• Crying makes him cum??

    Crying makes him cum??

    Wife has second thoughts about the butthole boogaloo, right as he's about to shoot some tadpoles at the moon. But there's no escape, she voluntarily submits. In other words: This is a PSA on the importance of communication.

    Date: 05/16/17 Views: 161,273 Category: WTF

  • Welp, that escalated quickly...

    Welp, that escalated quickly...


    Date: 05/15/17 Views: 117,935 Category: LMAO

  • That wasn't on your TINDER profile!

    That wasn't on your TINDER profile!

    110% cock teaser.

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    Really brings me back.

    Date: 05/13/17 Views: 180,012 Category: Drunk

  • Too Tight, Can't Fight

    Too Tight, Can't Fight

    0:50: "keep going!"
    0:51: fffffghaarrrrgghh
    1:01: "did u really ju-?"

    Date: 05/13/17 Views: 227,761 Category: Premature

  • Ballsy Girl Calls Mom

    Ballsy Girl Calls Mom

    A black guy banging wrecking her pink wrinkle, and they're having a conversation about chocolate peanut butter? Fan-fuckin-tastic.

    Date: 05/12/17 Views: 125,804 Category: LMAO

  • Surprise of the Month

    Surprise of the Month

    WOW. Between having the penis of a guinea pig, and the hairline of Danny Devito, I don't know what this Idaho spud fuck was thinking. Whattaya guess he titled this for home use? 'Caterpillar Cock Campaign #3'?? HAHA

    Date: 05/12/17 Views: 111,635 Category: Public

  • Saying Goodbye to a Legend

    Saying Goodbye to a Legend

    Shame this girl doesn't make videos anymore. A damn crying shame. Never again will we see this level of excitement when it comes to colonizing the brown planet. Today's fap will be followed by a moment of silence. RIP.

    Date: 05/11/17 Views: 253,692 Category: Anal



    These guys are one of the best porn site databases, with detailed reviews of porn sites. It's almost like an IMDB for porno. 10/10, would fap again.

    Date: 05/11/17 Views: 26,577 Category: Advertisement

  • 1 Girl, 12 Guys, NO FEAR

    1 Girl, 12 Guys, NO FEAR

    Consider this a pleasant reminder that if you think you're really good at something, an Asian is already doing it better. Especially ones that can multitask a 4.0 GPA and more sausage than a birthday party in New Jersey.

    Date: 05/10/17 Views: 201,827 Category: Slutty

  • No-Contact Orgasms? COOL!

    No-Contact Orgasms? COOL!

    My gut instincts tell me this is about as probable as Shia LaBeouf being properly medicated during business hours.. but I do find her full body dry-heaving, and fluid distribution kind of compelling. Thoughts?

    Date: 05/10/17 Views: 154,998 Category: Teen

  • Annnnd there goes my childhood

    Annnnd there goes my childhood

    34 straight years of wholesome entertainment, completely obliterated by the next generation of ejaculation. Next up: Automata. We both know why.

    Date: 05/09/17 Views: 127,784 Category: Gamers

  • Seriously, WTF is that?

    Seriously, WTF is that?

    Just skip to 8:01. The part where he goes Robocop toxic waste scene inside the walls of her gravy cave. If the consistency of his brand doesn't scream 'I maintain a steady diet of yogurt and silly putty' I don't know what does.

    Date: 05/09/17 Views: 127,096 Category: Webcams

  • It DOES happen in real life

    It DOES happen in real life

    Other working titles:
    — Guardians of the Phallus-Y
    — Beaver and Buttface
    — Evil Head

    Date: 05/08/17 Views: 158,195 Category: Public

  • I'm guilty of masturbating to this

    I'm guilty of masturbating to this

    If physical pain at all plays a role in the enjoyment a person feels, I would estimate Rocketta Balboa here is hovering in between 'Level 10 Orgasm' and "I got an extra McNugget in my value meal". Ejaculate with caution.

