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  • 5 Minutes Is All It Took

    A 19 min adventure with a woman that doesn't believe the night is over until her junior mint has been turned inside out. The odor in that room must be diabolical.

    Date: 02/13/24 Views: 170,819 Category: Virgins

  • Double-D Anal Virgin Broken

    Ginger crotch drops her socks and takes cock in her fart box? This freestyle is brought to you by the same clogged outhouse that squeezed out this atrocity.

    Date: 01/14/24 Views: 210,817 Category: Virgins

  • Virginal Surprise

    What in the cornbread skidmark hell is going on with this generation? Once upon a time having the genetic configuration of a Madagacar tomato frog would limit your partners to Walmart shoppers. Now tho? No one even pumps the brakes.

    Date: 11/29/23 Views: 214,256 Category: Virgins

  • Virginity Stolen

    Slavic degen films her 397th brother-buster video and expects us to get lost in teh story. Let me tell you something Natasha; unless ur that underwater bullshit in MGS 2 or the bottom of a Five Guys cajun fries cup, I am disoriented by no man.

    Date: 11/10/23 Views: 213,625 Category: Virgins

  • Day 1: Broken

    Date: 10/17/23 Views: 161,015 Category: Virgins

  • Wrong Hole, Wrong Everything

    hmm judging by the circumferences and elasticity of both buttholes, it's clear the subplot here is act of revenge. Dude definitely knows his way around a Wendy's.

    Date: 08/26/23 Views: 193,178 Category: Virgins

  • Best Way to Lose Your Virginity?

    What in the fucking Doogie Howser, M.D. are we seeing here? I'd give him the big W for going the distance... but no amount of THOT slaying in the world is going to change the unfortunate genetic make up of that boogie board he calls a body.

    Date: 07/21/23 Views: 242,442 Category: Virgins

  • Imagine Losing Your Virginity Here

    Probably about as legit as Texas Roadhouse employee's washing their hands, but I do admire her dedication to the scene. The facial expressions are on point, and that smoke stack is winking like George Costanza after going 1v1 with a grapefruit.

    Date: 01/09/23 Views: 189,848 Category: Virgins

  • Dads Love Her

    I was going to leave something pleasant here, then I came across one of the most porpospterous displays of OnlyFans shilling I've seen (this month). Sorry lady, I will be reserving my next post-clarity night of nutting for the Sears Catalogue.

    Date: 04/06/22 Views: 207,926 Category: Virgins

  • Why/How is this Even Possible?

    Most chances of sexual activity flatline after being courted by Mike Myer's stunt double. Not in this guy's world. He refuses to let his disability hold him back and here I am wondering how I can translate all 4 Free Willy films into busting a nut.

    Date: 01/21/19 Views: 368,871 Category: Virgins

  • 19 and CLUELESS

    19-years-old and doesn't know what a vagina is. But what they lack in anatomy classes they make up for in... well... nothing. Even combined these two are completely fucking useless & I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

    Date: 09/14/17 Views: 214,280 Category: Virgins

  • REAL: The 84lb Virgin

    After banging a good 85% of the Czech Republic's population, he finally broke unfamiliar ground: A mint condition hymen... and an uneducated one at that. She taps out quicker than me during the Baywatch movie.

    Date: 06/11/17 Views: 1,381,972 Category: Virgins

  • REAL: Camgirl Takes Virginity. AGAIN

    This is what happens when your e-stock hits the shitter. Cherries popped, jealousies are fueled - all cause some goofy bitch can't quit her Overwatch addiction and just go pro already. Oh and, this isn't her 1st charitable act.

    Date: 04/17/17 Views: 195,471 Category: Virgins

  • Virgin Blows Away Veteran Pornstar

    Don't let the lack of sunlight and all-Hot Pocket diet fool you: He's a vagina assassin. We all have a calling in life, and after fucking the basic math skills out of this professional, Stewart knows what his is. FULL SCENE

    Date: 05/28/16 Views: 333,365 Category: Virgins

  • "I lost my virginity to a prostitute"

    Luckiest 18-year-old this side of Germania gets a b-day gift for the ages... Silicone-free, rentable-by-the-hour vagina. Look out world, for the next 4.5 action-packed minutes belong to Clovis 'take no prisoners' Hofmann.

    Date: 09/27/15 Views: 243,619 Category: Virgins

  • DEVASTATING Orgasm @ 4:45

    Going mach-17 on your clitoris in order to produce your first non-Harry Potter related climax? Cool. Seizing up like you got tazed in the asshole with a car battery? Not so cool. What in the fuck did I just ejaculate to?

    Date: 06/07/15 Views: 147,770 Category: Virgins