Shocking Porn Videos

  • Worst Thing I've Seen This Year

    You may not agree at first sight, but 3:50 is gonna change minds. I've seen some pretty loathsome shit in my day: Slovakian agalmatophilia porn, suggestive photos of Nancy Pelosi, all 7 Paranormal Activity films. But this? never again

    Date: 07/14/24 Views: 86,663 Category: Shocking

  • Absolutely VIOLATED

    1997 is still recovering from this.

    Date: 03/26/24 Views: 197,763 Category: Shocking

  • What do you mean HARDER?

    Installing the "deprive myself of oxygen until I have the IQ of a bowl of spaghetti-o's" expansion pack may not be for everyone, but it's unquestionably a challenge.

    Date: 06/16/23 Views: 163,180 Category: Shocking

  • That wasn't an accident...


    Date: 03/21/23 Views: 188,048 Category: Shocking

  • If Real, then This is Legendary

    This one's been around a while, but I still say it's legit. If I learned anything from my Grandpappy, it was his knowledge of middle-aged white women from the pacific northwest and their ruthless appetite for unannounced street meat.

    Date: 02/03/23 Views: 229,621 Category: Shocking

  • Your Daughter's New Hobby

    Thought were gonna make it 3 volumes of woman decorating their reproductive systems with everything not bolted down at Home Goods, and not get a visit by the only pornstar that could land a Dyson sponsorship? You thought wrong.

    Date: 08/29/22 Views: 144,299 Category: Shocking


    Because you needed another reason to stay the fuck out of Moscow.

    Date: 10/23/19 Views: 219,700 Category: Shocking

  • The Danger of Camwhoring

    Cam whore #2817 has an unintentional FML moment after realizing her 6 inch friend has swam into deeper waters. Luckily she's prepared: Squat, push and cross your tits the breakfast burrito bowl doesn't come out with it.

    Date: 10/10/17 Views: 672,371 Category: Shocking

  • Sexual Assault... FOR JUSTICE!


    Date: 05/26/17 Views: 384,152 Category: Shocking

  • Banned in America, Legal in Brazil

    Well, that's unfortunate.

    Date: 04/05/17 Views: 397,564 Category: Shocking

  • World's Most Dangerous BJ: HD

    There's nothing more boner-deflating than being within inches of death, save for your dad walking in on you hammering it to Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting. How this guy managed to ejac is forever a mystery to me.

    Date: 09/23/15 Views: 215,933 Category: Shocking