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  • Most Normal 18-year-old in Ohio

    Date: 12/16/22 Views: 147,697 Category: Picture

  • well... WOULD YOU?

    Can't say I'm used to getting these kinds of requests outside of a FarmersOnly match, so color me pleasantly surprised. At that and her nipple symmetry. Not being required to own a forklift prior to date #1 is also a plus I'm not overlooking.

    Date: 07/12/22 Views: 166,382 Category: Picture

  • TikTok's Worst Offenders

    The ultimate persuasion (see: 40+ reasons) to get you down to the clinic and tested for everything from butt crabs to wiener warts. Seriously, if doctors hung photos like this on the wall I would predict a 37% decline in controllable STDs.

    Date: 02/27/22 Views: 180,784 Category: Picture

  • Feelin Cute, Might Delete Later

    Date: 10/12/21 Views: 242,554 Category: Picture

  • Sign Me Up for the Next Quarantine

    Nipples like Steve Buscemi, fasion by Malboro and feet that can only be kept warm by Shaq's foot locker. idk about you but I already nutted 8 seconds ago.

    Date: 03/29/21 Views: 168,339 Category: Picture

  • Yup, That's Wife Material

    ☑ Resourceful
    ☑ Was born female
    ☑ Practices all-natural remedies
    Well, my list has been filled to the top.

    Date: 10/13/20 Views: 214,153 Category: Picture

  • "how I got kicked out of school"

    har har

    Date: 04/19/19 Views: 222,752 Category: Picture

  • 50 Times? IN A ROW?

    Josefina cut corners trying to emulate her hero. Turns out the $25 special at an Islamic plastic surgeon isn't the high ticket item originally thought. Now she's gotta live the rest of her life looking like Tim Burton's asshole LOL

    Date: 12/12/17 Views: 159,795 Category: Picture


    NO CHILL: At this particular moment you’re being overly reckless. Also known as the reason y bullying, obesity & Kanye West run wild on society.

    Date: 10/03/16 Views: 142,369 Category: Picture

  • The Fister Sisters

    There's a thin line between acceptable Facebook profile photos and wrist-deep rectal slaughter. Where that line exists, I don't know... but judging by the decorative wall piece behind them I can guarantee girlie #1 does.

    Date: 09/14/15 Views: 256,798 Category: Picture

  • Uncle Jimmy Got Game

    The Denny's waitress during the day, stripper-at-night starter kit we can tolerate. Shit, we encourage it. But what's not supporting blood flow to my nether regions is a bite mark that may or may not smell like Fixodent.

    Date: 04/02/15 Views: 129,110 Category: Picture

  • Stepdad of the Month

    $4 and a zip folder of sexually suggestive photos of House M.D. says this dude gets recognized. Sorry friend, the glory days of you wearing your daughters underwear as a Mexican wrestling mask are over.

    Date: 01/09/13 Views: 528,387 Category: Picture

  • Tall Bitch

    god damn.

    Date: 06/13/12 Views: 379,275 Category: Picture

  • Do I Look Better Naked?

    How to make your silly art shit 100x better: do headshots on the left and close-ups of the asshole on the right. That's what people really want. To match a face to a turd cutter. Not American Apparel ads.

    Date: 12/15/11 Views: 304,672 Category: Picture

  • Hey Lady, NICE PUSSY

    Check out the snapper on this one! I'll probably end up having a wet dream or 5 about eating her out. Emphasis on eating. She's got enough McRib down there to feed Kevin Smith.

    Date: 12/03/11 Views: 252,807 Category: Picture

  • Apparel FAIL

    The snail trail fermenting in your cotton underwears I can tolerate. Shit, some folks might even find that erotic. But what's not erotic is the menstrual stains encrusted into your... well, you'll see.

    Date: 11/25/11 Views: 179,297 Category: Picture

  • Cosplay WIN

    Fuckin hell, she's hot. So hot I'd give up my limited edition Tony the Tiger Nike Dunks just to have a lick on the crotch portion of her latex whorefit. Feel free to blush bitch, it's the compliment of a lifetime.

    Date: 08/04/11 Views: 178,304 Category: Picture

  • Butt Implants Done Right

    Take a petite white bitch and equip her with the best features of a black woman (huge ass and uhhh... yeah, kinda short list) and this is what you get. Fuckin fap.

    Date: 02/18/11 Views: 175,339 Category: Picture

  • Fuck Me Already

    The balloon knot nestled atop her stump of a leg I understand, but what happened to the other one? Looks like twist doughnut, minus the glaze.

    Date: 12/01/10 Views: 171,452 Category: Picture

  • Chodes - They Do Exist

    Holy stump of a penis. Someone go overboard with the peanut butter or what?

    Date: 10/18/10 Views: 193,644 Category: Picture

  • Lego Porn


    Date: 01/10/10 Views: 124,053 Category: Picture

  • Fist Fucking Made Easy

    His forearm looks an awful lot like a horse's penis. In my village, that is what we refer to as "a blessing in disguise".

    Date: 12/04/09 Views: 157,368 Category: Picture

  • Anna Nicole Smith Jr.

    Hottest prom photo ever.

    Date: 10/13/09 Views: 204,132 Category: Picture

  • They Should Make A Porno

    Gnome Fucks Acne Boy: Volume 1. I'd netflix it.

    Date: 09/02/09 Views: 143,541 Category: Picture

  • Photoshop Is Her Best Friend

    You guys should see my Myspace head shots. I beat these bitches at their own game. Thanks to the blend tool, I look like one of the Jonas brothers and I'm pulling in 300 friend requests a day. Mostly older men but I'm not one too complain.

    Date: 06/25/09 Views: 148,620 Category: Picture

  • Nice Shirt Bro

    Really brings out the red in your lower intestine. Not too sure about the shaved head though. Girls always seem to find that look kinda intimidating. Best to just grow it out.

    Date: 04/10/09 Views: 116,540 Category: Picture

  • She Belongs In Porn

    There's a huge fetish for ugly chicks. No joke. This snaggle-toothed wonder woman could make millions.

    Date: 03/17/09 Views: 143,750 Category: Picture

  • Long Range Defecation

    No toilet paper? No problem. Sit on my face. We'll have you cleaned up in a jiffy.

    Date: 03/03/09 Views: 170,420 Category: Picture