• Teacher of the Decade

    Teacher of the Decade

    Certainly not the first time an educator has turned her tuna dugout into the extra credit project, but she is one of the hottest. Rarely do I say this, but she's one cunt hair away from a supersize on my dime. Call me in 5-10?

    Date: 07/08/17 Views: 156,281 Category: Busted

  • The Smooth Talker

    The Smooth Talker

    Same story every time: girl wants to brown the sausage, but she's about as good at taking it up the ass as I am at convincing super heavyweights on Tinder that my semen taste like Cold Stone cake batter. (2% success rate)

    Date: 07/08/17 Views: 104,533 Category: Anal

  • Dad's Gonna Love Her

    Dad's Gonna Love Her

    If you listen closely, you can hear wedding bells in the background.

    Date: 07/07/17 Views: 148,392 Category: Teen

  • Wait... they really were sisters?

    Wait... they really were sisters?

    u know you did something right when people start perusing biology just to prove which nipple you sucked 10 yrs ago was the wrong one. Join in HERE

    Date: 07/06/17 Views: 136,156 Category: Incest

  • First Time @ 41-years-old

    First Time @ 41-years-old

    Don't be fooled by the 'i collect discounted cheese & look like Velma Dinky' starter kit. Theres fear in her eyes, but trust when I say this lady is no quitter

    Date: 07/06/17 Views: 131,691 Category: MILF

  • 15 Minutes into Coachella

    15 Minutes into Coachella

    Overt drug use, public squabblenecking, 60FPS cameras... this video is more well-rounded than the list of STDS on her Tinder profile. No kicker, but wat it lacks in surprises... it makes up for in the worst dirty talk you'll hear ever.

    Date: 07/05/17 Views: 246,423 Category: Slutty

  • "You can do ANYTHING you want to me"

    "You can do ANYTHING you want to me"

    Joe Blow blocks all action with his repulsive unglazed donut, but with a file name like 'AnalDislike.flv' I can assure you an unstable amount of jealousy will result by watching it. Not floating your goat? Indulge in THIS instead.

    Date: 07/05/17 Views: 118,426 Category: Amateur



    Funny. Too bad it's shot in New York tho... where the only thing capable of raising eyebrows is a sewer rat doing backflips into Howard Stern's asshole. It's cool tho, let ur lack of reaction be counteracted by this Hasi Hoedown.

    Date: 07/04/17 Views: 91,234 Category: Bitches

  • Just the Tip = I QUIT!

    Just the Tip = I QUIT!

    Rookie has an emo moment 3 seconds into her first Turkish handshake. He graciously accepts her apology... then starts plotting an exit strategy out of the relationship. Time to go back to Cracker Barrel lady. It's more ur speed.

    Date: 07/04/17 Views: 103,782 Category: Quitters

  • Challenge Accepted

    Challenge Accepted

    If you're expecting to see this front loader send another victim screaming to the E.R... prepare for disappointment. The attraction today is not organ rearrangement. Its how easy she houses the Sears Tower of synthetic dicks.

    Date: 07/03/17 Views: 107,946 Category: Ouch

  • When Safe Words can't Save You

    When Safe Words can't Save You

    Bit off-topic, but whenever she has a dick in her ass (every 8 secs), her face squeezes up and she turns into Seth Green. Proof @ 31:15. It's enchanting.

    Date: 07/02/17 Views: 155,261 Category: Rekt

  • Smells Like Consent

    Smells Like Consent

    Fresh off a Denny's night shift, and new to the Ketamine scene, this broad carves herself right into 12 steps of rehabilitation. An unfortunately accurate title for what may be the most questionable erection you have all hour.

    Date: 07/01/17 Views: 109,990 Category: Drunk

  • The Teen and The Hobo

    The Teen and The Hobo

    Che Guevara: An XXX Story

    Date: 06/30/17 Views: 128,651 Category: Nasty

  • 19 Guys in ONE Day?

    19 Guys in ONE Day?

    Only 2 people should never be caught doing the forbidden fox trot: Lindsay Lohan in her 'i'll snort Clorox' phase, and this girl. She's 19, anti-semen and dumber than a mailbox on Sunday. In other words: she was BORN for Efukt.

    Date: 06/30/17 Views: 324,950 Category: Slutty

  • Super Girlfriend

    Super Girlfriend

    I once heard a female performer cover half the star spangled banner during a scene. That used to rank pretty high on my personal ist of 'random-as-fuck-videos-with-a-vagina-in-them'. And then I saw this.

