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  • The Rebound II

    I can't prove it, but girl in white definitely lost her virginity to an Elden Ring action figure, and the other might doing this to feed her family. Either way ยป no refunds

    Date: 04/27/24 Views: 163,976 Category: Derp

  • Making This Public Was A Mistake

    Billy saved all of his birthday nickles for his favorite street performer... only to be left at half mast and dryer than an asshole full of sand paper. The dream is dead.

    Date: 02/01/24 Views: 128,322 Category: Derp

  • A Bet Was Lost

    Just some unanswered questions before we proceed with this one; Why? How? And is that a black label copy of Final Fantasy 7 sitting underneath the camera?

    Date: 12/23/23 Views: 197,110 Category: Derp

  • California's Finest

    Another masterpiece role for her here: "midget pissing or cumming?" lol

    Date: 12/05/23 Views: 164,051 Category: Derp

  • "oops sent to the wrong person"

    A story as old as time.

    Date: 07/23/23 Views: 143,857 Category: Derp

  • She Needs Practice

    I'm wondering how many Grimmace milkshakes had to be sacrificed to make this moment possible. The number is most definitely somewhere between zero and 1.

    Date: 07/01/23 Views: 212,873 Category: Derp

  • Not Sorry I Cummed Inside You

    See that rush of fear around the 0:58 mark? That's the kind of reaction second only to a man that has miscalculated his maximum capacity for Mountain Dew Code Red in a public venue. And I think that's something we can all relate to.

    Date: 06/17/23 Views: 216,949 Category: Derp

  • "i tricked my sister again"

    Criticize all u want, but if it's 2AM in Frogballs Oklahoma - wtf else r u gonna do? Wait don't answer that. Let me jump my Dale Earnhardt edition Monte Carlo first.

    Date: 06/15/23 Views: 280,741 Category: Derp

  • Still Legal (in Russia)

    Abhorrent use of gas station boner sauce, a storyline that doesn't care about writers strikes and wallpaper only a Babushka could love. If this doesn't at least get nominated for this years Grammy Emmy Oscar awards, I'll be left in shambles.

    Date: 05/13/23 Views: 220,836 Category: Derp

  • Scandal? What SCANDAL?!

    I'd translate the comments below the video to understand wtf is going on, but the pepperoni Hot Pockets just reached 415 degrees and my night is booked up solid.

    Date: 12/07/22 Views: 195,796 Category: Derp



    Date: 12/05/22 Views: 231,347 Category: Derp

  • When Autists Make a Sex Tape

    "the girl is a fucking lunatic but at least i know she wasn't acting"

    Date: 11/17/22 Views: 393,712 Category: Derp

  • The Challenge

    Clearly the person who posted this was referring to mentally?

    Date: 10/19/22 Views: 208,708 Category: Derp

  • Legal in California

    Make sure you watch this video and dive into her Twitter wormhole first for the complete user experience. They essentially cement Hannah Hays as one of the most concerning specimens to ever Plan-B her way through the porn industry.

    Date: 01/22/22 Views: 278,862 Category: Derp

  • How the Fuck is this Possible?

    This one is for the homies that asked me wtf happened to that girl who looks like Sarah Palin crossbreed her with a gerbil? As fate would have it, not even a pandemic slowed down her quest to hate cum on a budget. Yikes and gadzooks.

    Date: 12/05/21 Views: 217,964 Category: Derp


    Face like Billie Eilish
    Tits like a GTA create-a-character
    Sex drive like she's in a union for ass-eating
    Gentleman: Meet your newest reason to get a restraining order.

    Date: 06/12/21 Views: 231,550 Category: Derp

  • Surprising a Hotel Maid

    Scrubbing the shit skid out of stranger's toilets usually sucks... but it's not without it's perks. I once saw a man inflict more PTSD on the Mexican working class than Donald Trump. But as far as fantasy fucks go, this this girl got the gold.

    Date: 11/06/20 Views: 292,984 Category: Derp

  • $20.00 to Fuck Her Brother?

    Is it real? Is it fake? Nobody truly knows when the video originates in the land of communist coochi. Not only that, but expect your primal curiosity in traditional wallpaper to be tripled at a minimum before this is over. Today is a learning day.

    Date: 05/01/20 Views: 313,864 Category: Derp

  • They were Asking for it


    Date: 03/29/20 Views: 239,611 Category: Derp

  • He Makes Hookers Cry

    Don't laugh at this. Even if your soul is more decayed than Robert De Niro's asshole after a weekend visit to a naval base, it should still tell you that giggle time is officially cancelled until Ricardo is located and a proper sequel is made.

    Date: 12/01/19 Views: 223,164 Category: Derp

  • Meet My Future Wife

    50% Retardation
    100% Date material
    200% Restraining order

    Date: 02/16/19 Views: 208,750 Category: Derp

  • Why the FUCK is This Girl in Porn?!

    Consider this both a tutorial and realty check for making proper life decisions. update: apparently the backlash from this video drove her to re-brand and start doing dry-anal scenes at home lol. Her new Paisley Pepper account is HERE

    Date: 10/19/18 Views: 283,483 Category: Derp

  • Pornstar Starts #FUCKAFAN Movement

    Mia Khalifa has been called a lot of things: Infamous, Disgraceful, Roblox Tit Jobber... but I prefer the term visionary. aka originator of the nerdgasm.

    Date: 08/16/18 Views: 229,962 Category: Derp

  • IT'S A TRAP!

    Don't let the cute face & lack of Valtrex in this video fool you: Even the hot ones make mistakes in the eternal quest for 11 seconds of Instagram fame.

    Date: 02/20/18 Views: 274,853 Category: Derp

  • Practice ≠ Perfect


    Date: 02/02/18 Views: 229,212 Category: Derp

  • The Best 10 Seconds on the Internet

    Nothing spells T-R-U-L-U-V like 12 ounces of dollar-store beer missing it's target. Don't know bout you, but my Valentine's day just got booked solid.

    Date: 02/01/18 Views: 239,905 Category: Derp

  • Autism & Incest

    The one time incestual storylines involve a believable girl... and she's getting fondled by a real life version of Shrek. p.s. welcome back My 2004 AOL away messages have missed your beautiful face. #nostalgia

    Date: 12/01/17 Views: 337,909 Category: Derp

  • When you see it....

    Contrary to her appearance, lead-role acting isn't really this girl's specialty. Her BA in theater was more wasted than a Chinese man's pension check in a casino. But all of that's okay when you can see 360 degrees at all times.

    Date: 10/14/17 Views: 1,230,243 Category: Derp

  • There's no reason for this

    Some goofy fuck pulled a Spielberg and remastered his entire discography of dick flicks ala Windows Movie Maker. One clip is relatively harmless... but a 30+ combo exhibition video? Nice, but try that on my Magneto function.

    Date: 07/09/17 Views: 203,463 Category: Derp


    Apparently looking like a Duck Dynasty stunt double turns you into the Merlin of slaying pussy... and today his expertise is all open-source. Practice what you see here and I promise, those hookers will never LOL again.

    Date: 09/21/16 Views: 257,028 Category: Derp