When your homeless, addicted to meth and the only pussy you can get is also homeless and meth addicted, you don't really have any fucks left to give.

Date: 10/20/14 | Views: 5836 | Category: Busted!

Sticking your dick into crazy girls without any consequences is about as probable as an Ebola outbreak in Beverly Hills... but I do admire her bravery. What do you think? Hit it, or hit it with a golf club?

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Sexy slut is use to her genitals being pummeled but not her butt hole. Today she finds a new love and its not the guy she is banging.

Date: 10/18/14 | Views: 52611 | Category: Anal

An eFukt classic circa de 2005. Same story: Upon discovery of Curious Carlos, this banshee emits a war cry that would make Conan the Barbarian shit himself 40 yards away. I'm still just as confused in 480p.

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No. No she did not. In fact she had to cut the scene short 'cause this french guy and some whore ripped her butthole. LOL, FAP FAP FAP!

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Veronika underestimated both her tolerance for Skinny Girl Margaritas, and vertical gravity. Marvel in her glorious attempt to make it into the toilet before her underpants. More regrettable drunk girl antics HERE.

Date: 10/17/14 | Views: 42146 | Category: Drunk

There's a very thin (blood)line between what's acceptable and what isn't in the world of amateur porn. Admittedly I still don't know exactly where that line is, but I do know Ned Flanders just fucking crossed it.

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Just kidding, they both love black dicks. A big black dick is like crack for these white girls, she's only shocked to see her friend take so many inches.

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Some beautiful and intense leg trembling orgasms that I enjoy almost as much as these girls do.

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Fisting Porn: The only fetish more painful than hearing Kanye West talk. But the 27:00 mark is where Rosa really ups the game. "I love it" - Lady if this is love, make sure I'm 10 states away from your next birthday.

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Tiny & skinny little rat girl with some nerd glasses getting some balls on her chin and pubes in her nose... 10/10 would fap again.

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This fappable piece of awesome is from a school for twerking. A SCHOOL for TWERKING. If you need taught to act like a turbo whore you fail at failing.

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File this amazing new dance under "shit black people do". It's a joke video but I could see this taking off anyway.

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Bro, you're supposed to fuck your girl, she's not supposed to fuck you. For real his chick is grabbing his ass having her way with it. WTF MAN!?

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Ohh black people, you so crazy. Tyrone and Juanita getting that white people cash and figured those old white guys would be into this shit right here.

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She is not enjoying her slutty self, which is weird because you would have thought sucking off degenerates through holes in dark closet with a 4k camera in your face would of been really fun...rite?

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She wanted to show off her twerking skills... as well as her genitals. God bless her.

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When you're covered in vomit and some guy jamming a dildo into your esophagus while calling you a worthless gutter slut, it's usually a good time to take a minute and reconsider the path you've chosen.

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You get the pampered cute girls that are able to toss their own salads. What a magical combination that is.

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This is porn for people who just can't get a hard on unless they feel like they can just kill their partner by accident... and to me it's just fine entertainment.

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