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  • Yeah... Don't Do This

    Another one of those European and/or South American customs my American mind will never have the capacity to understand: Nut Walking. For the modern female on the go that's having cake, no matter where the batter comes from.

    Date: 09/18/23 Views: 113,533 Category: Freaks

  • Trust Issues: They're Real

    Took a minute, but that's the same girl from clout delivery guy video. I recognize that copy/paste build-a-bear tiktoker paint by numbers fashion sense anywhere.

    Date: 08/14/23 Views: 163,197 Category: Freaks

  • They Got Her

    18 semesters of Namibian dance theory paid, and this is how you return the favor to ur parents, Becky? u r a disgrace to the once great town of Ballbag, Nebraska.

    Date: 07/02/23 Views: 155,127 Category: Freaks

  • Caught in a Trap House

    Not exactly the most unexpected chain of events from a woman that comes less prepared for war than whoevers handicap stall I invaded at Waffle House last week. Sorry Wheels, but the janitor bucket doesn't meet my capacity standard.

    Date: 10/31/22 Views: 229,794 Category: Freaks

  • That Really Wasn't Necessary

    Sarah Silverman, it's time to stop.

    Date: 10/17/22 Views: 196,879 Category: Freaks

  • Your Wife vs. A MONSTER

    I'm thinking it might be best if you restrict your boyfriend from all documentary featuring Big Foot from now on. Either that or start fucking a lawn mower instead. It would probably be easier to explain those noises to the neighbors next time.

    Date: 12/18/21 Views: 210,522 Category: Freaks

  • Hell No... and HELL TO THE NO

    Good luck carrying that bag of wet sand you call a cornhole through customs and not getting called in for further inspection. Stretch Armstrong lookin ass - haha

    Date: 09/03/21 Views: 208,584 Category: Freaks

  • Wet Dream Cancelled

    Apologies in advance for the misleading thumbnail. I just wanted to make sure we're all on the same page when it comes to defininig the word "titties" and how they should look as little like the ramp Tony Hawk hit his last Ollie 540 on.

    Date: 06/01/21 Views: 202,061 Category: Freaks

  • So... you wanna be famous?

    Linking to the entire "tiktoknsfw" section . If any of these cringe machines think their performances are anything but an advertising vehicle for an OnlyFans account, I'd push to start DNA testing the parents. Lot of crossed genetics here.

    Date: 04/14/21 Views: 253,794 Category: Freaks

  • I didn't see that one coming...

    [ original here ]

    Date: 12/26/20 Views: 239,134 Category: Freaks

  • Who''s Girlfriend is This?

    Her claim to fame is a little bit questionable, and that living room probably smells like a Guatemalan litter box... But the visual at the 4:31 mark makes her look like she just got done finger-banging Danny Devito's prarrot and it's fucking glorious.

    Date: 12/17/20 Views: 216,971 Category: Freaks

  • Meanwhile, in Florida...

    Acquiring poon in 2020 is straight-forward: Swipe right on Tinder a few times and let the self-loathing begin. Unless you're from the same state that pumps out these kinds of misfits. Then you have to be a raging sex offender get creative.

    Date: 07/23/20 Views: 209,396 Category: Freaks


    See that smile? That's the smile of a man that just realized there's more to life than Mountain Dew Code Red and referring to his Modern Warfare acquaintances as African Americans over Xbox Live. Quarantine has bonded us with the planet.

    Date: 04/27/20 Views: 243,812 Category: Freaks


    With a filename like AnalDislike.flv I can assure you this entry was mislabeled on upload. She's got sexual freedom like Miley Cyrus has prescription shampoos for her crotch & it officially raised the bar on my definition of "relationship material".

    Date: 08/10/19 Views: 227,692 Category: Freaks

  • The Sex Life of a Nerd

    Yes, she's 18-years-old... and slightly defective by the look of things. Really not sure what else to say about her. It's just another one of those geeky broads that's taken their obsession with Harry Potter spells a little bit too fucking far to fap.

    Date: 01/09/19 Views: 233,231 Category: Freaks


    [PART 1]

    Date: 12/26/18 Views: 229,167 Category: Freaks

  • OOF

    oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof

    Date: 05/10/18 Views: 307,348 Category: Freaks

  • Wrong on so Many Levels

    ♫ Lucky for me I'm not like those girls
    ♫ Who only take it all for granted
    ♫ All they got is what they're handed

    Date: 06/21/17 Views: 276,687 Category: Freaks

  • Safety First

    Meet 19-year-old Crystal. She has a knack for turning Toys "R" Us into a sexual sweatshop. And thanks to this waifu trying to be for laifu, 2 new items just made the list: Jump ropes and Hello Kitty helmets. I smell autism.

    Date: 10/25/15 Views: 133,592 Category: Freaks


    Never have I seen a girl articulate her sexual desires with such grace. Undeniably the most erotic mental imagery I've had since hearing about McDonald's 24/7 breakfast menu. Both are guaranteed to require a mop.

    Date: 10/14/15 Views: 238,308 Category: Freaks


    Lacy wants to spice up her P-hub page with a little public action. Problem is... Lacy ain't no basic bitch that flashes her gash at the DMV & calls it a day. What follows made me scratch both balls in bewilderment.

    Date: 06/05/15 Views: 180,670 Category: Freaks

  • WTF @ the 1:01 Mark

    She lives on EBT cards and her hair is higher priority than toilet paper. How can life possibly get any worse? If you guessed "a vagina that dispenses cockroaches" you just won my limited edition Kelly Clarkson sex doll.

    Date: 04/01/15 Views: 155,883 Category: Freaks

  • 18 Kilograms of Tits

    For those that don't speak nachos grande, here's the scoop: The evolutionary cul-de-sac you're looking at is Beshine. At 20 lbs a piece, she holds the record for biggest mistakes on Earth, Jupiter and Deep Space 9.

    Date: 01/16/15 Views: 93,117 Category: Freaks

  • Long Day at the Office

    He is either oblivious or a sexual predator, but busted Micheal Douglas has been exposing himself since 8th St. Fact is, after a hard day penny fucking the stock market and having cocaine fueled office meetings with escorts that take amex cards, he just doesn't give a fuck right now.

    Date: 09/03/14 Views: 195,871 Category: Freaks

  • I Think It's Infected

    Her twat is blood red and more shriveled than the cock of an Eskimo. For god sakes, what member of the animal kingdom did you fuck? And more importantly, how big was it's penis?

    Date: 03/14/11 Views: 161,329 Category: Freaks

  • Worst Porno Ever

    Hitler gets his fuck on with a Czechoslovakian whore. The soundtrack kinda kills it but you get the idea. Fucking epic comb over.

    Date: 04/08/10 Views: 156,992 Category: Freaks

  • Clam Chowder

    Her pussy looks like a fuckin whoopie cushion. lol.

    Date: 12/13/09 Views: 139,962 Category: Freaks

  • Conjoined Twins

    I'm not going to hell. You might, but not me. I do community service and cater to the elderly. Jesus has a hardon for guys like me.

    Date: 03/21/08 Views: 290,523 Category: Freaks