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  • 1 Night In Kansas City

    A trio of foreigners visiting America decide to participate in one of the west's most notable pastimes in recent history: Cuckolding within 500 yards of a 7-11.

    Date: 05/15/24 Views: 101,025 Category: Public

  • What Did She Expect?

    8 more seconds and we would've had to contact air traffic control.

    Date: 04/28/24 Views: 149,304 Category: Public

  • Disrespect Is Real

    Date: 04/13/24 Views: 134,965 Category: Public

  • Amazon Workers Caught

    Primed delivery.

    Date: 03/28/24 Views: 142,958 Category: Public

  • That Was Crossing The Line

    The last clip in here is one wild ride. Imagine spending weeks convincing your corner store cam girl to accept the blindfolded handicap match, only to watch her get sidelined by a dude that gets cease and desist letters from John Carpenter.

    Date: 03/11/24 Views: 201,309 Category: Public

  • I'd Be Proud Too [They're Real]

    I was once told Romanian girls that don't scam you are about as authentic's policy to keep exposed buttholes off their website. But Michael Mouse stands by "Sometimes all you need is a little bit of magic to believe".

    Date: 03/09/24 Views: 121,384 Category: Public

  • Pretty Fucked Up To Film This

    I once witnessed the same thing while riding the Hogwarts Express in Disney World. The tits were actually bigger. Unfortunately, Chester and his butter beer piss stained sweatpants were not as forgiving about being filmed. #truestory

    Date: 02/24/24 Views: 189,036 Category: Public

  • Doing This With Your Family Is Crazy


    Date: 12/21/23 Views: 218,799 Category: Public

  • Girls in A Nutshell

    Just one little PSA for those folks that might actually come across one of these misfits on Tinder. Swipe left; your insurance plan won't cover the other direction.

    Date: 12/15/23 Views: 144,732 Category: Public

  • Coworker Compromised

    "hey sorry I cummed on you lol"

    Date: 12/03/23 Views: 184,142 Category: Public

  • Deleting This in 24hrs

    4:23 mark:
    “You’re such a good girl.”
    “Thank you.”

    Date: 10/27/23 Views: 247,305 Category: Public

  • Was it Worth the Risk?

    In the early cam days; these chicks would actually go into public places instead of the green screen, family fantasy "my step-cousin's 3rd neighbor's mailman is in the house shhhh!" bullshit you see today. And this babe was one of the pioneers.

    Date: 10/05/23 Views: 131,517 Category: Public

  • Regretful 18-year-old Prostitute

    Not in the Nike Airs...

    Date: 10/01/23 Views: 273,902 Category: Public

  • This is How Girls Get Killed

    Not even afraid of having her pork chop crotch box online forever. If this isn't the standard for 2023's independent woman, I don't wanna know what is. Now make sure to save that OF cash. The Valtrex boxes aren't gonna overnight themselves.

    Date: 09/13/23 Views: 257,260 Category: Public

  • Perfect Timing? (Wait for it...)

    I'm positive this is the same woman that keeps invading my Instagram feed with videos about having squirrels up her ass, or publicly shaming herself over having the vaginal odor of a Sudanese outhouse. So... it was advertising for this? I guess?

    Date: 08/09/23 Views: 202,924 Category: Public

  • Never Trust a Tourist

    Sleep on xhamster comments and you miss gems like this: "Pplummer69: Done this a good bit myself with homeless girls living in buildings here in town fucked and used them real good for just a few $$$. I live in Johnstown Pennsylvania"

    Date: 07/31/23 Views: 257,260 Category: Public

  • Beyond Unforgivable

    Almost 2 hrs of some guy hangin brain in every zip code, but not even 10 secs of him being bludgeoned with the bumper of a passenger car? Do better Europe.

    Date: 06/23/23 Views: 178,252 Category: Public

  • Dude Just Doesn't Give a Fuck

    A classic exploit by Mya Lane. If you're wondering what she's been doing for the past 5 years you'll be happy to know not even pregnancy was enough to put her on the shelf. Or public shaming. Or wtfever this cowboy beebop bullshit is.

    Date: 05/21/23 Views: 159,327 Category: Public

  • "do we have to?!"

    Promise a future of earning $40 and all that "i'm waiting for marriage" talk fades. That's what we all want to see in the end: A confident girl that can beat the odds.

    Date: 05/11/23 Views: 162,523 Category: Public

  • Shame Doesn't Exist

    I could be wrong, but that's Stella Cox. Who seems to look uh... a little different in 2023. My comments have been reserved until the magician reveals her secret(s).

    Date: 05/06/23 Views: 159,584 Category: Public

  • I Dare You

    Fucking hell, $2.95 for high test? Take me back. Oh yeah nice tits. I guess.

    Date: 04/27/23 Views: 252,829 Category: Public

  • well... was it worth it?

    60 seconds of clitoral stimulation directly in front of the cash register just cost Becky and her boyfriend a lifetime of 12 dollar el grande chocolatto carmellos.

    Date: 04/08/23 Views: 160,717 Category: Public

  • Getting Violated in New York City

    I don't know what the fuck she's protesting, but the movement needs a Pamper's sponsorship as soon as humanly possible. Now you take that snail trail right back to the Bronx Zoo exhibit you stole it from and maybe I won't call the authorities.

    Date: 03/28/23 Views: 205,689 Category: Public

  • Real Stranger, Real Danger

    uhh, I don't know exactly when 'crankin your carrot while a stranger rawdogs your girlfriend in a 7-11 parking lot' became a thing... but I suspect TikTok is responsible.

    Date: 03/18/23 Views: 202,722 Category: Public

  • Never let your guard down...

    Basic maths tell me this situation is about as probable as Kanye West being properly medicated during business hours, but I do find her fake full body dry-heaving and dedication to the vibe kind of compelling. Thoughts? Requests?

    Date: 03/13/23 Views: 166,099 Category: Public

  • The Absolute Disrespect

    If Home Depot's summer savings make you cum this much; seek assistance.

    Date: 02/16/23 Views: 268,719 Category: Public

  • Absolutely Disrespectful

    Of all the reasons to leave Avatar 2 with a swamped ass, this was last on my list. Now have some respect and keep this shit in whatever theater M3GAN is playing.

    Date: 01/31/23 Views: 181,829 Category: Public

  • Practice = Perfect

    As my closest hispanic acquaintance would say; "she's for the streets"

    Date: 01/23/23 Views: 138,624 Category: Public

  • Mom's Side-Gig III

    Opioid addiction or some sort of protest until the McRib is brought in as a regular menu item? I can't confirm or deny either argument, but the complete lack of fucks given by her McWaitress makes me think she's an Inhmanity regular. sup?

    Date: 01/04/23 Views: 161,375 Category: Public

  • Boundaries? what r those?

    What in the Alabama backwoods barn burning bullshit is goin on in that last clip? Mating ritual? Vegan skin care? Reasons I won't enter Ubers without plastic wrap?

    Date: 12/25/22 Views: 209,531 Category: Public