Date: 10/09/15 | Views: 16728 | Category: Big Dicks

How this wide receiver was aroused enough to jizz like Mentos in a Coke bottle is beyond me. The anal is dry, the object is titanic & what's left behind looks like already-chewed Bubble Tape Gum. For you, not them.

Date: 10/08/15 | Views: 33119 | Category: Ouch

Deebo gets shown the fuck up by the most impressive white snake seen since the hair metal renaissance of the 1980's. Nice girth, but if he ever wants to visit her poopoo cabin he's gonna need optimism. And canola oil.

Date: 10/07/15 | Views: 45217 | Category: Webcams

A power level commonly found in an episode of Dragon Ball Z, finds itself applied to this girl's vagina. Nothing new, but what's radical are the faces and electric chair like full body convulsions that result from it. More here.

Date: 10/06/15 | Views: 67539 | Category: Derp

Prostitution is pretty straight forward. Browse CL's services section and let the expletives fly. Unless you're a 300 pounder that idolizes John Madden and is shaped like Despicable Me. Then it gets a little weird.

Date: 10/05/15 | Views: 77927 | Category: LMAO

There's something captivating about a girl that can inhale with the likes of Snoop Dogg. Her talent screams 'i volunteer on a farm to be near the horses'. Definitely ring material. Definitely first to go belly-button deep.

Date: 10/04/15 | Views: 133437 | Category: Impressive

8:15. Dude uses his palm as a makeshift target as his lead performer starts covering more distance than an Olympian shot putter. Cue theme song from Baywatch.

Date: 10/03/15 | Views: 92803 | Category: Squirting

Fueled by mental disability, these heavy-breathing fun seekers construct an excess amount (SEE: 1) of DIY love dolls. Imagine if you could get these things in a Chernobyl sweatshop - that's what they're mating with.

Date: 10/02/15 | Views: 82498 | Category: Fail

A pleasant reminder that in Rio De Janeiro, if a woman opens her mouth to do anything other than suck cock or eat creme de papaya, consequences will be had. I refuse to find meaning here... but 1 man already did.

Date: 10/01/15 | Views: 161910 | Category: Gallery

It's that time of year again. When the sounds of regret coming out of all orifices at once still can't drown out some rimjob who considers the accordion a pivotal musical instrument. It's not exactly easy on the liver...

Date: 09/30/15 | Views: 133743 | Category: LMAO

Poor execution, bro. People want to see a petite Puerto Rican with a size 0 waist become the target of that nut butter hail storm. Not a girl named Annushka and her fuckstick friend. Now apologize to her dollar store linen.

Date: 09/29/15 | Views: 95503 | Category: Fappers

Let's go on a trip back to Family Guy season 2, episode 14 at the 5 minute mark (fuck you, I had to look that shit up) and reflect. This is birthplace to the infamous cherry/buttcheeks scene. PROTIP: It's even better IRL.

Date: 09/28/15 | Views: 107300 | Category: WTF

Luckiest 18-year-old this side of Germania gets a b-day gift for the ages... Silicone-free, rentable-by-the-hour vagina. Look out world, for the next 4.5 action-packed minutes belong to Clovis 'take no prisoners' Hofmann.

Date: 09/27/15 | Views: 122356 | Category: Virgins

Drop the SJW death stare, pick a more suitable location and give that haircut back to the yorkshire terrier you scalped... then maybe we'll talk about getting you in on some of the action next time you depraved bulldagger.

Date: 09/26/15 | Views: 91624 | Category: Picture

It's refreshing to know the whole 'surprising immigrants with your naked body' thing isn't limited to Indian men and women that consider cheese doodles a staple food in their diet. This bitch is the Bono of naked freebies.

Date: 09/25/15 | Views: 119837 | Category: Webcams

Ever watch Dumb and Dumber To? Me neither... but if they ever made a pornographic spinoff w/ Megan Fox it would probably look something like this. Denied entry times: 12:20, 20:15 and Custer's last stand @ 23:30.

Date: 09/24/15 | Views: 88017 | Category: Fail

There's nothing more boner-deflating than being within inches of death, save for your dad walking in on you hammering it to Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting. How this guy managed to ejac is forever a mystery to me.

Date: 09/23/15 | Views: 101033 | Category: Shocking

This liberal arts dropout has a kinda speech impediment that's left her sounding like a mountain goat. But it's no problemo when the extent of her communication is limited to "now ur fuckin me" and "i want my mommy".

Date: 09/22/15 | Views: 108791 | Category: Anal

I can't even attempt to describe this proctologist's wet dream. Her dimensions are more hypnotizing than Mark Wahlberg's cock in Boogie Nights. Actually no... that's another dimension of bewilderment, but u get the idea.

Date: 09/21/15 | Views: 116246 | Category: Amateur

No stimulation of the prostate. No stunt cock trickery behind the scenes. This is a man that can legitimately multi-gasm from nothing more than a moist orifice and a girl that sounds like Miss Piggy in heat. #flabbergasted

Date: 09/20/15 | Views: 138105 | Category: Impressive