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  • Lockdown is Over

    HER: Looks like she trades sex for tiktok views
    HIM: Looks like he knows how to hotwire a forklift
    Some love stories are just designed for happy endings.

    Date: 05/21/21 Views: 215,626 Category: Busted

  • Mom Ruins the Moment

    He's got a 6.5 inch ham hammer and she has the reactions of Betty White after spending an afternoon at the gynecologist. Some people out there might say this got cut off before the best part. I say mom did all of us a mother fucking favor.

    Date: 04/05/21 Views: 464,801 Category: Busted

  • "Oh Hi Mom"

    I'm no expert in sexual relationships with bedroom furniture... but I do know a thing or two about self-medication: And you can't blame this one on the Nyquil.

    Date: 03/01/21 Views: 261,921 Category: Busted

  • Mistakes Were Probably Made

    Women nowadays are scared to coast through a Dunkin Donuts drivethru without glazing their faces in 20 minute Youtube makeup tutorials. And then there's these girls... who run out of fucks to give after the 3rd Shirley Temple.

    Date: 02/09/21 Views: 638,301 Category: Busted

  • REAL Hidden Cam Videos are Fucked Up

    Proof at 0:35 mark. #GAG

    Date: 10/26/20 Views: 738,850 Category: Busted

  • Cheating Wife Gives no Fucks

    Wouldn't rly be surprised if this was an actual adultery video. I've heard exposing yourself to raw poultry is actually considered a delicacy in this part of the world.

    Date: 07/19/20 Views: 483,514 Category: Busted


    She's not exactly equipped with the poker face of Clint Eastwood. So when the that wasnt a fart reaction washes over her, you know it's authentic. Reminiscent of a reoccurring dream I have involving Lizzo and all 31 flavors of Baskin Robbins

    Date: 01/30/20 Views: 380,535 Category: Busted

  • Popular "TikTok" Girl Exposed

    Good ole TikTok. It's like VINE, but more nudity and less dipshits that consider Call of Duty a rights of passage. Also it has Bree Louise's bare ass tit/vajee combo.

    Date: 01/12/20 Views: 306,314 Category: Busted

  • The Truth about Massage Parlors

    Think it's all freshman-year waistlines and Google Translating the cost of a Filipino corncobbing? Think again my stereotyped friend. Your sheckles would be better spent on your sister's braces. At least then you'd cum in under 24 hrs.

    Date: 01/04/20 Views: 401,413 Category: Busted

  • Cheating Wife FORCED to Keep Going

    What's that old saying again? Once you go black you almost lose your uterus in a domestic street fight, get ejected from your tiki hut, and see the business end of a Ginsu knife? Because... that's exactly what happened here. Shit's fucked up yo.

    Date: 01/01/20 Views: 422,989 Category: Busted

  • Caught in public, UNEXPECTED ending

    MFC alumni's safe space gets invaded by some dude hunting a Pikachu, but found a couple of Jigglypuff's instead. Does she: a) 911 b) trade casserole recipes or c) invite him to be part of the felony. This ones easy.

    Date: 11/23/19 Views: 352,892 Category: Busted

  • Rent's Due

    Can't imagine how many security deposits had to be forfeited before she learned how to lock a fucking door. I respect the adrenaline rush, but the only road this behavior leads to is paved with Plan B and apologies. Get Maury on the phone.

    Date: 10/30/19 Views: 354,614 Category: Busted


    Is it real? Is it staged? Nobody ever really knows in the land of modern social media. Not only that, but you can expect your curiosity of who the fuck is cheating on who to peak before the video is over. Today is a learning day.

    Date: 07/01/19 Views: 355,669 Category: Busted

  • Friday Night RUINED


    Date: 03/07/19 Views: 338,452 Category: Busted

  • This better not be real...

