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  • Snapchat's Worst Offenders

    Snapchat's Worst Offenders

    The ultimate persuasion (see: 40+ reasons) to get you down to the clinic and tested for everything from butt crabs to wiener warts. Seriously, if doctors hung photos like this on the wall I would predict a 37% decline in controllable STDs.

    Date: 10/04/19 Views: 249,380 Category: Gallery

  • Beyond Virginity

    Beyond Virginity

    Compliments are a rarity around these parts, but I will say the college brat in picture #12 has the kind of coin slot that turns boyfriends into ex-husbands. However, something tells me it's seen it's fair share of Walmart denim.

    Date: 09/09/19 Views: 162,481 Category: Gallery

  • Rich Girls Make Big Mistake

    Rich Girls Make Big Mistake

    big warning: not even dragging your penis through an orgy of churro-flavored hispanic hoochie will make the mental images you're about to endure go away.

    Date: 07/03/19 Views: 261,930 Category: Gallery

  • Prom Night was LIT

    Prom Night was LIT

    Pic #5 is what you want. Half cause she has masterfully paired an outfit together. Half cause it's the face of a girl who knows the solution to the 3 seashells puzzle.

    Date: 02/28/19 Views: 210,706 Category: Gallery

  • feelin cute, might delete later

    feelin cute, might delete later

    #21 is the one you're looking for. Quite possibly the most impressive pair of grass-fed sweater cows that will ever grace your 13" Hewlett Packard computer monitor.

    Date: 11/28/18 Views: 208,448 Category: Gallery

  • 1 Night in West Virginia

    1 Night in West Virginia

    Nice collection. REAL nice. But it's girl 2 in the gallery that really wets my whistle. The kinda female that has wall-mounted awards for her swallow job philanthropy.

    Date: 10/24/18 Views: 278,347 Category: Gallery

  • Awkward Moments II

    Awkward Moments II

    The ultimate collection (read: 20 images) of intoxicated and/or inebriated females soiling the utter fuck out of their clean images. Perhaps I'm alone on this one... but I'm seeing wife material across the board here.

    Date: 08/12/18 Views: 284,408 Category: Gallery

  • Forever Regrets

    Forever Regrets


    Date: 05/25/18 Views: 299,549 Category: Gallery

  • Meanwhile, in San Francisco...

    Meanwhile, in San Francisco...

    A phat ass can make up for anything: bad skin, pubic lice, the initial stages of Chlamydia. But THIS vagrant? She's got booty meat like Tom Cruise has regressive Aspergers and I don't know exactly where to cram my quarters.

    Date: 02/19/18 Views: 232,551 Category: Gallery

  • The Morning After

    The Morning After

    Nothing peaks interest quite like inebriated girls and their inability to stay fully clothed. So here's 30 of em. Specific interest should be given to girlie numero 3 who has miraculously made it through the night skidmark-free.

    Date: 10/27/17 Views: 254,003 Category: Gallery

  • Before & Afters

    Before & Afters

    I wont bamboozle you: this trailer park starter kit is pretty uninspiring. But there's something about girl #2 that speaks to me in a she's sucked dick for chicken nuggets kind of way, and I think it should be shared with the world.

    Date: 10/24/17 Views: 283,366 Category: Gallery

  • Imposter of the Decade

    Imposter of the Decade


    Date: 09/24/17 Views: 170,934 Category: Gallery

  • Unexpected Vaginas

    Unexpected Vaginas

    11-picture tutorial on how to secure your status as a registered sex offender. Specifically #9, which is miraculously not sporting a single visible skid mark.

    Date: 09/15/17 Views: 174,412 Category: Gallery

  • It's time to STOP.

    It's time to STOP.

    The most offensive thing I've seen women do since accidentally loading And much like that site, spending more than 5 minutes in the same room as one of these creatures will lead to ritual suicide. #GAG

    Date: 06/28/17 Views: 178,400 Category: Gallery

  • HELP! I'm on the Internet!

    HELP! I'm on the Internet!

    Bombin Jager

    Date: 11/29/16 Views: 178,331 Category: Gallery




    Date: 11/06/16 Views: 273,888 Category: Gallery

  • Public Affections II

    Public Affections II

    There's only 2 things I value in life more than quilted toilet paper. One involves napalm and celebrity home tours. The other is sexually frustrated women giving less than a fuck in public. Today I get 1 wish granted.