    Date: 06/29/17 Views: 120,655 Category: Fisting

  • Hypnotized by Stranger's Penis

    Hypnotized by Stranger's Penis

    It's all about the element of surprise. Conquer that, and nothing shall come between ur dipstick & a twat with more mileage on it than a '66 El Dorado.

    Date: 06/29/17 Views: 131,939 Category: Russia

  • It's time to STOP.

    It's time to STOP.

    The most offensive thing I've seen women do since accidentally loading buzzfeed.com. And much like that site, spending more than 5 minutes in the same room as one of these creatures will lead to ritual suicide. #GAG

    Date: 06/28/17 Views: 136,413 Category: Gallery

  • How to Flirt in Europe

    How to Flirt in Europe


    Date: 06/28/17 Views: 120,150 Category: Drunk

  • WTF Sex Tape of the Year

    WTF Sex Tape of the Year

    Proof you've hit rock bottom: Heroin not being the worst thing you stick in your body. Fuckin' guy looks like 1999 Drew Carey, and has the sexual execution of a blind kangaroo. But the real question is: think she's single?

    Date: 06/27/17 Views: 116,291 Category: Drugs

  • How is she still alive? (1:46 mark)

    How is she still alive? (1:46 mark)

    Starts off as a BJ vid, but like me during The Mummy remake, it lasts about 27 seconds. From then on it's all pleasure. And by 'pleasure' I mean whiplash so violent u'll be amazed she can feed herself without FEMA gettin involved.

    Date: 06/27/17 Views: 141,499 Category: Impressive



    This lady has a condition known as 'high maintenance'. It's what happens when dad stops loving you before you get into college, so you seek the refuge of alpha males that tenderize you like a $4.00 shank of London Broil.

    Date: 06/26/17 Views: 167,297 Category: Anal

  • 8 Times Porn Actually Shocked Me

    8 Times Porn Actually Shocked Me

    okay, maybe just 1 time. Specifically #3. While the others have come and gone, this little gem remains unexplained. Full Scenes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

    Date: 06/26/17 Views: 133,324 Category: Compilations

  • Hey lady, NICE PUSSY!

    Hey lady, NICE PUSSY!

    Now I have seen a few snappers in my day, never seen one that’ll cut grass. Maybe do a little edging along the driveway after a party, that’s all you can hope for. But you know, “weed whacker”, you can understand! - GC 1999

    Date: 06/25/17 Views: 114,521 Category: Public

  • REAL: Housewife sucks dick for discount

    REAL: Housewife sucks dick for discount

    Ever see the movie The Cable Guy'? Me neither, but if they wanted to make a porn spinoff with a heterosexual storyline... this would probably be it.

    Date: 06/25/17 Views: 196,944 Category: Amateur

  • "My friend is a whore"

    "My friend is a whore"

    Easy on the eyes, but her attention whoring puts a Kardashian to shame. 1 dick? k. 2 I get after a round of wine spritzers - but in front of 1,200 people? Bitch, if I wanted to see livestock, I'd get my ban lifted from The Bronx Zoo.

    Date: 06/24/17 Views: 198,301 Category: Slutty



    Contrary to the social media hive mind, black girls do have sex with their privileged overlords. Unfortunately this one performs like George Costanza after an Adderall. Calling him 'inexperienced' would a compliment, HAHA.

    Date: 06/23/17 Views: 105,452 Category: Webcams

  • Hookin' at Home Depot

    Hookin' at Home Depot

    Lewdness is lewdness, I don't judge. But when you start leaving business cards (8:45) next to the finest Persian faux synthetic vinyl leather @ TGI Fridays you just soiled, we're on the verge of crossing boundaries M'LADY.

    Date: 06/23/17 Views: 121,397 Category: Public

  • The Queen of 'I fucked my mom' Porn

    The Queen of 'I fucked my mom' Porn

    2 things I value more than Arby's 5 for $5: One involves quilted toilet paper & pressure assisted toilets. The other is women so into their fantasies, they don't even need a costar to bring da squeeze. Today, 1 wish gets granted.

    Date: 06/22/17 Views: 157,387 Category: MILF

  • 10 Minutes of WTF

    10 Minutes of WTF


    Date: 06/22/17 Views: 146,804 Category: Asians

  • Wrong on too Many Levels

    Wrong on too Many Levels

    ♫ Lucky for me I'm not like those girls
    ♫ Who only take it all for granted
    ♫ All they got is what they're handed

    Date: 06/21/17 Views: 198,194 Category: Freaks