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  • Mother Fuckin Bangers

    Mother Fuckin Bangers

    I'll save you some time: I don't know who girls #2, 5 or 7 are. But I do know we can thank the combination of Smirnoff and Snapchat to make this video possible.

    Date: 02/21/20 Views: 71,641 Category: Compilations

  • TikTok Has Ruined Porn

    TikTok Has Ruined Porn

    Not relevant to the video. It just felt like the time to say it. More of these HERE

    Date: 02/04/20 Views: 156,182 Category: Compilations

  • 16 Shameless Girls

    16 Shameless Girls

    There's 2 things I try my best no to do: 1.) masturbate in Burger King's drive-thru. And 2.) bullshit my viewers. That said, this video is pretty basic. But hey - the genitals are youthful & the humiliation is non-existent. So... double fap.

    Date: 01/27/20 Views: 163,971 Category: Compilations

  • Meanwhile, on Snapchat...

    Meanwhile, on Snapchat...

    13 straight minutes of girls that aren't allowed within 500 feet of a public library anymore. I'd suggest marathoning a jerk session but the amount of hype beast appearances might curb your erection until the Giants win another Superbowl.

    Date: 01/17/20 Views: 141,751 Category: Compilations

  • I'm Disgusted, Yet Amazed

    I'm Disgusted, Yet Amazed

    Blatant use of vaginas, Public shaming, High definition cameras -- this video is more well-rounded than the Grand Slam breakfast bill I ran out on this morning. The kicker is in the last video clip. Really brings me back to the glory (hole) days.

    Date: 01/06/20 Views: 184,727 Category: Compilations



    40+ minutes of tapioca ejections that need an episode of Bill Nye dedicated to them. Seriously, if at least some of these mutants aren't suffering from some reproductive system anomaly I'd be surprised. And willing to pay for the secret.

    Date: 10/28/19 Views: 221,421 Category: Compilations

  • Words Just Can't Describe This

    Words Just Can't Describe This

    First time squirters, prolapse-induced climaxes and bittersweet hategasms... today's vid has more variety than a fuckin Sizzler salad bar. Best comes last, so I recommend you see this one all the way through

    Date: 09/04/19 Views: 236,619 Category: Compilations

  • Total Nonstop Painal

    Total Nonstop Painal

    Well over an hour of the most abrasive beefy bazooka blowouts to ever have the luxury of being caught on film. Some people will be turned off to anal for life. Others will discover a new path to restraining orders. But all will be entertained.

    Date: 09/02/19 Views: 269,849 Category: Compilations

  • They Fucking Hate Us

    They Fucking Hate Us

    Certainly not the first time mother nature has had enough of our shit, but it is one of the more entertaining things I've seen. Like these compilations? originals HERE

    Date: 08/20/19 Views: 185,013 Category: Compilations

  • 16 TIMES IN A ROW?

    16 TIMES IN A ROW?

    Interesting approach to entertainment. It's like Robot Chicken lost it's virginity to a Vietnamese midget. note: crazyshit makes this kinda compilation every update (among all their other efukt-inspired edits) and that's not just cool... it's frosty.

    Date: 05/28/19 Views: 217,237 Category: Compilations

  • Mom Doesn't Give a Fuck?

    Mom Doesn't Give a Fuck?

    3:25 mark. Immediately. More HERE and HERE

    Date: 04/21/19 Views: 256,884 Category: Compilations

  • The "TAP-OUT" Compilation

    The "TAP-OUT" Compilation

    "y dont u want anymoe dick?!" HAHA

    Date: 04/13/19 Views: 192,884 Category: Compilations

  • 30 Girls Perma-banned from SnapChat

    30 Girls Perma-banned from SnapChat

    Shameless self-promotion, and more diseases than a clinic on Skid Row? The majority of you have already clicked at this point. And for that -- I thank you.

    Date: 01/22/19 Views: 190,946 Category: Compilations

  • You Don't Come Back From This

    You Don't Come Back From This

    Only 1 thing compliments the feel of a holiday weekend - And that's getting more rash on your crotch from a guy you salad-tossed in the toilet of a Portuguese farmhouse. Note to those inbreds in the last clip: Just end the bloodline here.

    Date: 01/06/19 Views: 174,973 Category: Compilations

  • The REVENGE Compilation

    The REVENGE Compilation

    I've seen a lot of desperation in my day... but damn near 4 fucking hours of mid-production skin flicks trying to pass themselves off as revenge porn? I would say the Internet has officially reached a new low... but still exists.

    Date: 12/12/18 Views: 274,581 Category: Compilations

  • Seriously Tight Insertions

    Seriously Tight Insertions

    Some women need size to get off. Others, a $12.00 shopping spree at Moe's Tex Mex Grill. Then there's Kenzie Reeves who needs no more than half a mini vienna sausage to send her convulsing back to the baby Gap her wardrobe is from.

    Date: 11/11/18 Views: 207,604 Category: Compilations

  • The White Gurls Compilation II

    The White Gurls Compilation II

    App-order your frappuccinos and fire up the Katy Perry playlist. It's time for us all to go down that vanilla-flavored rabbit hole once again. #holdme

    Date: 07/07/18 Views: 227,566 Category: Compilations

  • Snapchat's FILTHIEST 18-year-olds

    Snapchat's FILTHIEST 18-year-olds

    Get vaccinated before watching this.

    Date: 05/02/18 Views: 241,935 Category: Compilations

  • "i destroy teenagers"

    "i destroy teenagers"

    More homemade tonsillectomies HERE

    Date: 04/10/18 Views: 291,760 Category: Compilations

  • 25 Girls Banned from SnapChat

    25 Girls Banned from SnapChat


    Date: 03/20/18 Views: 230,908 Category: Compilations

  • 9 Girls that Will NEVER Stream Again

    9 Girls that Will NEVER Stream Again

    LIFE LESSON #274: If your tolerance is weaker than Betty White's rectal control, stay the fuck away from the masturbatory demands of 4,000+ strangers. Last time I saw this many tears, I had to pay the hooker double.

    Date: 03/03/18 Views: 239,315 Category: Compilations


    We have nobody to blame but ourselves.

    Date: 11/26/17 Views: 230,575 Category: Compilations

  • 4 Guys That Rejected Free Sex

    4 Guys That Rejected Free Sex

    Gotta love how guy #4 still demands payment after a fish fry freebie. Sorry girl, you just got one-upped by pepperoni and Aspergers. HUMILIATION.

    Date: 10/05/17 Views: 180,199 Category: Compilations

  • 8 Times Porn Actually Shocked Me

    8 Times Porn Actually Shocked Me

    okay, maybe just 1 time. Specifically #3. While the others have come and gone, this little gem remains unexplained. Full Scenes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

    Date: 06/26/17 Views: 213,633 Category: Compilations

  • The White Gurls Compilation

    The White Gurls Compilation

    I don't mean hiding dad's Mastercard and cutting off all pumpkin-flavored drinks. I'm talking cervical damage, BBC style. It don't matter what entrance Dajeerius and friends enter: NOBODY goes home without crutches.

    Date: 04/16/17 Views: 210,537 Category: Compilations

  • 5 Videos Banned from Chaturbate

    5 Videos Banned from Chaturbate

    I love how camgirling has gone from flashing, to who can get sexually assaulted by an immigrant on camera first. These are 5 of the most legit encounters I've ever seen... but this is not porn. It's evidence. 10/10

    Date: 05/02/16 Views: 392,103 Category: Compilations