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After 12 minutes of teh sexing, this feisty tart starts bitching about the finale. Equally entertaining are her facial expressions and choice of vocabulary, with hits likes "do i have to taste it?" and "ghrghaahghbokadad".

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This is XXX_Diamant. A legend in her own right when Romanian girls ruled the cam game. This history lesson shows us what incurable daddy issues look like... except this visual's got wood. Quite literally I'm afraid.

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Everyone has a gift. Rocco Siffredi's is the ability to talk genital-damaged, emotionally-broken women right back into the buttfuck scene that broke them in the first place. Watch in amazement how fast he works.

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Porn Parodies: The sure sign of making it in the entertainment industry. Most celebrities have to wait until their 2nd act of public intoxication to get one, but odds are they didn't get brain kicked back to reality.

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Chumpo thinks the worst time on Earth to go limper than wet toilet paper is worth filming. Sorry pal, brag about teh sluts all you want: If you can't fuck 'em, ur about as useful as Charlie Sheen at a blood drive.

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See that face? You know that face. It's the 11 straight days of constipation just ended and now I need a new toilet face. But in this case the cause is less addiction to mozzarella cheese, more stabbing the bearded clam.

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Becky tries to single-handledly start her own stripper lives matter movement... by assisting her colleague's spontaneous skull fucking and not giving 1 shit about it.

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Ya know what tho... when the BF is hung like Barbra Streisand's nose and practices proctology at home, maybe a venereal disease is the least of your problems. For everyone else: don't do what Donny Don't does.

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Today's Menu: 1) Man proudly shows his devotion to death metal and Nutella cheesecake. 2)'s white glove service. 3) The finest 3.5 minutes of sex Mastercard can buy. Fallout 4: You've been replaced.

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Interesting combination. Did she agree to do this scene solely for the challenging of overcoming an 18-year-old already cursed with ED? Or is Aspergers a fetish now?

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There's not many things more emasculating than being told the cunt you're currently inside of was being used as communal property. Save for being Yusaf Mack, I'd say this bro is comfortably in the #1 spot for a while.

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Compilation of perma-scarred broads that made the mistake of saying 'yes' to fucking porn's most repulsive hunk of shit. Never have I seen a man so content w/ 3 inches of penis & 60 inches of waist at the same time.

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Can't imagine this guy's life. Is it still considered 'gay' if the Alabama corn-holer you're sucking is your own? Here's to hoping the solution to that question is still on Stephen Hawking's bucket list. Time's ticking my friend.

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Fresh out of a Walmart shift and new to the BJ scene, this redneck duo carve themselves right into amateur porn history. An unfortunately accurate title for what's (probably) the biggest gag-inducer you'll see all day.

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An outtake from the Amanda Bynes sex tape? No, it's another girl's way of staying e-relevant by using her face as a penile punching bag. But hey, sound quality is high, and the disrespect is real. Good enough for me.

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Self-proclaimed "BBC whisperer" does the impossible: taste tests a baker's dozen worth of chocolate wieners AND get taken back by her boyfriend after footage leaks. Lavar & co. laugh. The BF cries. You bookmark.

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This girl is a total audiophile. Bang her at just the right angle and you'll be rewarded with sounds you'd normally hear in a public bathroom during the Puerto Rican Day parade. Let the greasing of your chorizo grande begin.

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The story of an overachiever and her epic battle with gravity. Lots of ways to bust your nuts here, along with a constant reminder that you'll never know satisfaction like this man. Collapsed fallopian tubes are guaranteed.

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