    Date: 07/17/16 Views: 352,025 Category: Gallery

  • Like Mother Like Daughter

    Like Mother Like Daughter

    My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her. - George Washington

    Date: 06/23/16 Views: 205,036 Category: Gallery

  • Because... WHORES

    Because... WHORES

    Admittedly this is all pretty standard 'i drank two whole Coronas on spring break and jerked off your dog in the basement' syndrome... but girl in pic #11 is asking for trouble. Like, losing your bottle deposit kinda trouble.

    Date: 05/26/16 Views: 264,626 Category: Gallery

  • Overly Overdeveloped

    Overly Overdeveloped

    I'm all for pushing the limits. But when you need two tickets to fly coach cause you're packing more weight than Tyrion Lannister under your nipples, we officially have a fucking problem. #4 I'm looking in your direction.

    Date: 05/10/16 Views: 252,712 Category: Gallery

  • Awkward Moments

    Awkward Moments

    Had a fully torqued meat wrench going until I panned on down to #16. Looks like someone crossbred Aubrey Plaza with a chimpanzee then shit her out of Sarah Silverman. In other words: I only ejaculated twice.

    Date: 02/24/16 Views: 270,333 Category: Gallery

  • Bring a friend

    Bring a friend

    Simply infuckingcredible. I'd eat the potato latkes from her Hasidic shithole just to be in the same city as those vitamin D-enriched winnebagos. Bras have about as much use to her as Rosetta Stone does to Mike Tyson.

    Date: 02/21/16 Views: 277,985 Category: Gallery

  • Public Affections

    Public Affections

    Confirmation #92 that you're a fully fledged slutaroonie: The douchebag quartet (pic #5) whip their cocks out in the corner of a bar, and rather than go Kung Fu Panda on them, you snap photos for Instagram. #NOFILTER

    Date: 01/31/16 Views: 234,696 Category: Gallery

  • Cops Don't Give a Fuck

    Cops Don't Give a Fuck


    Date: 12/23/15 Views: 194,518 Category: Gallery

  • Just A Little Bit Fucked Up II

    Just A Little Bit Fucked Up II

    A pleasant reminder that in Rio De Janeiro, if a woman opens her mouth to do anything other than suck cock or eat creme de papaya, consequences will be had. I refuse to find meaning here... but 1 man already did.

    Date: 10/01/15 Views: 280,185 Category: Gallery

  • Jap Pornstars Before and After

    Jap Pornstars Before and After

    It's pretty horrible what women will do to be accepted and keep up with cultural beauty standards. But with that said, pretty much the entire before side can go kick rocks and the right side is welcome over for pizza at my place any time.

    Date: 09/13/14 Views: 160,312 Category: Gallery

  • 18 Y/O Russian has INSANE body

    18 Y/O Russian has INSANE body

    A beautiful face can redeem just about anything - bad breath, small tits, crooked teeth, type 2 genital herpes. But THIS chick.... she's got a booty like Conan the Barbarian and I don't know whether to run or rim.

    Date: 07/16/14 Views: 294,477 Category: Gallery

  • The Girl With The Baboon Ass

    The Girl With The Baboon Ass

    The face of a ladyboy, tummy of Tara Reid, and a rear-end that only a visually impaired African American could love. Okay, that was mean. I do look forward to seeing you in the XXX remake of Elephant Man though.

    Date: 06/13/13 Views: 237,949 Category: Gallery

  • From Bad To... Kinda Bad?

    From Bad To... Kinda Bad?

    Apparently this is Bailey Jay, the Vita Don Teese of chicks w/ dicks. I'm not so sure. Some will look at this and see a beautiful shemale, all I see is that goofy fuck from Saving Silverman.

    Date: 08/30/12 Views: 291,756 Category: Gallery



    She looks fine in the first pic, but if you keep scrolling down... it becomes pretty apparent who her parents are. Mother: Eva Mendez. Father: fucking Gonzo from Sesame Street. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

    Date: 08/18/12 Views: 260,717 Category: Gallery