• Really Bad Boyfriend

    So... what's the explanation this time? Normally guys looking like the result of crossbreeding Napoleon Dynamite with an eggplant are incapable of securing women of this quality. Edit: nvm I just realized those are tits and not her thighs.

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    It's knowing they made at least 3 attempts before posting this online, for me.

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  • It's Official: She HATES IT

    No reasons given, just a friend with benedicts that seems to enjoy the apathy for slurping turtle so much she insists on it being documented and put online? Weird.

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  • RUTHLESS: Boyfriend Right Next To Her


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  • Workplace Violation

    On today's edition of "I remember masturbating to her while unboxing my launch copy of Halo 2 with my free hand" its Alexis. No comeback has been made official

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  • Arrest This MF

    Sociopaths are called psychopaths but there are differences. Psychopathy can be thought of as a more severe form of sociopathy with more defined symptoms. All psychopaths are sociopaths but sociopaths are not always psychopaths. - science

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  • She Knows... LMAO

    Ah the unexpected kiss of Country Time Lemonade. Sneaking one past the goalie might not end your relationship, but trust will be forever broken. Still worth it imo.

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  • France Is Fucked Up


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  • She Has PTSD Now

    I've been seeing this Jade Kink individual popping up all over the tubes for a long time now, and I gotta say; Her upbringing must have had more disappointments than a trailer park family reunion. Fucking girl is out of her piss-drinking mind...

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  • "we done? okay get out"

    The original title alone they have over there is so fucking absurd, you have to believe it's actually true. Admittedly it might not be worth the 30 minute mini-series run time, but it's definitely one of the unicorns of the Xhamster underbelly.

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  • Roommates Have No Chill

    Looks like Russian. Sounds like Croation. Smells like Bombay. #diversity

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  • The Perversion is Real

    誰も翻訳する時間を取らないので、ここでは何でも書くことができます(笑)。 パイナップルはピザのトッピングに最適です。 ニッケルバックは過小評価されている。 そしてバイオハザード4リメイクはゴミだ。

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  • "send this to her boyfriend"

    Forget all the critters the cheating girl is leaving behind on Guillermo's couch. I remember that little [-piss wizard-] in the second clip. It was one of the few times in life I took a step back & wondered if Germany should still have Internet access.

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  • New Fear Unlocked

    imma let a little wisdom found in one of the comments below do the speaking for me: "fat fuck behind the camera breathing like a bridge troll is disgusting as fuck."

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  • Bad First Impression

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  • So, Girls Do it Too?

    Actually foul. Never trusting Nordstrom's Lucky Labor Day sale again.

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  • Totally Fucked Up if Real

    wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf
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    Must have been no dq rules. Better set a stipulation for the rematch at Backlash.

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  • Disgraceful in Venezuela

    The first tag team ventriloquist act, or the South American public transit system in action? Maybe both? Maybe I take a pepperoni, and punch it through ur head.

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  • No Safe Words? WTF?

    What's that old saying? If a technique was used to kill a person in a horror movie, some degenerate from Fuckstick Akansas is practicing it in the back of his third cousin's double wide? Because I'm pretty sure that's what were all seeing here.

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  • Your Uncle is Still a Fuckin Pervert

    feral feral feral feral feral feral feral feral feral feral feral feral feral feral
    feral feral feral feral feral feral feral feral feral feral feral feral feral feral
    feral feral feral feral feral feral feral feral feral feral feral feral feral feral

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  • Terrorizing the Public

    Imagine hitching a ride on a South American city bus and being considered more of a biohazard than the two inches of piss you're currently standing in (barefoot).

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  • Right Next to Her Boyfriend? WTF?

    Clearly it's a setup. But there's no doubt in my mind, in some dimly lit corner of a trailer park that doesn't show up on Google maps, this exact scenario is playing out surrounded by Newports & half-eaten cans of Costco's finest meatball ravioli.

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  • Deranged Girl Tries Fucking Roommate

    Dude is hung like an Idaho potato, and she's got the kind of crazy eyes that would send Steve Buscemi running. Normally this kind of inbreeding would be kept behind closed doors until a Twitter hashtag is created for it... yet here we are.

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  • Groping Strangers - WTF?

    Gotta be his wife. The 100 assaults posted to his channel all involve the same target. Considering the site he chose to upload to, you'd expect at least one incident involving adult diapers and a petting zoo. But nope; it never happens.

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  • "Helping the Homeless"

    Hate to break your skid row fantasy, but homegirl isn't a vagrant. I actually still remember when this video first circulated; When desensitization was still a thing and public acts actually shocked people. Now nothing short of parallel parking a mini cooper into somebodies asshole gets the blood flowing. [ full version here ]

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  • Bad. This is Bad

    Something tells me he refuses to listen to Limp Bizkit unless it's on vinyl.

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  • "we're breaking up"

    Turns out the keto friendly bratwurst and vinegar diet has a downside after-all. Call me a psychic, but I'm guessing the sequel isn't on her to-do schedule...

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  • Caught With Her Boss [REAL?]

    Casual Friday in his office with the new intern, and the day they brought the McRib back: Name the 2 most memorable moments of Billy Buttonup's life.

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  • The Worst Video I've Seen in 2022

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