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Date: 02/09/16 | Views: 40133 | Category: Busted!

A coworker at Little Caesars once told me she used the side of a Redbull can to pleasure herself. She said the feeling of her deep-dish pizza bowl being grinded made her cum instantaneously. Is that what's going on here?

Date: 02/08/16 | Views: 62376 | Category: Hot

Tojiro Kawasaki Jr can't find his safe space when an anchovy-scented stripper makes a beeline for his face, muff-first. 2 words lady: SUMMER'S EVE. Pick it up at your local pharmacy right next to the Pikachu enemas.

Date: 02/07/16 | Views: 54256 | Category: LMAO

Reminds me of something my grammy would say: Don't hate the player with the deflated balloon knot, hate the game. Not since the reboot of Karate Kid have I been disgusted with men over the age of 50-years-old.

Date: 02/06/16 | Views: 107082 | Category: Freaks

Tired of jacking off to the same old fantasies of Nicki Minaj rolling around in a double-wide bowl of cream cheese and want the next best thing? How about a socially-inept, Brazilian drug addict UFC fan? Enjoy it:

Date: 02/05/16 | Views: 68171 | Category: Drugs

KBB rates her vasheen as 'mint' (minor scratches, no defects), so an alternate route is sourced. And Much like DJ Khaled after mistakenly eating a low-fat Dorito, you literally see fear in her eyes once contact is made.

Date: 02/04/16 | Views: 94887 | Category: Anal

After boning a good 70% of the pacific northwest's African population, our poster girl for interracial swing porn quit the game for good. EDIT: Looks like she is back in the chocolate biz after all. Official profile HERE.

Date: 02/03/16 | Views: 93655 | Category: Teen

And by "cuckold" I mean extra-chromosome'd Matt Damon having a full body seizure while her boyfriend spectates. The oly thing missing is narration by David Attenborough & 1 guy repeatedly screaming 'wurlstar'.

Date: 02/02/16 | Views: 120639 | Category: Amateur

This is ridiculous. Not haha-ridiculous like a black guy pissing on Kim Kardashian & turning her into a national treasure. This lady is 2 clicks away from a stroke and I don't know to cringe or nominate her for an AVN award.

Date: 02/01/16 | Views: 94524 | Category: LMAO

Confirmation #92 that you're a fully fledged slutaroonie: The douchebag quartet (pic #5) whip their cocks out in the corner of a bar, and rather than go Kung Fu Panda on them, you snap photos for Instagram. #NOFILTER

Date: 01/31/16 | Views: 123573 | Category: Gallery intern thinks her objective can be met, no matter how many Baconators her client shoveled in prior to engagement... only to be shot down by reality. The element of irrational logic has never been so erotic.

Date: 01/30/16 | Views: 134920 | Category: Hookers

This is what happens when you allow Reddit users to interact with women outside of r/fedoras. Genders are offended, penises exposed - all cause some nerd can't keep his meat-beating limited to MFC & X-Files cosplay.

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But check out dem titties tho. Looks like she was gifted with both size and resistance to gravity. Fake melons of a similar caliber would set the average girl back about 10k. That's nearly 273 rimjobs in whoreconomics. Yikes.

Date: 01/28/16 | Views: 157586 | Category: Webcams

At first I thought this was one of those Tom Savini prop videos where they hide a garden hose off screen and blast away like the Kremlin is on fire. Turns out it's legit. I crown thee the Holly Holm of handjob pornography.

Date: 01/27/16 | Views: 116831 | Category: Impressive

a.k.a Deira Hanzawa. Known for skin flicks with a man carrying more meat than a deli butcher. That was 10 years ago & the weeabo community's been jacking off to the same 3 clips ever since. A comeback is overdue.

Date: 01/26/16 | Views: 179058 | Category: Asians

Luisa wrapped her bichano around the wrong chalupa, and now she's gonna pay. I haven't seen justice served so epicly since the time I took a shit in the Blockbuster video return slot. $1 rewind fee on a DVD my black ass.

Date: 01/25/16 | Views: 100106 | Category: Fights

This turd saw 1 too many Efukt vids & thought he was equipped to emotionally dismember local prostis. Didn't anticipate a girl too mindless to fall for it. It's a sexual defeat, one that goes from ALPHA to BETA pretty fast.

Date: 01/24/16 | Views: 145961 | Category: Asians

Jessica Robbin. A 4-year veteran with the upper body of a silicon-wielding surgeon from Ecuador... but has 1 weakness: FACIALS. Dude lobs one right onto her lips anyway. You can literally feel the feminism from here.

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Date: 01/22/16 | Views: 121148 | Category: Amateur

Congrats. You simultaneously contracted oral herpes & netted 3 minutes of fame but where do u go from here? a) Disney World b) The Clinic c) Dr. Phil's thrilling 2-part "i fucked 5 guys named Miguel" special. This ones easy.

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