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  • She Turned 18 Five Days Ago

    If it's rare to find a meat mop worth spending money on to access, then ur lookin at the shark attack of OF girls. Her proof? The near-zero mileage below the waistline and having more tolerance than me watching The Marvels. [more here]

    Date: 12/10/23 Views: 417,494 Category: OnlyFans

  • Someone Come Get Their Mom

    More [here]

    Date: 11/28/23 Views: 255,409 Category: OnlyFans

  • "yes it's in your ass"

    Somewhere, someone attempted to mukbang a conveyor belt of Blue Heat Takis out of that supreme dumper. And like her intro to anal: NO REACTION [MORE]

    Date: 11/13/23 Views: 182,775 Category: OnlyFans

  • 78lb Girl Has A Death Wish

    Free Wisdom: Never underestimate a female's determination to rearrange her upper respiratory system. You'll just end up scratching your head and/or crotch like you left a Persian strip club. iow: shit's fire yo. [OnlyFans Profile]

    Date: 10/23/23 Views: 220,732 Category: OnlyFans

  • The Worst Family in America

    Well, here it is. The Citizen Kane of "i watched a man more deteriorated than Mick Jagger's asshole fuck my mentally ill sister" videos. Actually... I'm not entire sure Mick Jagger is dead or not, but I'm positive he hasn't been alive since the '87 tour.

    Date: 10/16/19 Views: 553,458 Category: Incest

  • Mission Impossible

    Don't let the impressive tits and hollow brain cavity fool you: Porn is the last place she should be showcasing her talents. More inept intercourse HERE

    Date: 10/29/17 Views: 395,257 Category: Cringe

  • When you see it....

    Contrary to her appearance, lead-role acting isn't really this girl's specialty. Her BA in theater was more wasted than a Chinese man's pension check in a casino. But all of that's okay when you can see 360 degrees at all times.

    Date: 10/14/17 Views: 1,229,766 Category: Derp

  • The Danger of Camwhoring

    Cam whore #2817 has an unintentional FML moment after realizing her 6 inch friend has swam into deeper waters. Luckily she's prepared: Squat, push and cross your tits the breakfast burrito bowl doesn't come out with it.

    Date: 10/10/17 Views: 671,799 Category: Shocking

  • Sent into Early Retirement

    Desperate for fame and isn't afraid of lying on her resume. If these aren't the quintessential ingredients to be Nacho Vidal's next penis ornament, I don't know what is. Now save up those Pesos and fly the U.S and A. kthx.

    Date: 09/29/17 Views: 431,471 Category: Anal

  • CLASSIC: "Too thick, I QUIT!"

    Her body language alone made the P-to-B transaction less probable than Bob Barker headlining UFC 215. Best she sticks to stuff she's good at. Like shopping at Warby Parker & picketing Chipotle. 'straight to A' isnt her thing.

    Date: 09/08/17 Views: 2,599,349 Category: Anal

  • The 10 Best Sex Positions EVER

    song [ HERE ]

    Date: 08/31/17 Views: 502,336 Category: Flexible

  • The Scene that Retired Lily Thai

    Three years of forcing porn producers to scotch guard everything in a 2-mile radius was no problemo. But ~60 secs of churning butt butter? GAME OVER. Ladies and gents: I present to you the enigma of Asian scrag hags.

    Date: 08/18/17 Views: 567,672 Category: Rekt

  • The Gentleman's Guide to Anal Sex

    This guy might as well be the Conor McGregor of butthole dysfunction, and today he's teaching Relationships 101. Adopt his patented "Oklahoma whiff n' dip", and I promise, ur lady will never think about crying misogyny again.

    Date: 08/13/17 Views: 308,794 Category: Assholes

  • Amazing Girl, UGLY SECRET (0:56)

    Props to guy laying pipe. I haven't heard a teenager whine that ambiguously since that time I was caught defecating in the Blockbuster drop-box in protest to late fees on my rental of Johnny Mnemonic. FULL SCENE HERE

    Date: 08/03/17 Views: 798,492 Category: WTF

  • A Girl With Standards

    This is classic. She literally goes from chowing down her own buttmud like a malnourished Nigerian, to straight up protesting a facial. Apparently the Woodman School of Rectology isn't as diverse as originally thought, HAHA.

    Date: 07/28/17 Views: 424,146 Category: Anal

  • Wife Can't Escape!

    Russia: Some go for the stroganoff. Others go to stir up enough friction to earn a campfire badge. This guy does both. 1st he loads up on Leninade, then he hits that dirty squirrel like life depends on it. A role model, if u will.

    Date: 07/12/17 Views: 397,442 Category: Anal

  • 19 Guys in ONE Day?

    Only 2 people should never be caught doing the forbidden fox trot: Lindsay Lohan in her 'i'll snort Clorox' phase, and this girl. She's 19, anti-semen and dumber than a mailbox on Sunday. In other words: she was BORN for Efukt.

    Date: 06/30/17 Views: 688,111 Category: Slutty

  • REAL: The 84lb Virgin

    After banging a good 85% of the Czech Republic's population, he finally broke unfamiliar ground: A mint condition hymen... and an uneducated one at that. She taps out quicker than me during the Baywatch movie.

    Date: 06/11/17 Views: 1,381,306 Category: Virgins

  • Anal Causes Autism (PROOF)

    Believe it or not, cornpocket sodomy is her favorite pastime. That crater has no fear, but 2:05 is where she crossed the line into WIFE MATERIAL. I vow to thee: Hottest Autistic I'd Lose a Custody Battle To. Run with it.

    Date: 04/27/17 Views: 1,454,811 Category: Rekt

  • Anal Virgin vs. THE MACHINE

    Not since the release of The Human Centipede have I seen a person's genitals put in such a 1-sided battle. She fucks the Predator of ass rippage, cries legit tears & has a rage quit that would make Kanye West jealous.

    Date: 04/15/17 Views: 503,108 Category: Alphas

  • RARE: Girl Actually Gets off on FacialAbuse

    James Randi said it couldn't be done. Man vs. Wild won't do an episode on it. But thanks to Alexis Perez we now have solid proof that if your clitoris has been neglected by daddy long enough, anything is possible.

    Date: 11/30/16 Views: 495,244 Category: Porn


    A democratic acquaintance at Chipotle has long told me African American men and white cops simply don't get along. After seeing Tyrone Kobe Jermaine Javarie get bullied into BBW twat, I understand why.

    Date: 10/27/16 Views: 514,881 Category: Big Dicks

  • How NOT to Impress Hot Girls

    The Dating Playbook by Andrew Ferebee. Buy yourself TWO copies. Cause the current approach of turning your dick into a secret item on the Buffalo Wild Wings menu isn't really panning out, brah. More HERE.

    Date: 10/15/16 Views: 267,872 Category: LMAO

  • The Most Carded Girl in Porn

    She's over 18... I swear! [Full Scene]

    Date: 04/15/16 Views: 7,511,481 Category: Porn