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  • "we warned you"

    → we're srsly gonna fuck you up
    → i don't think that's possible
    gets choked unconscious
    → shockedpikachu.gif

    Date: 04/17/24 Views: 63,110 Category: WTF

  • If this is real...

    Spoiler: It's not. I know Walmart elite when I see it, and there's no sign of velcro shoes anywhere in this video. Better acting than Megan Fox in Expend4bles tho.

    Date: 03/23/24 Views: 191,795 Category: WTF

  • but y tho?

    It's either a Julliard student's magnum opus in creative expression of the female body... or any San Fransisco night club on a Wednesday afternoon. It's hard to tell when everyone is smoking the same jenkem... but one thing is for sure: AIDS.

    Date: 01/09/24 Views: 147,121 Category: WTF

  • Good Girls, Bad Decisions

    Hogs & Kebabs. I'd stomp a mudhole in that tbh.

    Date: 12/24/23 Views: 190,810 Category: WTF

  • IP Camera Catches Dad With A Hooker

    The original upload refers to her as his wife, but I know that diabolical level of contact avoiding at the 1:27 mark only comes in the form of pay-to-play. #facts

    Date: 11/25/23 Views: 205,676 Category: WTF

  • Girls: Do Better

    I shouldn't speak on behalf of females thanks to my unkempt eggbag and an addiction to White Castle french toast sliders... but I think have an idea how life gets to this point. And reparing it begins with uninstalling League of Legends.

    Date: 11/09/23 Views: 150,463 Category: WTF

  • Well... That Got Dark

    Thumbnail girls are at the 0:33 mark. That ending tho...

    Date: 11/05/23 Views: 219,528 Category: WTF

  • Remove Them From Society

    There's people that skirt along the edge of "normal". Then there's Carrot Top. And finally there's unfixable misfits like the 10 or so specimens you're about to witness on the other side of this link. For non-American viewers; This is why Valium exists.

    Date: 10/24/23 Views: 182,491 Category: WTF

  • 4 Girls, All Related

    What in the Mississippi Walmart coworker bullshit is going on here? It'd be more believable to call this man a scientist, because the elements he's finding between the branches of this family tree are currently undiscovered by man and Bill Nye.

    Date: 10/12/23 Views: 311,848 Category: WTF

  • First Date in Moscow?

    A few q's if you don't mind: What the fuck is this? Above average production value? Method acting? And most importantly, if I go through Comcast training, will I be able to fix this Internet faster than getting through customer service?

    Date: 10/02/23 Views: 231,209 Category: WTF

  • Fucking With Prostitutes

    [-Aria Skye-]. Barely 100lbs with her clothes on and for some reason she agrees to be ragdolled like a bag of wet potato rolls. Sometimes I think these women should shoot higher. Like, Logistics Clerk. Or Kevin James' shit stain assistant.

    Date: 09/27/23 Views: 150,048 Category: WTF

  • This Has To Be a New Low

    Probably just another one of those groundbreakers that stage their room to look like the most unsuspecting place to swing some sausage, then places the camera in one fixed position to really drive in that boomer traffic to their OnlyFarmers.

    Date: 09/08/23 Views: 267,899 Category: WTF

  • Someone Needs To Check This

    I'm all for creative ways to exercise your peanut... but this couple have a pretty fucking distorted definition of eroticism. I got halfway through their catalogue and all it made me want to do is install Fortnite, then set my computer on fire.

    Date: 09/03/23 Views: 151,012 Category: WTF

  • Well... That Was Fucked Up

    One day I'm gonna edit some home videos into this series. A night behind Tim Hortons comes to mind. She had the kinda lips that swung around like a basset hound's ears during a tropical storm. I never looked at recycling the same again.

    Date: 08/31/23 Views: 136,399 Category: WTF

  • Fam, I would delete this...

    Is it porno? Or something that gets submitted to a performative art school as a final project? cause if ur waxin carrot to this shit, it may be time for intervention.

