• annnnnd that's a lifetime ban

    annnnnd that's a lifetime ban

    Date: 07/05/20 Views: 5,464 Category: Public




    Date: 07/04/20 Views: 25,258 Category: Anal

  • Mom's Secret Stash

    Mom's Secret Stash

    The chance of this video being authentic ranks less than my ban from Olive Garden being lifted before 2025. Oh man... If those breadsticks could talk...

    Date: 07/03/20 Views: 46,811 Category: Slutty

  • REAL: Tricked into Sucking 20 Dicks

    REAL: Tricked into Sucking 20 Dicks

    This one is a classic but I'll leave you with the following: "She was allegedly told she would win a holiday for taking part in the sick game but the "prize" later turned out to be a $5 drink with the same name.". Read the full story HERE!

    Date: 07/02/20 Views: 54,283 Category: LMAO

  • Airbnb Creeper

    Airbnb Creeper


    Date: 07/01/20 Views: 125,628 Category: Assholes

  • Meanwhile, on Reddit...

    Meanwhile, on Reddit...

    I don't know what the fuck I just watched, but I'm pretty sure it's vegan and thinks r/politics is unbiased. Now fetch my Power Ranger loin cloth, I wish to ejaculate.

    Date: 06/30/20 Views: 91,455 Category: WAT

  • White Supremacy

    White Supremacy


    Date: 06/30/20 Views: 80,810 Category: Ouch

  • Unfathomable Talent

    Unfathomable Talent

    Rarely do I say this... but she is 1 crotch hair away from a Burger King Breakfast Bowl on my dime. Unfortunately my potato spud wouldn't make it past stroke 4.

    Date: 06/29/20 Views: 125,167 Category: Impressive

  • Breaking an 18-Year-Old

    Breaking an 18-Year-Old

    Contrary to appearance, churning the cornhole cavern won't result in receiving a large order of spicy chicken nuggets. Proving yet again that you shouldn't believe stereotypes. It just leads to disappointment. And the faint aroma of burned metal.

    Date: 06/29/20 Views: 80,694 Category: Anal

  • Cheating Wife, Happy Life?

    Cheating Wife, Happy Life?

    Raging shitlord confronts his S/O with accusations of sampling foreign hotdogs... only to end up havin her accept impromptu 1v1 match on the spot. #unforgivable

    Date: 06/28/20 Views: 77,195 Category: MILF

  • Caught by Her Father HAHA

    Caught by Her Father HAHA


    Date: 06/27/20 Views: 106,705 Category: Busted

  • Instantly Banned From Instagram

    Instantly Banned From Instagram

    Clout-chasing hysteria has about as many boundaries a Twitch simps payday. But unlike that tier-3 Amouranth sub, they will never see live stream again. #peeposad

    Date: 06/26/20 Views: 84,751 Category: Freaks

  • "sorry I almost killed you"

    "sorry I almost killed you"

    Date: 06/25/20 Views: 88,581 Category: Fail

  • Scamming a Teenage Hooker

    Scamming a Teenage Hooker

    I dunno man... this seems pretty predictable outcome to me. Shes got the tolerance of tungsten steel and these prick jobs are more annoying than a checkmarked Twitter account. Low effort fraud should have been expected.

    Date: 06/24/20 Views: 117,451 Category: LMAO

  • It's Official

    It's Official

    this is the summer of TikTok Titties

    Date: 06/23/20 Views: 113,693 Category: Hot

  • Red Flag. RED FLAG!!

    Red Flag. RED FLAG!!

    tip: scroll down 30% of the page. This is the kind of girl you come home to with your hamster up her ass during a marathon of Big Bang Theory on Thanksgiving Eve with your parents in the guest bedroom. Don't ask questions, just trust me.

    Date: 06/22/20 Views: 98,179 Category: Assholes

  • 11 Girls Perma-Banned from Snapchat

    11 Girls Perma-Banned from Snapchat

    Shameless self-promotion, and more diseases than a clinic on Skid Row? The majority of you have already clicked at this point. And for that -- I thank you.

    Date: 06/21/20 Views: 130,209 Category: Slutty



    I mean, blemishing a clean criminal record with multiple counts of exposing your barking walrus to complete strangers in public. The short answer? Yes. [original]

    Date: 06/20/20 Views: 155,204 Category: Public

  • Party Hard

    Party Hard

    Apparently "Netflix and Chill" is a foreign concept in this part of the world. But dare to follow this Eastern Tourist's Guide to Sexual Assault and I can promise you, you'll never have the freedom to masturbate without an audience again.

    Date: 06/19/20 Views: 141,076 Category: WTF

  • We Have a WINNER

    We Have a WINNER

    My goodness. If she went any deeper on that thing I'd fully expect a petition for Ben & Jerry's to release the fabled A2M flavor of their frozen yogurt. Imports only.

    Date: 06/18/20 Views: 106,421 Category: Big Dicks