• NEVER fuck this woman's husband

    NEVER fuck this woman's husband

    Dong Yang wins. Brutality.

    Date: 02/19/18 Views: 14,472 Category: Stripped

  • The Belligerent Prostitute

    The Belligerent Prostitute


    Date: 02/18/18 Views: 57,409 Category: Hookers

  • Mileage Not Guaranteed

    Mileage Not Guaranteed

    I've seen this configuration before: Cute Whole Foods cashier above the waist, John Deer lawn aerator below it. I'd contact my local feminist chapter for false advertising, but I've already filled my tube sock & it's time for bed.

    Date: 02/17/18 Views: 77,856 Category: Teen

  • 4 Cumshots, 6 Minutes

    4 Cumshots, 6 Minutes

    Everybody is born with a gift. Some are just better kept at IHOP glory holes.

    Date: 02/16/18 Views: 82,257 Category: Impressive

  • Would YOU pay for this?

    Would YOU pay for this?

    Fart assaults, bitch slappings, clit sniping - I thought I've seen it all when it comes to Internet prostitution. And once again I was dead fucking wrong.

    Date: 02/15/18 Views: 77,495 Category: Webcams

  • She Literally Almost Dies [MUST WATCH]

    She Literally Almost Dies [MUST WATCH]

    Frontal lobe ruthlessly attacked at the hands of a guy that considers Home Depot's hardware dpt EROTIC. No, this isn't my review for the newest ISIS video. It's the Citizen Kane of tardgasms, and you need to see it to the end.

    Date: 02/14/18 Views: 103,315 Category: Rekt

  • Unique Technique

    Unique Technique

    A coworker at Little Caesars once told me she used the side of a Redbull can to pleasure herself. She said the feeling of her deep-dish pizza bowl being grinded made her cum instantaneously. Is that what's going on here?

    Date: 02/13/18 Views: 111,504 Category: Hot

  • Stranger Grabbed by the Pussy

    Stranger Grabbed by the Pussy

    Not since the days of blindly acquiring porn ala Limewire have I come across a female with such seminal fortitude. She's got standards bro. Know who doesn't have standards? THIS WIND TUNNEL. Laugh there, FAP here.

    Date: 02/12/18 Views: 86,838 Category: Slutty

  • HAHA: Creampie DENIED

    HAHA: Creampie DENIED

    You see that body language? I know that body language. Roughly translated it means: "if you pull out again, I'll park my Kia Soul in your asshole next time you fall asleep" Go ahead, ask me. Ask me how I know.

    Date: 02/11/18 Views: 120,132 Category: Bitches

  • Role Reversal?

    Role Reversal?

    I've seen desperate girls do desperate shit to keep their ManyVids account submerged in dollars... but risking life, death and a clean record just to keep cOrNhOLe69 entertained? That's a level of hoe I hope to never encounter.

    Date: 02/10/18 Views: 96,497 Category: Impressive

  • Bad Way to Spend $200 in Thailand

    Bad Way to Spend $200 in Thailand

    Not since walking into a waffle house at 2AM have I seen such disrespect for the lower half of a brown female. And like the riot that ended that night, he has no intent of letting $39.00 worth of plastic surgery go to waste.

    Date: 02/09/18 Views: 131,662 Category: Asians

  • Award-Winning Sex (for realz)

    Award-Winning Sex (for realz)

    Adriana Chechik aka Performer of the Year 2017. "Question is, will she be able win2 years in a row? As hot as she is right now, there is a chance that could actually happen, especially with the work she is doing with VR porn"

    Date: 02/08/18 Views: 139,751 Category: Porn

  • You'll Cum 14 Times

    You'll Cum 14 Times


    Date: 02/07/18 Views: 241,027 Category: Teen

  • It DOES exist!

    It DOES exist!

    Don't let the above-average penis size and battle-tested anus fool you: Encyclopedia Britannica lied. The human female can squirt via buttsex.

    Date: 02/06/18 Views: 126,652 Category: Anal

  • Masturbating Behind Mom Part 2

    Masturbating Behind Mom Part 2

    Self-proclaimed Fap Ninja adds another accolade to her resume, in the form of Nicholas Cage's School of Acting graduate. An unfortunately accurate title you'll agree with when you question your purpose in life around 18:00.

