• Family Night in 2019

    Family Night in 2019


    Date: 04/26/19 Views: 8,825 Category: Webcams

  • Hey... mom... you alright?

    Hey... mom... you alright?


    Date: 04/26/19 Views: 10,567 Category: Drugs

  • Groping a Stranger

    Groping a Stranger

    And by stranger I mean a scripted and coordinated effort to put "Border Security Porn" on the map. That's what people want to see during the 2020 elections: A greasy Hispanic going to pound town. Not reposted Game of Thrones memes.

    Date: 04/25/19 Views: 45,793 Category: Porn

  • One-in-a-Million Talent

    One-in-a-Million Talent

    call guinness

    Date: 04/24/19 Views: 56,276 Category: Impressive

  • "i make hookers cry"

    "i make hookers cry"

    Date: 04/23/19 Views: 76,057 Category: Rekt

  • My Sister's Hot Pocket

    My Sister's Hot Pocket

    A hearty "FUCK YOU" to whoever said portable meat satchels can't get you laid. This man's lust for affordable nutrition on-the-go just netted him enough Tier-3 tuna casserole to earn a Martha Stewart seal of approval. #putthatontelevision

    Date: 04/22/19 Views: 103,051 Category: Incest

  • It's Time for a New Hobby

    It's Time for a New Hobby

    Don't let the lack of strong jawline and whiskey-based perfume fool you: This is an activity that was born outta Kentucky. And after seeing the shame get gas chambered out of her, it's only a matter of time before she's added to the list.

    Date: 04/21/19 Views: 82,736 Category: WAT

  • Mom Doesn't Give a Fuck?

    Mom Doesn't Give a Fuck?

    3:25 mark. Immediately. More HERE and HERE

    Date: 04/21/19 Views: 146,143 Category: Compilations

  • The "Daddy Issues" Compilation

    The "Daddy Issues" Compilation

    Practically 2 hours of social-media influenced acts of whoring - so unprecedented you might have to get the Jiffy Pop ready and clear an afternoon. Don't be fooled by those smiles tho... their love for Internet anonymity dies here and dies now.

    Date: 04/20/19 Views: 95,862 Category: Queefy

  • "how I got kicked out of school"

    "how I got kicked out of school"

    har har

    Date: 04/19/19 Views: 123,596 Category: Picture

  • Spring Breeaaaaaak

    Spring Breeaaaaaak

    Owning a Boat: aka the most over-hyped financial shitpit lie you were told about increasing your chances of getting laid. free tip: it doesn't work. Statistically speaking Chipotle gift cards and tribal tattoos have a better success rate. relevant

    Date: 04/18/19 Views: 114,113 Category: Lesbians

  • I Have Several Questions

    I Have Several Questions


    Date: 04/17/19 Views: 135,504 Category: Asians

  • Shame No Longer Exists

    Shame No Longer Exists

    Becky LaStarbuck's safe space gets invaded by some degenerate clawing his way to 500 likes and subscribes... only to find the find the school's biggest petri dish instead. Does she: 1) Demand he stop 2) Compare dick sizes or 3) Not budge.

    Date: 04/16/19 Views: 191,229 Category: Teen

  • Mistakes Were Made

    Mistakes Were Made

    Date: 04/16/19 Views: 177,162 Category: Advertisement

  • Real Cheating Wives Compilation

    Real Cheating Wives Compilation

    A Cardi B cocktail, Walmart toilet seats and discounted Rice-a-Roni at a swap meat: All things I'd commit to before slapping a ring on the talons of one of these harpies. Pay attention boys: One day it might be half of YOUR Amiibo collection.