    Date: 08/10/23 Views: 188,040 Category: WTF

  • If This is Your Daughter: I'm sorry

    that's it. i quit.

    Date: 08/05/23 Views: 206,157 Category: WTF

  • Legal in Oklahoma [I think]

    I could be in the minority here, but Barnum & Bailey should be kept as far away as possible from any and all sexual situations. If I wanted to be repeatedly violated by a clown, I'd pay for a day trading discord. Pretty amazing body tho. RELEVANT

    Date: 07/30/23 Views: 245,968 Category: WTF

  • No Mercy Random - Dude's a Savage

    Today's visuals couldn't get better if you slammed an Ambien cocktail and hit the boardwalk wearing nothing but a smile and Walmart's finest body spray. Speaking of NJ, not even [-carl-] would be caught inside whatever spawned in the last clip.

    Date: 06/29/23 Views: 220,533 Category: WTF

  • Just Cartel Things

    Date: 06/27/23 Views: 434,909 Category: WTF

  • There's Still Time to Delete This

    A rousing assembly of women that don't believe teh night is over until their clout levels have reached unmeasurable proportions. Reminiscent of a reoccurring dream I keep having involving Brock Lesnar and Long John Silver’s Cocktail Sauce.

    Date: 06/15/23 Views: 205,306 Category: WTF

  • Oh No Not Again

    Either I'm bad at keeping track of pornstar birthdays, or Gina Valentina's aunt Beatriz has been body doubling her scenes recently. What the fuck happened?

    Date: 06/11/23 Views: 174,340 Category: WTF

  • You May Have Crossed the Line

    For them, it's about breaking societal norms. Conquer that art form and nothing shall come between ur tits and Internet glory. Save for a restraining order or four.

    Date: 05/27/23 Views: 228,986 Category: WTF

  • uhh... is your friend alive?

    What has worse camerawork than the og Blair Witch and leaves you wondering who the fuck wants this? No it's not Cloverfield, but refunds should be issued.

    Date: 05/18/23 Views: 245,547 Category: WTF

  • Real Sisters on Skidrow

    I can't imagine what has to happen in life for you to trade oral sex for opioids. But I'm betting it involves the neighbor's cat and all 12 delicious flavors of Rice-a-Roni.

    Date: 05/10/23 Views: 216,073 Category: WTF

  • The Worst Girl on Pornhub? (deleted)

    Victoria Bliss on the hub. The original video seems to have vanished, but luckily we still have the remnants of what happens when a group of erections goes flat simultaneously and lashes out together. That's what I call community service.

    Date: 05/06/23 Views: 166,458 Category: WTF

  • Mistakes Were Definitely Made

    First attempts at delivering a beat down in meat town [1:53], a possible Resident Evil 4 cosplay [3:27] and a language barrier so ridiculous I might have to give the girl her own special section on this site in the future. [4:17] Like uh why even try?

    Date: 04/16/23 Views: 148,616 Category: WTF

  • No Way this Actually Happened

    Made me think about the underground sludge deathcore viking metal show I saw last week. It went from casual music festival, to full blown AIDS epidemic when 1 reckless cunt turned her vj into a full serve car wash. I YELP'd the venue 5-stars.

    Date: 03/27/23 Views: 216,368 Category: WTF

  • The "Florida Babysitter" Video

    This might hurt Miami's spring break tourism numbers.

    Date: 03/15/23 Views: 230,627 Category: WTF

  • Delete This Immediately

    At this point, I don't even question human behavior. The only thing separating us from being narrated by David Attenborough, are complicated sneakers and semi-automatic weapons. Turns out the Internet may have been a mistake after all.

    Date: 03/12/23 Views: 355,953 Category: WTF

  • Spoiler: Dad Knows

    Pretty fuckin bold move to do this in public to be honest. But while the Ebay bidding war rages on for that wet spot she left behind, consider this; women.

    Date: 03/04/23 Views: 196,875 Category: WTF