KBB rates her vasheen as 'mint' (minor scratches, no defects), so an alternate route is sourced. And Much like DJ Khaled after mistakenly eating a low-fat Dorito, you literally see fear in her eyes once contact is made.

Date: 02/04/16 | Views: 103581 | Category: Anal

Instantly funny vid of a girl that picked the wrong right guy for b-hole cuckolding. She suffers more abuse than Jewish man's Dodge Caravan & all her S/O can say is its not fuckin unless you turn colors. New ringtone @ :30.

Date: 12/30/15 | Views: 228223 | Category: Anal

This chick's tolerance for rectal molestation is absolutely insane. Submissive, low-maintenance personality too. I want to hug her and eat Totino's pizza rolls out of her asshole. In that order. More HERE.

Date: 12/12/15 | Views: 247815 | Category: Anal

Buttsex is buttsex, I don't discriminate. But when your mud puddle starts spitting the deposit back in my direction, we're walking on the line of unforgivable m'lady. One prolapse and it's relationship termination.

Date: 12/04/15 | Views: 149774 | Category: Anal

Ya know what tho... when the BF is hung like Barbra Streisand's nose and practices proctology at home, maybe a venereal disease is the least of your problems. For everyone else: don't do what Donny Don't does.

Date: 11/18/15 | Views: 149559 | Category: Anal

Her dirt tulip is at full pucker and smaller than the cock of an Eskimo in February - for fuck sakes what was she thinking? And more importantly, where is the followup video of her being violently murdered for denied entry?

Date: 11/07/15 | Views: 183024 | Category: Anal

This liberal arts dropout has a kinda speech impediment that's left her sounding like a mountain goat. But it's no problemo when the extent of her communication is limited to "now ur fuckin me" and "i want my mommy".

Date: 09/22/15 | Views: 165694 | Category: Anal

Pretty sure I just stumbled upon a new language here. I shall dub thee 'autismian'. Much like dolphin sonar it can not be taught - only simulated. Non-lubed blow to the rectal cavity and lack of safe words are required.

Date: 09/03/15 | Views: 255825 | Category: Anal

Hey, no one said you had to like it Becky. Just sit back, keep a firm grip on those kneecaps and think about all the McChickens you'll be able to buy as soon as you're done. That's what gets me to the end of my weekdays.

Date: 08/20/15 | Views: 286205 | Category: Anal

00:05 - FEAR
02:37 - PAIN
04:16 - HATE
11:43 - LOVE

Date: 07/26/15 | Views: 236970 | Category: Anal

3 mins of colon punching turns this hooch's vagina into the Free Willy of genitalia. The deeper he dives, the more Chewbacca-like she sounds. Charles Darwin calls this an advance in evolution. I call it fucking faptime.

Date: 07/15/15 | Views: 175049 | Category: Anal

15 mins of dry rectal sodomy. Fun stuff. But I bet the smile fades quick when you hear the sounds that follow each thrust of this butthole boogie. I'd try to describe them, but my keyboard doesn't have letters for THIS.

Date: 06/11/15 | Views: 181465 | Category: Anal

Nothing spells A-L-P-H-A like a man refusing direction. TEH FACTS: He has not and will not take "no" for an answer, sympathy is prohibited and lube... well, that's as foreign to him as vagina in a Portuguese bathhouse.

Date: 05/21/15 | Views: 213427 | Category: Anal

This is from 5x2. Described as 5 stages in the romance between a woman and a man. aka 4 boring things and a buttr4pe scene. Prepare yourself. The level of agony in this clip is second only to feminists in journalism.

Date: 05/11/15 | Views: 171877 | Category: Anal

Can't say this is the 1st video I've seen with a girl less excited about buttsex than the PGA tour, but it may be the driest. Friction like this comes in handy when you're starting a campfire. Climaxing the wife? Not so much.

Date: 04/29/15 | Views: 195171 | Category: Anal

This is guaranteed to euthanize any BBW fantasies you might've accidentally had after Hilary Duff discovered Krispy Kreme in 2012. Don't be fooled by this guy's stoic reaction. Your love of buttsex dies here and now.

Date: 04/15/15 | Views: 178625 | Category: Anal

Would someone graciously .mp3 the first 5 seconds of this and make me a ringtone? Her spot-on impression of Napoleon Dynamite deepthroating a gazelle is enuff to keep me beating off until Spring time. Yes I'm serious.

Date: 03/08/15 | Views: 204641 | Category: Anal

Much like the original Evil Dead trilogy, this goes from semi-erotic to LULZ pretty damn quick. Unfortunately no book can close the hole this Hawaiian superman just opened. Captions supplied by Julliard's latest dropout.

Date: 02/03/15 | Views: 197395 | Category: Anal

Don't be tricked by the "I only drink $10 cups of coffee and fuck black guys" starter kit. There may be fear in her eyes, but trust me when I say this girl is no quitter.

Date: 01/19/15 | Views: 350968 | Category: Anal

Perhaps my logic is flawed, but you'd think a girl with a b-hole no bigger than a marble would be against back door admittance. But as you can see she's either a witch, or her rectal cavity is in fact David Copperfield.

Date: 01/08/15 | Views: 198555 | Category: Anal