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    Critics are gonna have a barmitzvah with this one, but imma go with faker than Chris Brown's heterosexuality. BUT: nobody got hurt, that discharge wasn't CGI and someone added a cool IMDB credit: Physics Whore #2.

    Date: 09/12/16 Views: 268,284 Category: Squirting

  • Is this Hot or Repulsive?

    Her v-hole is capable of filling a solo cup quicker than a bar tap but when she goes maximum spread @ 9:27 it looks like the Predator on picture day. Do I fap or flee?

    Date: 11/25/14 Views: 189,457 Category: Squirting

  • Crippling Orgasms WOOOO

    They call her Cytherea. I prefer the moniker 1 Trick Pony. Her only claim to fame is her ability to urinate while impersonating Michael J. Fox, aka a 'squirting orgasm'. Shit's faker than Carlos Mencia's green card.

    Date: 01/08/12 Views: 177,607 Category: Squirting

  • How To Hit The G-Spot

    This dude is the Gandalf of making women cum and today his knowledge is all open source. Just practice some of his teachings and I promise... your 'girlfriend' will never scream rape again.

    Date: 11/30/11 Views: 310,676 Category: Squirting

  • Leaky Faucet

    She gushes out cum like a broken sprinkler. And by cum I mean urine... cause female ejaculation is a fuckin lie - unlike the rumor that all black people are deathly afraid of cats. That was actually scientifically proven in 1987.

    Date: 09/09/10 Views: 174,712 Category: Squirting