly shaming herself over having the vaginal odor of a Sudanese outhouse. So... it was advertising for this? I guess?

    Date: 08/09/23 Views: 183,434 Category: Public

  • Never Trust a Tourist

    Sleep on xhamster comments and you miss gems like this: "Pplummer69: Done this a good bit myself with homeless girls living in buildings here in town fucked and used them real good for just a few $$$. I live in Johnstown Pennsylvania"

    Date: 07/31/23 Views: 230,112 Category: Public

  • Beyond Unforgivable

    Almost 2 hrs of some guy hangin brain in every zip code, but not even 10 secs of him being bludgeoned with the bumper of a passenger car? Do better Europe.

    Date: 06/23/23 Views: 162,160 Category: Public

  • Dude Just Doesn't Give a Fuck

    A classic exploit by Mya Lane. If you're wondering what she's been doing for the past 5 years you'll be happy to know not even pregnancy was enough to put her on the shelf. Or public shaming. Or wtfever this cowboy beebop bullshit is.

    Date: 05/21/23 Views: 147,189 Category: Public

  • "do we have to?!"

    Promise a future of earning $40 and all that "i'm waiting for marriage" talk fades. That's what we all want to see in the end: A confident girl that can beat the odds.

    Date: 05/11/23 Views: 151,977 Category: Public

  • Shame Doesn't Exist

    I could be wrong, but that's Stella Cox. Who seems to look uh... a little different in 2023. My comments have been reserved until the magician reveals her secret(s).

    Date: 05/06/23 Views: 150,833 Category: Public

  • I Dare You

    Fucking hell, $2.95 for high test? Take me back. Oh yeah nice tits. I guess.

    Date: 04/27/23 Views: 239,409 Category: Public

  • well... was it worth it?

    60 seconds of clitoral stimulation directly in front of the cash register just cost Becky and her boyfriend a lifetime of 12 dollar el grande chocolatto carmellos.

    Date: 04/08/23 Views: 154,526 Category: Public

  • Getting Violated in New York City

    I don't know what the fuck she's protesting, but the movement needs a Pamper's sponsorship as soon as humanly possible. Now you take that snail trail right back to the Bronx Zoo exhibit you stole it from and maybe I won't call the authorities.

    Date: 03/28/23 Views: 195,071 Category: Public

  • Real Stranger, Real Danger

    uhh, I don't know exactly when 'crankin your carrot while a stranger rawdogs your girlfriend in a 7-11 parking lot' became a thing... but I suspect TikTok is responsible.

    Date: 03/18/23 Views: 190,083 Category: Public

  • Never let your guard down...

    Basic maths tell me this situation is about as probable as Kanye West being properly medicated during business hours, but I do find her fake full body dry-heaving and dedication to the vibe kind of compelling. Thoughts? Requests?

    Date: 03/13/23 Views: 160,713 Category: Public

  • The Absolute Disrespect

    If Home Depot's summer savings make you cum this much; seek assistance.

    Date: 02/16/23 Views: 262,507 Category: Public

  • Absolutely Disrespectful

    Of all the reasons to leave Avatar 2 with a swamped ass, this was last on my list. Now have some respect and keep this shit in whatever theater M3GAN is playing.

    Date: 01/31/23 Views: 177,077 Category: Public

  • Practice = Perfect

    As my closest hispanic acquaintance would say; "she's for the streets"

    Date: 01/23/23 Views: 134,834 Category: Public

  • Mom's Side-Gig III

    Opioid addiction or some sort of protest until the McRib is brought in as a regular menu item? I can't confirm or deny either argument, but the complete lack of fucks given by her McWaitress makes me think she's an Inhmanity regular. sup?

    Date: 01/04/23 Views: 156,324 Category: Public

  • Boundaries? what r those?

    What in the Alabama backwoods barn burning bullshit is goin on in that last clip? Mating ritual? Vegan skin care? Reasons I won't enter Ubers without plastic wrap?

    Date: 12/25/22 Views: 203,311 Category: Public

  • "i brought my girlfriend to a gloryhole"

    Last Yelp Review: ★★★☆☆: Service was fast, but I got syphilis. Will not return.

    Date: 12/18/22 Views: 189,293 Category: Public

  • This Actually Happens?

    Potato quality footage, daytime gallery shoppers and talks of a Sloppy Benjamin - I'll admit, they had me in the first half. Then I realized she's pornstar Kristy Black.

    Date: 12/10/22 Views: 195,138 Category: Public

  • Coworker Collateral Damage

    hey sorry I cummed on you lol

    Date: 11/19/22 Views: 206,268 Category: Public

  • Hypnotized by 8-inch Penis

    It seems a 2-pack of Bud Light turns you into the Gandolf of parking lot pussy pickups... and today his teachings are all free of charge. Practice what you see here and I promise those, size-11 Tinder girls will never "LMAO" at you again.

    Date: 11/08/22 Views: 273,233 Category: Public

  • "Fucking with Strangers"

    She claims this is legit, and it's the first time "meeting" this dude. Okay lady, sure. And the gangrene I got from "introducing" myself to a stripper that considers Canadian pennies a form of payment will just go away with soap and water.

    Date: 10/02/22 Views: 225,354 Category: Public

  • Peer Pressure Made Her do it

    All I see is jealousy. Well... maybe "jealous" is the wrong word as it would imply she gives half a shit about public image. Trust me; she doesn't. I've been inside a White Castle at 2:00AM. I know what antipathy and diseased meat looks like.

    Date: 08/08/22 Views: 196,805 Category: Public

  • My Coworker, Not My Wife

    Fashion sense by Vera Wang
    Technique by Never Seen a Wang

    Date: 04/07/22 Views: 170,173 Category: Public

  • The Estonian Standard

    This is how you get boomers to support immigration.

    Date: 02/26/22 Views: 214,871 Category: Public

  • well... didn't expect THAT?

    Most erections won't make it past that hobgoblin in the second video, but trust me - it gets better. Not season 4 into season 5 Game of Thrones better. More like final episode "thank fuck this is over, I need to shower this stink off me" better.

    Date: 02/16/22 Views: 230,209 Category: Public

  • Mom's Side-Gig II

    Nope, not even getting a participation trophy for this. I've seen episodes of The Golden Girls with more enthusiasm. FREE TIP: When geriatric sitcoms produce stiffer erections than u, it might be time rethink the whole porn thing. [PART 1]

    Date: 02/14/22 Views: 176,346 Category: Public

  • There's 2 Kinds of Hookups

    Practically 4 years of regretful behavior summed up in 30 seconds, or behind the scenes of the next Valtrex commercial? Today you choose your own adventure.

    Date: 02/03/22 Views: 187,723 Category: Public

  • Forget something, Becky?

    This is acceptable. But you hang one brain out of your 2XL Nike Mesh shorts on squat day & suddenly you're on the lifetime ban list. P.S. Fuck you Planet Fitness.

    Date: 01/27/22 Views: 198,950 Category: Public

  • Very Beautiful, Very Brave

    Seems this B-tier porn LARPer has acquired some sort of certification from the city? Back in my day this jobber would have laid down for the 3 count without a gimmick and put the legend over. And dammit, she would have liked it. (brother)

    Date: 12/11/21 Views: 198,877 Category: Public