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  • NOT Prepared for Anal

    If there's a line to be crossed, you can damn well guarantee a middle-aged white dude that collects empty barbecue sauce bottles to be the one stepping over it. ib4 the gofundme for her asshole gets removed for violating terms of service.

    Date: 09/01/20 Views: 288,050 Category: Anal


    Rebecca's first time in Stinktown USA proves memorable. For the guy trying to double-dip, not her. Binging Dr. Phil episodes is going to erase this memory faster than me getting permabanned from Home Depot for stress testing toilet displays.

    Date: 07/22/20 Views: 217,441 Category: Anal

  • "yo she twitchin"

    Urkel single-handled sets up his Occupy Snowbunny movement in grade A trailer park tushy and she's spazzing out like an epileptic at a rave - How can things get better? They can't. But the vulcan cock grip she pulls off at 2:31 is a great start...

    Date: 07/16/20 Views: 209,782 Category: Anal


    Only the Gen-1 Inhumanity fan will recognize this one. correction: the permanent scar tissue damage inside their beanbag will remember it. Take me back to 2007.

    Date: 07/11/20 Views: 328,488 Category: Anal

  • Breaking an 18-Year-Old

    Contrary to appearance, churning the cornhole cavern won't result in receiving a large order of spicy chicken nuggets. Proving yet again that you shouldn't believe stereotypes. It just leads to disappointment. And the faint aroma of burned metal.

    Date: 06/28/20 Views: 250,116 Category: Anal

  • Mom? What are You Doing?

    hmm I bet she hasn't felt this kind of satisfaction since going lvl 99 Karen at the McDonald's drive-thru and actually getting that 2nd dipping sauce on the house.

    Date: 06/10/20 Views: 367,811 Category: Anal

  • That didn't hide her identity...

    Symptom #39 that you've graduated from tastless MILF meat, to fully fledged bum ranger: You find yourself with 15 minutes between PTA meetings, and instead of preparing for it, you roll the dice and smash sum butt hash instead.

    Date: 04/14/20 Views: 338,744 Category: Anal

  • He Stuck His Dick in Crazyy

    This entire glorious scene is one beautiful train wreck and I can't fucking wait to hear a epic drum and bass remix of this. :) Full Scene (Mandy): HERE. [Remix #1]

    Date: 04/05/20 Views: 212,336 Category: Anal

  • The Last Girl I'd Expect

    This ones starts off as a painal video. But much like me during a theatrical release that stars Nicholas Cage, that only lasts about 18 seconds. From there on it's all pleasure. And by pleasure I mean screaming for olive oil-based lubricants.

    Date: 01/25/20 Views: 284,057 Category: Anal

  • Cuckold's Wife WANTS OUT!

    After bulldozing through Detroit's prosti population, our man broke unfamiliar ground: A woman in it for the BBC, not crackrock. And a sensitive one at that. That butthole took more abuse than a Volkswagen beetle during a soccer riot.

    Date: 12/27/19 Views: 414,336 Category: Anal

  • Holding Back Tears

    With a name like iBarbie you'd think she'd have more beta boyfriend. But as you can clearly see by her expressions from 1:31 - 6:30, her emotions are no more negotiable than the super size option at McDonald's. Same salt levels apply too.

    Date: 12/10/19 Views: 233,064 Category: Anal

  • She Lasted 67 Seconds

    Imagine putting a price on the elasticity of your butthole.
    Now imagine that price being less than a cup of Folger's Crystals.

    Date: 12/06/19 Views: 268,638 Category: Anal

  • "no that's too far"

    Fucking a total stranger? Check
    Rawdogging her brownie bowl? Check
    Kissing the dipstick after a fluid check? NOPE

    Date: 10/08/19 Views: 299,967 Category: Anal

  • wrong hole... WRONG HOLE!!

    Brodude pays more attention to PajeetWarrior20x3 spamming his chatroom than he does to his girlfriend's orifices, resulting in a no-scope sneak attack of her crude oil tank. And judging by her response... there won't be a second mistake.

