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  • "im not a hooker"

    "im not a hooker"

    Imagine swallowing enough beef to spiral the vegan community out of control, then proclaim it's not for the money. Here's a free tip: It might be more believable if you say it without the echo your butthole is emitting after doing that scene lol.

    Date: 02/02/20 Views: 323,728 Category: WTF

  • what are you doing eric?

    what are you doing eric?


    Date: 02/07/20 Views: 292,899 Category: Incest

  • A Family Affair

    A Family Affair

    Well with a title like that it really upgrades Portugal from "i don't even know where that is on the map" to i'll risk a coronavirus plane ride for a piece of that" for the average western citizen. Consider that your geography lesson for the day.

    Date: 02/23/20 Views: 269,405 Category: Incest

  • Married Girl Wants to do Porn

    Married Girl Wants to do Porn

    tip: scroll down the page a few clicks. Think your marriage is in trouble? Time to reevaluate, Bucko. This pioneer of female empowerment does it all. And by all I mean a.) buttsex. and b.) buttsex while wearing her wedding ring. B I G Y I K E R S

    Date: 02/14/20 Views: 261,906 Category: Bitches

  • Butthole Brutality (what the fuck)

    Butthole Brutality (what the fuck)

    There's something captivating about a man that approaches cornholing the way a mechanic does a rusted lug nut. It just screams "i did hard time in San Quentin". Definitely a scumbag. Definitely worthy of his own category at ExpertVillage.

    Date: 02/08/20 Views: 261,556 Category: Anal

  • Tinder Date DGAF

    Tinder Date DGAF

    Right-swipe of the year takes a stroll down buttblast boulevard in an attempt to expand her reach on social media. Little weak TBH. I've seen assholes getting stretched wider than that in the comments under any given Logan Paul video.

    Date: 01/31/20 Views: 257,624 Category: Slutty

  • 12 Minutes into Coachella

    12 Minutes into Coachella

    Overt use of pharmaceuticals, public squabblenecking, 60FPS cameras... this video is more well-rounded than the list of STDS on her Tinder profile. No kicker, but wat it lacks in surprises... it makes up for in the worst dirty talk you'll hear ever.

    Date: 02/17/20 Views: 256,317 Category: Drunk



    Date: 03/09/20 Views: 247,632 Category: Advertisement

  • "The Hard Way"

    "The Hard Way"

    You know your token bucket is going to be overflowing when you up your camshows wiener-to-girl above symmetrical ratios. Sprinkle in a little implied sexual assault and you got yourself a formula for Chaturbate longevity friends.

    Date: 04/06/20 Views: 246,831 Category: Webcams

  • well... that's a new one

    well... that's a new one

    It's one thing to assume the position in public places. It's another to require an audience of full-bladder'd bar bros in the mother fucking men's bathroom just to keep your addiction going. Now somebody invite her to a women's march, STAT.

    Date: 02/03/20 Views: 244,365 Category: Slutty

  • A Gorgeous Mistake

    A Gorgeous Mistake

    Lets just say summer came early. More HERE

    Date: 03/26/20 Views: 243,332 Category: Hot

  • Reaming My Roommate

    Reaming My Roommate

    If we could go ahead and replace the Oscar Awards with stunning performances like this, that would be fantastic. Just imagine the ratings. And tube sock sales.

    Date: 03/13/20 Views: 236,080 Category: LMAO

  • Youtube Icon Hits Rockbottom

    Youtube Icon Hits Rockbottom

    Cool, I finally used the celebrities section
    lia, marie, johnson, fight, nude, shower, drugs

    Date: 03/04/20 Views: 227,453 Category: Celebrities

  • Young Doctor Doesn't Know

    Young Doctor Doesn't Know

    When your saddle bag is knee-level, and the age of medicare is on the horizon - maybe being labeled a sexual predator becomes the least of your problems? But for everyone else watching: You shouldn't even attempt this one. Like... seriously.

    Date: 04/01/20 Views: 216,262 Category: WAT

  • Your Coworker is a FREAK

    Your Coworker is a FREAK

    Not only do women work fewer hours than men, they choose different careers. Women are more interested in people, while men are more interested in things. They also take more browns to the Super Bowl than the NFL ever has in 98 years.

