This girl is a legitimate one-timer. She was an LAFS student in Hollywood that did a single porn and then disappeared, which is tragic cause her response to being fuck by a 10 inch cock is pretty great.

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He has the genitalia of an alpha saddle mule, and in the world of interracial hanky panky, "gentle" is not a fucking option. Sure enough, her uterus learn the hard way - never fuck a black man from Barnes & Noble.

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She's got pussy lips like the ears of an aged Cocker Spaniel. Her sister calls it "hanging ham", I call it triple digit sexual partners. Either way, today it's going bye-bye, Texas Chainsaw Massacre style.

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Look familiar? This is the iron-willed Russian that said "no" to anal 74 times in eFukt's Passion of the Painal comp. Well, apparently she shot a follow-up scene. One with a lot less "no" and a lot more "OOOOOOUCH"!

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It's the same shit every time. Your side piece finally agrees to do anal, but "only if I git drunk first". Listen up you cockamamie hoe. Bacardi Breezers + buttlove don't mix. This bitch didn't even make it past the door.

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A beautiful face can redeem just about anything - bad breath, small tits, crooked teeth, type 2 genital herpes. But THIS chick.... she's got a booty like Conan the Barbarian and I don't know whether to run or rim.

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Handjob porn - it's about as exciting as an audio transcript of Roger Ebert customizing a Subway sandwich. But throw in some incestuous undertones and credible acting and shit becomes buenos fappos!

Date: 07/15/14 | Views: 135028 | Category: Incest

Anyone know her name? or if she's ever done any other porn videos? preferably ones without an introverted cameraman whose idea of 'sexy talk' is whispering "can you stink up a bathroom?". EDIT: found one!

Date: 07/14/14 | Views: 159793 | Category: Poo Poo

He watches his own daughter's porn films, but it's okay guys. The daughter sums it up best: "my daddy has a really big penis, and if he got turned on by my movies, I would know. Trust me". Excellent benchmark, m'lady.

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She's the Napoleon Dynamite of camwhores (read: divine perfection). She honestly doesn't even need to show skin. Watching here geek out to the smell of her own pussy was enough to soggy my pantalones.

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He looks like the kinda guy that works retail at Lady Footlocker and has a porn stash comprised of PS4 unboxing videos, but I really can't hate. He fucks women. I fuck mayonnaise jars.

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Okay she's no Ellen Page, but what she lacks in fame & forehead, she makes up for in... well, actually nothing. This girl is literally fucking useless. She kills the scene at the 5.05 mark and I have zero idea why.

Date: 07/07/14 | Views: 178520 | Category: Quitters

"She was allegedly told she would win a holiday for taking part in the sick game but the "prize" later turned out to be a $5 drink with the same name.". Read the news story HERE!

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Don't let his above-average penis size and Jonathan Taylor Thomas moptop fool you. Even cool kids make mistakes in the eternal quest for female jism. She lets him off easy with a warning. and an STD.

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I've seen some pretty abhorrent shit in my time. Taliban donkey porn, sexually suggestive photos of Carrot Top, 2010's After Earth. But this? This made me fucking gag like a 400lb Latino in a Vegan cafe.

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Not since ejaculating to Nicolas Cage's death scene in The Wicker Man have I felt this much remorse. They throatfuck her to tears and Hulk Smash her pussy like it's WWF pay-per-view. sadface.jpg [full vid here]

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She's legally a midget (4'9) and she has the eyebrows of a Sharpie-wielding Mexican, but she's actually pretty cute. I'd totally White Knight her w/ a trip to Legoland and then let her blow me on her Powerwheels Lambo.

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To the fatfuck in the XXL heathered sweatshorts that voluntarily GTFO'ed, presumably to masturbate furiously in the men's restroom, I applaud you. Had you not, this video would've been 68 seconds of Barney Gumble ass.

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3 minute compilation of various women exposing themselves to a grab-bag of minimum wage mopes, featuring more acts of human desperation than Pauly Shore's twitter feed on a Saturday night.

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