Someone kindly ask Paul Ryan/Slenderman to zip up his Chinos and put away the skin tag. If you wanna flash moderately attractive 19 y/o's in front of Forever 21, cool. But you need to have a cock. It's a prerequisite.

Date: 04/14/14 | Views: 16193 | Category: Picture

Gingerpuss youtube's an incredibly dumb/erotic video of her drooling onto her own twat, which I'd like to add is amazingly bulbous. McDonald's hamburger status. Turn your head turned sideways and you'll understand.

Date: 04/13/14 | Views: 34726 | Category: WTF

Think your Fridays are fun? Time to reevaluate, faggot. This babe does it all, & by all I mean a.) scares patrons @ Starbucks after exposing her prolapse b.) baits a fireman into sex + then proceeds to obliterate his ego.

Date: 04/11/14 | Views: 31546 | Category: Public

Undoubtedly fake (dat belly button) but still pretty abhorrent IMO. I will say though - nobody was hurt, everyone was paid, and a special someone did land a pretty cool IMDB credit: Fetus Punching Victim #3.

Date: 04/10/14 | Views: 43812 | Category: GIF

Vigorous ass-dildoing churns an unforeseen dookie into mashed pooptatoes, as her entire chatroom watches in disgust. She ends up totally mortified. I end up totally erect. Fun starts @ .45 mark. MORE VIDEOS HERE.

Date: 04/10/14 | Views: 56357 | Category: Webcams

Why does he decline? Why does she offer? Was it a genuine offer or a trap? Email me ur thoughts. Haven't been this fascinated since the discovery of my VCR's slow-mo function + Kevin Bacon's penis in Wild Things.

Date: 04/08/14 | Views: 77477 | Category: WTF

Chuck & Buck combine penile forces and quite literally fuck the basic motor function out of this washed up skank biscuit. The mere suggestion of resuming intercourse frightens her (2.50 mark). #GrabTheJergens

Date: 04/07/14 | Views: 71909 | Category: Anal

and a beautiful face. and amazing tits. But how about the personality? Probably less depth than a gerbil's vagina. I like you, I'll pleasure myself to you, but the pedestal remains reserved for Veronica Mars.

Date: 04/06/14 | Views: 91230 | Category: Public

Newly divorced mother of 6 gets the menopause fucked out of her after discovering The smell of the crusty one-night-stand will eventually fade, but the sound of mom cumming is forever.

Date: 04/04/14 | Views: 91068 | Category: Cringe

Not-so-little Lupe goes balls deep on a cock thicker than her forearm and blacker than Don Cheadle's asshole. Pretty impressive stuff, but again, blacker than Don Cheadle's asshole.

Date: 04/04/14 | Views: 150651 | Category: Big Dicks

I can forgive the potato-grade camcorder quality. I can look past the fatass's synthetic stunt cock. But the inexplicable use of French's mustard as an anal lubricant? 0/10, you premature balding, slovenly fuck.

Date: 04/04/14 | Views: 49264 | Category: WTF

Pretty hot, amiright? Too bad she's no amateur. This is pornstar Jessie Rogers. Never heard of her? Lemme put it this way. That vadge has serviced more cocks than a public urinal in New Delhi. #buzzkill.

Date: 04/03/14 | Views: 47057 | Category: Fisting

Armani Almondjoy takes one to the cranium from a gun about as big as Shaquille O'Neal's penis. Flaccid. Pretty creative way to bite the dust, but a far cry compared to Fucked-To-Death-By-1000-Pound-Stallion.

Date: 04/03/14 | Views: 45189 | Category: Terrorism

Reckless asshole crams every centimeter of his 15 inch megalodon into a Thai hooker that's quite literally a 4th his size. Some call it abuse. Jim Cramer calls it getting your moneysworth.

Date: 04/03/14 | Views: 68918 | Category: Asians

The face of a ladyboy, tummy of Tara Reid, and a rear-end that only a visually impaired African American could love. Okay, that was mean. I do look forward to seeing you in the XXX remake of Elephant Man though.

Date: 06/13/13 | Views: 148044 | Category: Gallery

Fat-girl titties without the fat-girl gut. Not a bad piece of flib flab. Would I date her? No. Do I want to treat her out to an Orange Julius and proceed to nut into her cornhole utopia? Fuck to the Yes.

Date: 06/06/13 | Views: 162552 | Category: GIF

Really not sure who's to blame here. Her silly whoreass for requesting these phenomenally bad tattoos, or the artist that should've had the foresight to realize her twat would soon look like Carl Sagan's The Cosmos.

Date: 06/01/13 | Views: 173562 | Category: Amateur

Drop a 150 pounds, give Jonathan Davis his clothing back and get a best friend that doesn't resemble a neanderthalic, homeless Bette Midler.. and maybe then we can talk 'superiority', you degenerate cocksucker.

Date: 05/29/13 | Views: 104481 | Category: Racism

My gut instinct tells me this is about as probable as a Lou Diamond Phillips film getting theatrical distribution... but I do find her nervous moans and heavy breathing compelling. What do you think?

Date: 05/08/13 | Views: 286890 | Category: Bizarre

This is pretty disturbing, and I don't mean haha-disturbing, like when Amy Winehouse OD'ed on alcohol and died. This woman is frail, malnourished and being forced to do Crossfit at gunpoint. I don't know whether to cringe or nominate her for an AVN award.

Date: 05/08/13 | Views: 438045 | Category: Asians