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  • 54 Inches or Less

    At barely 5 feet tall you're really risking full blown perineum detachment. Seriously; One miscalculated thrust to the fallopian tubes and your days of unassisted urination are out of the fucking window. You've been warned, Mia.

    Date: 12/15/21 Views: 157,801 Category: Midgets

  • Stripper Feels Bad For Midget

    This bitch is the Mother Teresa of blowjobs. I thought I was a pretty charitable bro after donating 3 Red Bulls to the caravan of female vagrants down my street last week. That's diddly squat compared to this Moesha.

    Date: 02/19/12 Views: 207,484 Category: Midgets

  • Hector Jr. Got Game

    If proportions at all play a role in the size of a man's cock, I'd guesstimate this little honcho is packing something in between a Jolly Rancher and a dinner mint. And yet he still lays pipe like a stud. RESPECT.

    Date: 09/10/11 Views: 169,343 Category: Midgets

  • Big Dick Midget

    Okay so he's got be me beat by half an inch. But where I lack in size, I make up for in mobility. Bet you a hundred bucks that dwarf is incapable of doing my signature 'reverse pile driver' sex move. So beat that, motherfucker.

    Date: 01/17/09 Views: 157,948 Category: Midgets

  • Worlds Hottest Midget

    She may look small but there's no cock too big for this little whore. Watch and then you'll understand.

    Date: 07/02/08 Views: 236,416 Category: Midgets