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Meet Bree Olson: O.G. p-star gone average YouTuber, and afrocock aficionado. She wasn't the type to run from a challenge, even when Jarquerius and Tyshawn attempted to tag-team her ass into early retirement.

Date: 03/28/15 | Views: 39794 | Category: Big Dicks

Damn, check out the pulled pork on this one! You might end up having an erotic dream or 3 about eating her out. Huge emphasis on eating. Dominka's got enough Arby's marinating down there to end hunger in Detroit.

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It's 2AM. You're cruising the net with a level 5 boner - what can go wrong? I'll give you a hint. It involves an unruly sex toy, momma's holiday-only stash of anal lube and more homoeroticism than One Direction's breakup.

Date: 03/26/15 | Views: 65769 | Category: WTF

I tend to enjoy the finer things in life: Particularly the McGangbang (look it up), director cuts of Nicholas Cage movies and extreme acts of public intimacy. But as far as complimentary blowjobs go, this just won my heart.

Date: 03/25/15 | Views: 78342 | Category: Alphas

After boning a good 80% of girls who make the most piss-poor decisions in life, I thought I've seen just about everything Rocco Siffredi is willing to stick his meat calzone into. I was wrong. Very, very wrong.

Date: 03/24/15 | Views: 89330 | Category: Parents

Perhaps "happy" isn't the word I want to use, as it enforces the idea that shoving $17 worth of Party City supplies up your asshole is a good thing. All that's missing is a Mariachi band that does Bon Jovi covers.

Date: 03/23/15 | Views: 52657 | Category: Objects

Piper Perri. The only professional fornicator's name I've chosen to remember in the past decade. Why? Legal drinking age, weighs less than one of Nicole Richie's tits & when it comes to lethal-sized cocks, she's fearless.

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You know your stock is in the shitter when Abdul ranks your oral sex lower than his next cheesy bread delivery. It's cool Kendra, I still love you for 6-12 mins per day.

Date: 03/22/15 | Views: 64911 | Category: Webcams

Girl suffering from the initial stages of Buscemi Eyes co-stars in her first homemade skin flick. The problem? Her partner has enough (SEE: 1) back-alley tribal tattoos to give away that he's of the same bloodline.

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To the women out there that share this girl's outlook on public fornication: I applaud you. Had you not existed, this video would have been a 5 min solo act, marketing Pee-wee Herman's newest movie. Oh yes, IT'S REAL.

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☐ Not REKT
☑ Really REKT
☑ Terminator 2: REKTment Day

Date: 03/19/15 | Views: 106839 | Category: Amateur

Socially-outcasted spunk trumpet makes her 2nd Inhumanity appearance doing the same thing that lead to her debut. A.K.A. making the majority of us answer the age old question: Would you hit it? (you would)

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Easy on the eyes but her minimum cock requirement puts James Franco to shame. 2? OK. 3 I can see after a night of Appletinis - but FOUR? Bitch if I wanted to fuck livestock I'd get my ban lifted from The Bronx Zoo.

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Up close look at what the retirement program of the porn industry has to offer: No 401k and a cock that gravity has pushed so far to the ground, it might as well have a Nike logo on it. The legend is dead. RIP.

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What's that old saying? You can take the girl out of the hood, but she's still gonna trade vagina for Top Ramen noodles? This is an off-limits sexual encounter, and one that goes from WTF to Awwwwww shit in record time.

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Defined: "a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience" And that's just 1 paragraph of his Plenty of Fish profile.

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At first I was like "wow, the guy from Blues Clues really let himself go". But I only stayed intrigued up until the 0:12 sec point where Tom makes his mission statement clear. Kunta Kinte, you have officially been avenged.

Date: 03/13/15 | Views: 74043 | Category: Racism

He looks like the kinda guy that calls you a LOLFAGGIT on the Playstation Network after scoring a goal in FIFA... but I can't hate. He fucks women. I'm still struggling with the Aveeno shampoo bottle matrix.

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Increasingly fucked up video of a girl that picked the wrong day to commando. Her piss biscuit gets more airtime than a Superbowl commercial & all the guys spectating can do is say "HERE WE GO". ATL's finest.

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