    #yikers #poggers

    Date: 12/01/18 Views: 423,828 Category: Busted

  • Ecuadorian Teen Gangbang

    And by gangbang I mean one single sexually inept man losing his virginity, while Oscar De Lahoya's 2 cousins spectate. Only thing missing is a Mariachi band and that one token black guy repeatedly screaming "wurlstar". Cut and reshoot, thx.

    Date: 11/24/18 Views: 320,374 Category: Busted

  • REAL: Housewife sucks dick for discount

    Ever see the movie The Cable Guy'? Me neither, but if they wanted to make a porn spinoff with a heterosexual storyline... it would probably look something like this.

    Date: 10/19/18 Views: 322,337 Category: Busted

  • Unexpected 9-Incher

    This is bad. More bad than the time I emptied $27 worth of Wendy's value meals into the plastic case of Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project for NES and slipped it in a Blockbuster drop-box. Wait no, that was priceless.

    Date: 04/04/18 Views: 352,337 Category: Busted

  • The 'CAUGHT!' Compilation

    It's all fun n' games until your pre-planned window of jack off time gets commandeered. Humiliation hits these tards like a sac of Power Rangers VHS tapes, but some of them refuse to quit. Essentially redefining 'integrity'.

    Date: 11/20/17 Views: 503,893 Category: Busted

  • Peeping Tom Caught... THREE TIMES!


    Date: 11/04/17 Views: 219,261 Category: Busted

  • Bad Wife, Bad Life

    To my ever growing .07% female viewers: put on your bifocals and pay the fuck attention. This is what u DON'T do before getting married. Stay classy & save the dick-crazed cluster fuck swap parties for college girls and India.

    Date: 10/09/17 Views: 344,315 Category: Busted

  • "HEY! stop fuckin my daughter!"

    Interruption @10:06. And whats our heroes reaction? Going Wayne & Garth on his bashful costar. Don't feel too bad lady. Seeing as I just beat off to the 8 seconds of your howler monkey mother, you're still a star in my book.

    Date: 08/29/17 Views: 303,649 Category: Busted

  • HA HA, Dad Doesn't Give 1 Fuck

    Gotta respect a guy that's more interested in his 50% Off Panda Express coupon, than questioning why his 18-year-old daughter is naked in front of the family webcam. Balancing priorities are an integral part of fatherhood.

    Date: 08/25/17 Views: 283,484 Category: Busted

  • Caught by the Neighbor

    Fuck whoever said having vested interest in your community is for losers. This lady's 11:00AM stakeout just netted her enough Tier-1 mental imagery to fuel her faps all the way to next year's Labor Day. Way to score Stacy!

    Date: 04/04/17 Views: 174,675 Category: Busted

  • Sexy Time Surprise


    Date: 02/04/17 Views: 308,815 Category: Busted

  • Bad Timing

    ha ha ha

    Date: 01/08/17 Views: 415,811 Category: Busted


    As if coming home to a dinner plate full of rice and fried octopus anus wasn't bad enough, Dik tu Small has to lay the smackdown on a woman that isn't content with a single spring roll. The hardships of the working man.

    Date: 07/09/16 Views: 242,350 Category: Busted

  • First Impressions are Hard

    Spend $99 on camera equipment and suddenly you're the new face of humiliation porn. Do I believe this is real? No. Would I promise her my mini freezer full of Gorton's fishsticks to make a sequel? It's a solid maybe.

    Date: 04/16/16 Views: 365,270 Category: Busted


    Maybe 'denied' is the wrong word, as it implies this shit faced Casanova was actually going to make contact before Deputy Dickbag appeared. It wasn't happening. Trust me. I've been to Burger King on a Friday night.

    Date: 02/18/16 Views: 146,268 Category: Busted

  • Kicked Out for Eating Pussy

    Sorry ladies. His sworn duty to uphold the integrity of Scuttlebutt's Twat Tavern > your breadbox munchies. TBH it's refreshing to know that women too can be cockblocked. It's all about equality on Inhumanity.com

    Date: 01/17/16 Views: 214,371 Category: Busted