Fighting Videos

  • YouTube Icon Hits Rock Bottom

    That video wasn't over 10 minutes long. Way to fuck up your payout, Lia.

    Date: 03/12/21 Views: 239,498 Category: Fights

  • The Enforcer

    wait for it...

    Date: 02/24/18 Views: 184,108 Category: Fights

  • Plan B

    Skip the trailer for MTV's next show and scroll right to 1:46. That's when Becky II realizes being on her back in the front yard is comfortable territory, and unleashes a kick that sends Becky I leaking to the orthodontist.

    Date: 10/20/16 Views: 155,909 Category: Fights

  • Below the Belt

    At 1st Im like wow she's naked in Buttfuck Guadalajara. she's totally gonna get the ole chorizo up the cuchara. That worry was totally legit... up until our star got her tits up and and followed rule #22: Know your way out.

    Date: 09/26/16 Views: 249,333 Category: Fights

  • Race Baiting FAIL

    See that last look on Becky's face? It's the "aw fuck, i shouldn't have skipped my shift at Baskin Robbins for this" look. lol, no shit girl. 1) Mocha Blasts are delicious. 2) your dumbass wouldn't be front page WSHH material.

    Date: 03/28/16 Views: 178,165 Category: Fights

  • Never fuck this girl's husband

    Luisa wrapped her bichano around the wrong chalupa, and now she's gonna pay. I haven't seen justice served so epicly since the time I took a shit in the Blockbuster video return slot. $1 rewind fee on a DVD my black ass.

    Date: 01/25/16 Views: 167,215 Category: Fights

  • Haters Hate, Potatoes Potate

    Not since the time I used Canadian nickles on a stripper named Twin Peaks have I seen such disrespect for fat tits. But unlike my ban from The Bush Co. - these BBW whisperers have zero intent of letting this poor soul go.

    Date: 07/01/15 Views: 204,340 Category: Fights

  • She Ain't Got No Panties On!

    Increasingly fucked up video of a girl that picked the wrong day to commando. Her piss biscuit gets more airtime than a Superbowl commercial & all the guys spectating can do is say "HERE WE GO". ATL's finest.

    Date: 03/09/15 Views: 128,771 Category: Fights