Would someone graciously .mp3 the first 5 seconds of this and make me a ringtone? Her spot-on impression of Napoleon Dynamite deepthroating a gazelle is enuff to keep me beating off until Spring time. Yes I'm serious.

Date: 03/08/15 | Views: 139717 | Category: Anal

Colon-punching anal? That's cool bro. But check out the meat wallet she's packing between her legs. Find just the right angle and suddenly the McRib goes from seasonal sandwich, to permanent dollar menu item.

Date: 02/26/15 | Views: 160566 | Category: Anal

Much like the original Evil Dead trilogy, this goes from semi-erotic to LULZ pretty damn quick. Unfortunately no book can close the hole this Hawaiian superman just opened. Captions supplied by Julliard's latest dropout.

Date: 02/03/15 | Views: 148496 | Category: Anal

To all 12 female viewers of this site that hope to one day be happily married: Break out the etch-a-sketch & take notes. She has the formula. Perky, tits like nutella-filled clouds and non-VIP access to the cellar door.

Date: 01/27/15 | Views: 248723 | Category: Anal

Don't be tricked by the "I only drink $10 cups of coffee and fuck black guys" starter kit. There may be fear in her eyes, but trust me when I say this girl is no quitter.

Date: 01/19/15 | Views: 278414 | Category: Anal

Perhaps my logic is flawed, but you'd think a girl with a b-hole no bigger than a marble would be against back door admittance. But as you can see she's either a witch, or her rectal cavity is in fact David Copperfield.

Date: 01/08/15 | Views: 160441 | Category: Anal

FACT: The preferred rectal depth is 6 inches
FACT: redliight17 don't give a fuck about science
FACT: She'll be in diapers before 30
FACT: We'll feature that video too

Date: 01/03/15 | Views: 228490 | Category: Anal

Best she sticks to stuff she's good at, like shopping at Hollister and picketing KFC with her vegan maxi pads. Pre-marital butt sex just doesn't seem to be her thing.

Date: 12/14/14 | Views: 229940 | Category: Anal

HIM: u ready 4 tha pain?
HER: que?

Date: 11/15/14 | Views: 426977 | Category: Anal

Elasticity left this orifice a long time ago and the end result is not very aesthetically pleasing. I'm talking the kind of depth-to-width ratio drug mules only dream of.

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Sexy slut is use to her genitals being pummeled but not her butt hole. Today she finds a new love and its not the guy she is banging.

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No. No she did not. In fact she had to cut the scene short 'cause this french guy and some whore ripped her butthole. LOL, FAP FAP FAP!

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Casting couch guy found a pretty hot milf off tinder, the new dating mobile app that allows you to make poor life choices easier and more socially acceptable than ever before. Just a matter of time until horror stories start flooding the news.

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From moans of joy to tears of pain. It's almost a shame to watch this guy wreck that beautiful little brown eye. Although she love's it for the most part, she really just isn't ready for a cock that big to go colon pounding on her tiny frame.

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She loves getting fucked in the ass + she's totally gorgeous with a banging body, but most importantly... She LOVES getting fucked in the ass. The guy just sits back with an erection of amazement and she just butt fucks herself with his cock. It's beautiful.

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Look familiar? This is the iron-willed Russian that said "no" to anal 74 times in eFukt's Passion of the Painal comp. Well, apparently she shot a follow-up scene. One with a lot less "no" and a lot more "OOOOOOUCH"!

Date: 07/20/14 | Views: 274443 | Category: Anal

Holy fucking Mr. Bean. Not even a South Korean plastic surgeon could Ctrl+Alt+Del the Stallion from her face. Decent body though. I dub you "Fugliest Ho That I'd Still Go Down On". Run with that.

Date: 06/17/14 | Views: 333787 | Category: Anal

She honestly seems like a nice girl. The type that'd cook you artisanal spaghettios on your 1st date, or volunteer a blowjob when your Instagram photos get 0 likes. I want that. I really do. But 1.13 mark.. dear god.

Date: 06/12/14 | Views: 324201 | Category: Anal

LIFE LESSON #517: if your name ends in Ching, Chang or Chong - keep your snatch in your skorts and stay the fuck off blackplanet.com. Snapchat friends are temporary. A war-torn anus is forever.

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Sociopath games a POF.com soft 6 with a night of miniature golf & Olive Garden, only to slip 27,000 mg's of Ex-Lax into her coveted Tour of Italy. The end result? A record defining, first ever "Auto-Spacedock".

Date: 05/23/14 | Views: 277900 | Category: Anal