    Date: 02/04/18 Views: 108,287 Category: Parents

  • Doctor of the Year?

    Doctor of the Year?

    When your rusty bag is knee-level, and the age of medicare is on the horizon - maybe being labeled a sexual predator becomes the least of your problems? For everyone else: You probably shouldn't even attempt this.

    Date: 02/03/18 Views: 222,972 Category: Seniors

  • Practice ≠ Perfect

    Practice ≠ Perfect


    Date: 02/02/18 Views: 132,340 Category: Derp

  • Hot Sister, UGLY ENDING

    Hot Sister, UGLY ENDING

    I can understand the incestual story arch. I'll ook past the iPhone 3 camera quality. But the no-hesitation, double-dip taste-test of his own pearl jam at 7:22 mark? UNFUCKINGFORGIVABLE you incomplete, slovenly shit donut.

    Date: 02/01/18 Views: 186,112 Category: Incest

  • Meanwhile, in Japan...

    Meanwhile, in Japan...

    This is standard Asian 'our music sounds like squirrels in a woodchipper, but if I put my mouth on your cock you won't notice it' syndrome. Fortunately science has gifted us the video to accompany this diss track. #springbreak

    Date: 01/31/18 Views: 127,383 Category: Asians

  • The Dream

    The Dream

    Stalk the blonde HERE
    Stalk the brunette HERE
    Evacuate your last nut HERE

    Date: 01/30/18 Views: 181,967 Category: Porn

  • 100% Wrong

    100% Wrong

    A/B honor roll, all F's you retarded

    Date: 01/29/18 Views: 238,613 Category: Derp

  • Repair Man Has No Idea

    Repair Man Has No Idea

    Degenerate hoebag works feverishly to get sexually assaulted by a guy with more V's in his name than a Russian dictionary... and doesn't come close to succeeding. Enjoy your 0-star YELP review Victor Vahdeem Vyachvyeslahv!

    Date: 01/28/18 Views: 173,404 Category: Slutty

  • Teen Mom Gives Zero Fucks

    Teen Mom Gives Zero Fucks

    More HERE

    Date: 01/27/18 Views: 159,467 Category: Public

  • Opportunity of a Lifetime

    Opportunity of a Lifetime

    She's pretty hot. So hot I'd consider parting with my first-edition Lindsay Lohan love doll. The pre"i snorted Tide Pods before it was cool" version.

    Date: 01/26/18 Views: 175,246 Category: Asians

  • White Girl Wednesdays

    White Girl Wednesdays

    Contrary to gender, age, hair color, fashion sense and skin tone - demanding upper management meet demands isn't really her thing. Luckily she slobs knob better than a golden retriever after a Xanex... so there's that.

    Date: 01/25/18 Views: 153,217 Category: Porn

  • "how I got kicked out of school"

    "how I got kicked out of school"

    har har

    Date: 01/24/18 Views: 211,925 Category: LMAO

  • Safe word? What safe word?

    Safe word? What safe word?

    Can't imagine how many E.R. vists had to be falsified before she found the sweet spot. I respect the exploration, but the only road this fetish ultimately leads to is Dennis Rodman and strategically placed cream cheese.

    Date: 01/23/18 Views: 233,006 Category: Teen

  • This is why I Have Trust Issues

    This is why I Have Trust Issues

    This is what happens when Chaturbate gets saturated with internet hookers and you have to find new ways to scalp pennies from strangers - all cause a taxi driver from New Dehli swears on his underwear turban that this is legit.

    Date: 01/22/18 Views: 127,705 Category: Webcams

  • REAL: Guy Rents Out Girlfriend

    REAL: Guy Rents Out Girlfriend

    He watches commands his S/O to chew, lick and gobble her way to next month's utility bill payment. Good call on filming too. Maybe for your next exploit you can use said video to negotiate your way to a free super-size?

    Date: 01/21/18 Views: 185,548 Category: Amateur

  • 8-Inch Surprise

    8-Inch Surprise

    Becky shats herself upon realizing her next FB Live appearance won't be a pretty one. I haven't seen such an intense look of confusion and despair since that time I got caught beta testing display toilets at Home Depot.

    Date: 01/20/18 Views: 199,950 Category: Fappers