    Date: 05/07/17 Views: 207,365 Category: WTF



    Parts: [2], [3], [4], [5]

    Date: 05/07/17 Views: 190,429 Category: Big Dicks

  • The Chipotle Girl

    The Chipotle Girl

    Burritos are burritos, I don't discriminate. But when your bum crumbs are in the vicinity of my guacamole, ur walking on that thin line of reprehensible. Now put your underwear back on before my sour cream is on the house.

    Date: 05/06/17 Views: 198,368 Category: Hot

  • 3 Stages of Painal

    3 Stages of Painal

    Lesson Learned: If dude isn't hung like a chinchilla, it may be best to steer him far away from the chocolate volcano. Last time I checked, girls in teh biz didn't have health plans that covered radical reconstructive surgery.

    Date: 05/06/17 Views: 146,592 Category: Anal

  • 14 DICKS? IN A ROW?

    14 DICKS? IN A ROW?

    [Full Version]

    Date: 05/05/17 Views: 140,180 Category: Groups

  • Attention Whore of the Year

    Attention Whore of the Year

    I like how social media has rapidly evolved from cat memes, into a cut throat industry of who can get Chlamydia fastest. 10/10, would vaccinate.

    Date: 05/05/17 Views: 177,314 Category: Slutty

  • Friend's First Hooker

    Friend's First Hooker

    Sarah, Plain and Kunty does the absolutely unforgivable: Takes a load in the mouth... but instead of treating her stomach to 12 G's of farm-grade protein, she refunds it. Like she got blasted with battery acid. I vote public scalping.

    Date: 05/04/17 Views: 127,870 Category: Derp

  • Wrecking a Russian

    Wrecking a Russian

    Really dig the pre-buttfuck VLOG. That's what porn is missing: A personal connection to the girl that's going to be in diapers before her 29th b-day.

    Date: 05/04/17 Views: 142,333 Category: Anal

  • Still Would

    Still Would

    Nothing says 'bust my nut' like teeth broken off at the gum line. She's less than grateful for that flattery, but it's ok. Girls are hotter when they're mad.

    Date: 05/03/17 Views: 183,687 Category: Fail

  • Boyfriend Doesn't Give a Fuck

    Boyfriend Doesn't Give a Fuck

    When dreams become memes.

    Date: 05/02/17 Views: 194,170 Category: Picture

  • Me and 'My Vagina'

    Me and 'My Vagina'

    This seems to be the new standard in webcam fuckery: Using crafty camera angles, and a borrowed vagina to make Bangladeshi cab drivers think you're munching your own box and triple token revenues. SPOILER: IT WORKS.

    Date: 05/02/17 Views: 128,654 Category: Lesbians



    Homeboy gets the invite to ride the vein train to Epiglottis Avenue on a girl that has a smaller esophagus than Tyrion Lannister. He approaches the same way I do to 5PM traffic: Ram foward, and ignore the cries for help.

    Date: 05/01/17 Views: 153,183 Category: Amateur

  • He stuck his dick in psycho...

    He stuck his dick in psycho...

    This is one of few videos left in the wake of the walking disaster known as JewDank. A degenerate folk tale filled with drugs, deception and calling out girls that fuck their dogs. Read the full history HERE. Fap again HERE.

    Date: 05/01/17 Views: 217,702 Category: Bitches

  • Stripped by Sex Offenders

    Stripped by Sex Offenders

    Veteran with tremendous natties gets sanduskied by a trio of guys that are no stranger to 7-11 glory holes. And Arn Anderson in the back makes me believe 1 horseman is missing from this championship belt title match.

    Date: 04/30/17 Views: 129,718 Category: Freaks

  • She's legal... I SWEAR!

    She's legal... I SWEAR!

    Fetch my handkerchief, I wish to ejaculate post-haste.

    Date: 04/30/17 Views: 189,826 Category: Gallery

  • Party Trick

    Party Trick

    She's drunk and/or retarded... both of which explain why she's fornicating in front of Hollister's day shift. My only question: Who's balls did she have to gargle to get those killer 'almost on the clitoris' tats? I dig 'em

    Date: 04/29/17 Views: 169,734 Category: Groups