    Date: 04/15/19 Views: 146,745 Category: Slutty

  • "it's not rape when a girl does it"

    "it's not rape when a girl does it"

    Not even sure what the hell is going on here. I see too much ink, Too little foresight and a modified hospital bed normally reserved for My 600 lb Life. No further info than that, so... time for some hashtags. #doublestandards #hetoo

    Date: 04/14/19 Views: 140,468 Category: Bitches

  • The "TAP-OUT" Compilation

    The "TAP-OUT" Compilation

    "y dont u want anymoe dick?!" HAHA

    Date: 04/13/19 Views: 130,004 Category: Compilations

  • Teach Me Softly

    Teach Me Softly

    So it turns out disfigured Oreo cookies aren't the only reason a girl from Ballbag Alabama gets out of bed in the morning. The game has officially been changed.

    Date: 04/12/19 Views: 122,225 Category: Amateur

  • Swing Things

    Swing Things

    After shlogging a good 90% of the right-swipe rejects on FarmersMeet.com - you are entitled to a bone being thrown your way. And here I thought I've seen jevery angle there is to enter a Pottery Barn cashier from... but I was wrong. So wrong.

    Date: 04/11/19 Views: 125,248 Category: Hot

  • Absolutely Unforgivable

    Absolutely Unforgivable


    Date: 04/10/19 Views: 189,212 Category: Drugs

  • Yes, It's Real

    Yes, It's Real

    Not quite as entertaining as THIS CLASSIC but a valiant effort nonetheless.

    Date: 04/10/19 Views: 148,099 Category: Busted

  • 18-year-old Slave [for reals]

    18-year-old Slave [for reals]

    Contrary to appearance, she didn't beat herself to death with a Dashboard Confessional CD after this wound up online. But her usefulness is spent faster than a black man's paycheck at Footlocker so... fap with +5 to agility.

    Date: 04/09/19 Views: 169,338 Category: Teen

  • Step-Daughter, Cunt-Slaughter

    Step-Daughter, Cunt-Slaughter

    It's 2019 and i had sexual relations with my third cousin's sister-mom porn is alive and well. Whatever... at this point we can't stop it. Just cross both balls & hope the trend doesn't extend itself into Burger King commercials. Some things are sacred.

    Date: 04/07/19 Views: 109,357 Category: Incest

  • Buttsex Was a BAD IDEA

    Buttsex Was a BAD IDEA

    for fuck sakes lady - not even Ant Man could end game his way through that sphincter. Great try though. I dub you the wildest gender-conforming white female i'd consider having sex with after a thorough round of lice testing.

    Date: 04/06/19 Views: 118,895 Category: Anal

  • The Relationship Killer

    The Relationship Killer

    The more they look like a Fortnite player, the more sexually inept they are. A simple concept now reinforced by this Pop Tart artisan trying to experience his first kobly gobbly. Let's just say this: The date at GameStop is officially cancelled.

    Date: 04/05/19 Views: 105,863 Category: Amateur

  • REAL? Twisted Sisters

    REAL? Twisted Sisters

    This is all but guaranteed to heighten your curiosity of any legitimate family tree exploration stories out there. Don't be soured by the 47 clickbait titles it took for you to land here - your quest for honesty on the Internet lives here and now.

    Date: 04/04/19 Views: 198,268 Category: Incest

  • Tiny, Tinier, Tiniest

    Tiny, Tinier, Tiniest

    Skylar Valentine. Standing at a legitimate 4'7, she may be the only girl that can rim you without having to bend the knee. Daenerys Targaryen might consider that an act of disrespect. Everyone else considers it side-chick material.

    Date: 04/03/19 Views: 159,449 Category: Midgets

  • Only in Brazil

    Only in Brazil


    Date: 04/02/19 Views: 203,736 Category: Drugs

  • Girlfriend of the Year?

    Girlfriend of the Year?

    Maybe you disagree, but we at least have a contender here. A twenty-something contortionist from Arizona with all 31 flavors of Baskin Robbins below her bush line may eventually take the throne... but for now, the seat is occupied. #winning

    Date: 03/31/19 Views: 139,577 Category: Freaks




    Date: 03/30/19 Views: 138,635 Category: Assholes