    Date: 09/24/19 Views: 242,353 Category: Anal

  • Saying Goodbye to a Legend

    Shame she doesn't make raunchy butt ripper videos anymore. A damn crying shame. Never again will we see this level of excitement when it comes to colonizing the dark planet. EDIT: she's still alive/active. more [here] and [here]

    Date: 09/16/19 Views: 318,215 Category: Anal

  • I Ejaculated 13 Times

    Full Name: Gabbie Carter
    Current Age: 18-years-old
    Restraining Orders Filed:

    Date: 05/06/19 Views: 383,180 Category: Anal

  • Best. Buttsex. Ever.

    HIM: ready 4 tha pain?
    HER: que?

    Date: 03/18/19 Views: 314,184 Category: Anal

  • Hooker INSTANTLY Regrets Anal

    aye, I'm thinking it might be best if you restrict all incoming traffic to the front of your body. Either that, or stop shopping for clientele at zoo entrances. Another few years of this and even a Jewish butcher won't be discounting that meat pile.

    Date: 11/29/18 Views: 317,820 Category: Anal

  • Rents Overdue

    Turns out those 'female respondents only 'ads on Craigslist yield interesting results. Specifically in the "bobbing for Alabama crab apples" department.

    Date: 09/25/18 Views: 279,396 Category: Anal

  • Literally WIFE MATERIAL

    Revenge of the Brown Sith

    Date: 09/05/18 Views: 300,282 Category: Anal

  • "I'm ready for ana...oh FUCKKKK!"

    How to make ur $50 porn vid 100x better? Do a shot of her crinkled starfish before and after sinking the dirty submarine. That's what people really want to see. A sliding scale of damage that FEMA might have to be called in for.

    Date: 09/02/18 Views: 351,549 Category: Anal

  • BF won't take "no" for an Answer

    How do you say "Harvey Weinstein" in Russian?

    Date: 05/24/18 Views: 275,984 Category: Anal

  • CRIPPLED by Buttsex

    Schizoid games a soft-6 with an afternoon of bumper cars and Red Lobster... only to slip a couple of Oxycontin in her Admiral's Feast. The end result? 100% unadulterated, unfiltered autism around the 9:30 mark.

    Date: 05/16/18 Views: 333,661 Category: Anal

  • TRUTH: Anorexic Girls are Tighter

    Another incident where some introductory pornstar is left with a smoking O-ring because she failed to follow the #1 rule of dancing the B-hole Boogaloo: "Grease Keeps the Peace" member that, & you'll always be 'aight.

    Date: 03/11/18 Views: 378,084 Category: Anal

  • It DOES exist!

    Don't let the above-average penis size and battle-tested anus fool you: Encyclopedia Britannica lied. The human female can squirt via buttsex.

    Date: 01/04/18 Views: 298,958 Category: Anal

  • Dunkin Donuts Employee of the Year

    Sorry hungry pedestrians living below the poverty line. Her sexual desires > your iced coolatta. Could someone please email me the news story when she gets caught pissing into the cappuccino machine? I'd appreciate it.

    Date: 12/11/17 Views: 252,191 Category: Anal

  • THROWBACK: Sodomy of Horse-Face Girl

    I said it once, I'll say it again: sweet fuckin Mr. Bean, not even a Vietnamese plastic surgeon could Ctrl+Alt+Del the Clydesdale from this face. Decent body though. I shall dub u " fugliest ho i'd still go down on ". Run with that.

    Date: 11/06/17 Views: 225,026 Category: Anal

  • Sent into Early Retirement

    Desperate for fame and isn't afraid of lying on her resume. If these aren't the quintessential ingredients to be Nacho Vidal's next penis ornament, I don't know what is. Now save up those Pesos and fly the U.S and A. kthx.

    Date: 09/29/17 Views: 428,467 Category: Anal

  • CLASSIC: "Too thick, I QUIT!"

    Her body language alone made the P-to-B transaction less probable than Bob Barker headlining UFC 215. Best she sticks to stuff she's good at. Like shopping at Warby Parker & picketing Chipotle. 'straight to A' isnt her thing.

    Date: 09/08/17 Views: 2,596,278 Category: Anal

  • A Girl With Standards

    This is classic. She literally goes from chowing down her own buttmud like a malnourished Nigerian, to straight up protesting a facial. Apparently the Woodman School of Rectology isn't as diverse as originally thought, HAHA.

    Date: 07/28/17 Views: 420,496 Category: Anal