    Date: 02/25/20 Views: 214,572 Category: WTF

  • That Shouldn't be on Video

    That Shouldn't be on Video

    Just scroll to 8:30 mark... and listen.

    Date: 03/02/20 Views: 212,834 Category: WAT

  • That didn't hide her identity...

    That didn't hide her identity...

    Symptom #39 that you've graduated from tastless MILF meat, to fully fledged bum ranger: You find yourself with 15 minutes between PTA meetings, and instead of preparing for it, you roll the dice and smash sum butt hash instead.

    Date: 04/14/20 Views: 211,630 Category: Anal

  • Intruder Alert

    Intruder Alert

    Not sure if this was sanctioned as a handicapped tag team match before the pay-per-view started, but here we are dude. And brother, the Barkster jobs to nobody.

    Date: 03/19/20 Views: 211,502 Category: WAT

  • The Morning After

    The Morning After

    Nothing peaks interest quite like alcohol-flavored women and their inability to stay fully clothed. So here's 30 of em. Specific interest should be given to girlie numero 3 who has miraculously made it through the night skidmark-free.

    Date: 02/26/20 Views: 210,986 Category: Fail

  • 18-year-old Gang Banger

    18-year-old Gang Banger

    Date: 02/01/20 Views: 209,259 Category: Shocking



    She's not exactly equipped with the poker face of Clint Eastwood. So when the that wasnt a fart reaction washes over her, you know it's authentic. Reminiscent of a reoccurring dream I have involving Lizzo and all 31 flavors of Baskin Robbins

    Date: 01/30/20 Views: 206,850 Category: Busted

  • Too Much for a White Girl

    Too Much for a White Girl

    Well damn, if the first 30 seconds of this video didn't confirm Smash Bros being a fighting game then I don't know what to tell you. The tech of a ballsac that's unblockable on wakeup basically confirms everything you don't want to admit.

    Date: 04/03/20 Views: 203,622 Category: LMAO

  • 16 Shameless Girls

    16 Shameless Girls

    There's 2 things I try my best no to do: 1.) masturbate in Burger King's drive-thru. And 2.) bullshit my viewers. That said, this video is pretty basic. But hey - the genitals are youthful & the humiliation is non-existent. So... double fap.

    Date: 01/27/20 Views: 202,836 Category: Compilations

  • Watch and Learn

    Watch and Learn


    Date: 03/05/20 Views: 201,400 Category: Cuck

  • The Worst Part of 2020

    The Worst Part of 2020

    Certainly not the first time a stay-at-home girlfriend has muttered the words "bUt i'M nOt GetTing My NeEds fULfiLLed". But picking up your buddies scraps like a junkyard dog? ON VIDEO? That's why sites like this exist in the fucking first place.

    Date: 04/29/20 Views: 200,277 Category: Public

  • TikTok Has Ruined Porn

    TikTok Has Ruined Porn

    Not relevant to the video. It just felt like the time to say it. More of these HERE

    Date: 02/04/20 Views: 198,321 Category: Compilations

  • meanwhile, in quarantine...

    meanwhile, in quarantine...

    hmm, my gut instinct tells me this kind of behavior was not birthed out of a global pandemic. More likely the result of combining TikTok social media clout and a six-pack of Natty Ice. Now... which one of you has the venmo account?

    Date: 03/25/20 Views: 196,578 Category: Teen

  • "alpha males destroyed my girlfriend"

    "alpha males destroyed my girlfriend"

    My open letter to Lilly Ford: I will donate all of the $12.75 I made off the sale of my Topanga Lawrence inflatable doll to a local soup kitchen in exchange for one night of your time and the power tool of your choosing. Hit me on the pager.

    Date: 01/26/20 Views: 191,664 Category: Rekt

  • Your Brother is a Psychopath

    Your Brother is a Psychopath

    dont be real
    dont be real
    dont be real

    Date: 03/17/20 Views: 191,369 Category: Drunk

  • No Way this Ends Well

    No Way this Ends Well

    damn son, check out the dimensions on him. You may have a confusing dream or 2 about being bludgeoned to death by it. Big emphasis on death. The graveyard would be a guarantee if you were to sword fight Captain Black Sparrow over here.

    Date: 03/07/20 Views: 191,143 Category: Beefy