Date: 06/30/15 | Views: 23625 | Category: LMAO

Nothing gets clicks quite like videos of unexpected sauce tossing. So here's 45 minutes of them. You read that right: FORTY FIVE - as in the number of erections I get during an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Date: 06/29/15 | Views: 51101 | Category: Public

He's got a thing for hookers. But why repeatedly plop down $6.00 & a can of Mr. Pibb on the only one in town that looks/sounds/smells like Yoda? I'll tell you why Blanco Nino. Tolerance. And the 1:00 mark proves it.

Date: 06/28/15 | Views: 54189 | Category: Hookers

Dude's got the acting ability of a Salvadorian gardener. Know what that means? He's the LeVar Burton of gonzo porn. And what better way to assert your supremacy than to skull fuck a girl cosplaying as a 105 lb turd? GG

Date: 06/27/15 | Views: 95995 | Category: Porn

I like how he keeps his hands above her waist, so as to not make contact with her genitals. Cuz a fingerbang would be over the line, whereas gagging on last week's dodger dog in front of 78 people is just a-oh-fucking-k.

Date: 06/26/15 | Views: 73190 | Category: Voyeur

Stripping: aka the quintessential stepping stone to full blown porno. Most trailer park residents cross over ASAP - but chances are they weren't gifted the Carrot Top prop-bag of genitalia. This ones gonna be just fine.

Date: 06/25/15 | Views: 74602 | Category: Asians

Sexual sideshow derailed when a stripper makes an unexpected visit to La'Vons dirt dungeon. Life Lesson #293: When someone writes hoop dreams on their BlackPeopleMeet profile, it's not always about basktball.

Date: 06/24/15 | Views: 111083 | Category: Surprise

Ladies: Break out the Spider-Man Trapper Keeper and a pen cuz it's note-taking time. Men: Make room in the bookmarks for a chick that uses all orifices like a foot locker between flights from Costa Rica to the US and A.

Date: 06/23/15 | Views: 93703 | Category: Webcams

I like how porn has evolved from sex, into a demanding business of who's more willing to use their vagina as a garbage can. Dare penetrate this one's genitalia and you'll be balls deep in sexual fossils of yesteryear. 10/10

Date: 06/22/15 | Views: 104660 | Category: Teen

Dude's hung like a Tijuana donkey. Most guys with such gifts would just throw on the Bugle Boy cut-offs and hit the boardwalk. Not this centaur. He loves to socialize.

Date: 06/21/15 | Views: 94884 | Category: Big Dicks

1 part mystery, 13 parts WTF. Confusion starts with the Thor-like climax at 2:44. Said goober then begins to flop around like an adderall-deficient retard. WHY? Only his gyno and Shaquille O'Neal's wife have that answer.

Date: 06/20/15 | Views: 101224 | Category: Amateur

Upside to weighing less than the Ethiopian you met at a Paramore concert? Horse cock status, from all angles. 1 suggestion tho: Take a blowtorch to that haircut before Tampax hires you as their new spokesperson. Trust me.

Date: 06/19/15 | Views: 87569 | Category: WTF

Juanita makes her man eject his muscle milk faster than middle-aged women at a Chris Pratt movie, all by simply lowering her Levis & counting to 60. A critical mistake, but one you will masturbate to first and then criticize.

Date: 06/18/15 | Views: 92294 | Category: Premature

1 girl does in 3 minutes what Lebron James couldn't do for 8 years: seal the deal. Her secret? Sandpappering her genitals like a 2x4. Not impressed? Check 1:52 for a battlecry that would make William Wallace shit his kilt.

Date: 06/17/15 | Views: 126817 | Category: Amateur

It's all fun & games until you give a 27-year-old YOLO enthusiast a colossal erection. He was given 0 access to the fur burger, he went for the 2 finger handshake. Some call it sexual assault. I prefer "breaking the ice".

Date: 06/16/15 | Views: 117039 | Category: Surprise

A romp in the ol rusty bullet hole goes sour once this underachiever realizes she just accepted a check her starfish can't cash. But blinded by fame and $47, she forges on. Result? Porn that demands a mute button.

Date: 06/15/15 | Views: 96630 | Category: Ouch

FACT: 99.98% of YouTube prank videos are faker than every head of hair behind a Burger King cash register. But this GF bitch puts legitimacy to the final test when she commits testicular revenge not yet documented.

Date: 06/14/15 | Views: 89561 | Category: Bitches

Lensless glasses, shorts agape & the kinda smirk that says I had my finger in chili powder earlier, but what's next? I haven't been left with this kind of cliffhanger since Jessie 86'd Gale at the end of Breaking Bad S3.

Date: 06/13/15 | Views: 169843 | Category: Picture

Can't say it's the first time I've witnessed anti-gravity g-spot stimulation, but it is the most remarkable one. Perhaps she's preparing for a trip to the petting zoo?

Date: 06/12/15 | Views: 60825 | Category: Impressive

15 mins of dry rectal sodomy. Fun stuff. But I bet the smile fades quick when you hear the sounds that follow each thrust of this butthole boogie. I'd try to describe them, but my keyboard doesn't have letters for THIS.

Date: 06/11/15 | Views: 119302 | Category: Anal