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  • Dude Won At Life

    Date: 10/03/23 Views: 54,052 Category: Hot


    Of all the ways to be completely repulsed by's Jason Stathman, getting crippled from power thrusting was most likely last on the list. Now point your mobility scooter into the corner and think about the choices you've made today.

    Date: 09/25/23 Views: 112,640 Category: Hot

  • Return of A Legend

    It's only been 84 years... but [-#fastfaps-] is back.

    Date: 08/20/23 Views: 147,277 Category: Hot

  • "you're not going anywhere"

    Not facing consequences for jamming your weenus into the crazy girl that bags groceries at Sam's Club is as probable as a WSB subscriber being profitable. So it's safe to assume the burning continued well after he put his clothes back on.

    Date: 07/15/23 Views: 147,012 Category: Hot

  • Treated Like Royalty

    Van life nomads with a hygiene regimen? Without video proof I would have called you an ignorant slut of a liar. But 30 seconds into browsing their video catalogue makes me believe there is light at the end of the Hot Cheeto dust-filled tunnel.

    Date: 07/09/23 Views: 138,003 Category: Hot

  • "Lucky You"

    Check the tat in photo #12. Wouldn't be my first choice is permanent decoration to accent my ass crack, but I'll roll with the fantasy if it gets me in smelling distance of this fatherless activity. Call me, I'll be gaining chromosomes [-here-]

    Date: 06/16/23 Views: 167,794 Category: Hot

  • umm... are u okay?

    Always found it weird to mix indoor snorkeling with attempting to orgasm. Of all the extra curricular activities you can collaborate with, I would expect something more wholesome. Like wearing VR goggles. Or reverse tugbombing for example.

    Date: 06/02/23 Views: 156,289 Category: Hot

  • Perfection Does Exist

    Gotta admit it's always a fascinating moment for me when you find something like this tucked away into the crawl space of a website that considers internal organ rearrangement an aphrodisiac. So like she said... would you just look at it?

    Date: 04/04/23 Views: 175,262 Category: Hot

  • Breaking in a Bombshell

    Rarely do I say this... but she is a single crotch hair away from a Dunkin Donuts breakfast taco on my dime. Let the simp sleuth searching of her identity begin.

    Date: 04/02/23 Views: 217,740 Category: Hot

  • Mom Knows Best

    If only Marvel put as much effort into a post-End Game movie, as this group did into exploring the midlife crisis of a fictitious soccer mom. Just trap Ant Man in Woodman's ass and film the escape for 2 hours. #stillbetterthanQuantumania

    Date: 03/15/23 Views: 154,260 Category: Hot

  • College Night Vibe

    Full(er) version

    Date: 01/21/23 Views: 195,964 Category: Hot

  • The $10 Dollar Experience

    #of: For half the cost of a Raising Cane's combo meal, u too can be subjected to whatever toxicology violations are lurking behind those master class Double-D's.

    Date: 01/02/23 Views: 167,256 Category: Hot

  • Underrated Girl is Underrated

    Surface-to-air tits like an enhanced Nina North, attitude straight outta New Jersey and doesn't believe in webcam technology created after 1997. If her boyfriend didn't look like he writes Among Us fan fiction, we'd have an all time great here.

    Date: 12/16/22 Views: 183,180 Category: Hot

  • The Life of a King

    Imagine documenting last nights Smirnoff-inspired gangbang and going viral in two completely different ways at the same time. #herpes #snapchat #effecient

    Date: 12/01/22 Views: 178,131 Category: Hot

  • A Different Kind of Hug

    If you're into the kind of erotica that reminds you of the black market for hackey sacks and burned Blink 182 CD's, you should probably throw them a few bucks.

    Date: 11/25/22 Views: 175,797 Category: Hot

  • "discipline me!"

    Nearly 20-years-old and still doesn't know how to speak coherently. But what she lacks in basic motor function, she makes up for in grade-A prime meats. i'm sold

    Date: 11/16/22 Views: 152,478 Category: Hot

  • Before they Destroyed Her

    Just remembering when Gabbie Carter was the Internet's most wanted. Now, the amount of early aging porn causes has come into question again. [2019] [2021 ] inb4 we witness a union that classifies rectal trauma as a benefits package?

    Date: 11/12/22 Views: 261,434 Category: Hot

  • Still Legal in Mexico

    Gotta admit, this girl's body alone deserves way more attention than it's getting. Her tits alone are putting the entire SSRI industry on watch. More videos [HERE]

    Date: 10/31/22 Views: 213,712 Category: Hot

  • 1 Night in My Ex

    25 exhilarating seconds featuring an open-palmed mushroom strike, face down humiliation and me wondering why the fuck people even put the effort into uploading this nonsense. In 2022 we need penetration, or violence... or cocanium.

    Date: 09/10/22 Views: 216,551 Category: Hot

  • How to Fuck Up the Best Hookup of Your Life

    Is nut shaming a thing? It's probably easier to adopt Swahili than trying to keep up with today's Twitter dictionary, so excuse me if it actually is. What I do know is her look at the 4:00 mark means the situation is not bussin, fr fr no capitals.

    Date: 09/07/22 Views: 229,583 Category: Hot

  • 9 Girls Setting Bars Too High

    Imagine thinking marriage is an option in 2022

    Date: 08/10/22 Views: 169,130 Category: Hot

  • Living with an 18-year-old

    Well shit, with proportions and elasticity like that I'll gladly lower my standard and line up at the brillo pad elephant dick barbershop with the rest of em. #noregrats

    Date: 07/31/22 Views: 216,484 Category: Hot

  • Date Night

    I don't know who she is but the checklist has already been maxed out: Puts out on the first date. Isn't afraid to go full commando, and has absolutely no respect for the domestic leatherette option in the Suburban you borrowed from mom.

    Date: 07/13/22 Views: 207,304 Category: Hot

  • Attention Whoring 101

    $10.00 and the final remnants of my Culver's cheese curds says she uses dipshit phrases like "bussin" and "no cap" and "i'll kill you if I find you hiding in the backseat of my Toyota Corolla again, mother fucker". Typical zoomer attitude.

    Date: 07/05/22 Views: 164,955 Category: Hot

  • The Morning After

    original title: selfie to make your day better. Listen bitch; 7 hrs ago it seemed like a good idea to eat 64 slices of American Cheese & wash it down with gin. Unless u have a sewing kit & extensive knowledge of battle wounds, ur request is denied.

    Date: 06/01/22 Views: 210,517 Category: Hot

  • You'll Last 8 Seconds, Tops

    That's a home-wrecking set of dimensions if I've ever seen some. Literally built for BBC, BGC, YMCA and whatever DOT codes are needed for construction vehicles.

    Date: 05/28/22 Views: 248,212 Category: Hot

  • "i needed the money"

    Lilo Mai

    Date: 03/18/22 Views: 167,237 Category: Hot

  • Training Mode

    Great. Now Middle Eastern hostage situations make me cum.

    Date: 03/06/22 Views: 182,066 Category: Hot

  • Going For an 18-year-old

    Scroll down ↓↓ for the comments on this. You will not be disappointed. (probably)

    Date: 02/01/22 Views: 224,533 Category: Hot

  • 1 Minute in Paradise

    Consider this a 60 second tutorial on why you should always reach for vagina outside of Walmart's Black Friday sale. Remember Norman Vincent's words: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll still land among the gonorrhea.”

    Date: 12/22/21 Views: 283,075 Category: Hot